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Dwelling types

Single Dwellings

This tool allows registered users to generate BASIX certificates

New dwellings – single dwelling houses

This tool allows registered users to generate a BASIX certificate for a new single dwelling - typically class 1 building in the National Construction Code.

In most cases this will be a detached dwelling house, but can also include:

  • one dwelling in a conjoined or semi-detached house where the dwelling is on a separate land title with no common property or shared services.
  • one of several similar dwelling houses, each of which is on a separate land parcel, such as in a new subdivision. The 'duplicate' function in the project portfolio allows individual certificates to be quickly generated for each similar dwelling house.
  • a change of use (conversion) from a non-residential building, or from a structure that is not approved to be used as a dwelling, to a dwelling house. In this situation, advice may need to be obtained from the BASIX help desk as to how project details are entered in the tool, and whether an alternative assessment is required for any part of the existing structure
  • a secondary dwelling that involves converting non-habitable space (such as a garage) or new construction outside the footprint of the existing (primary) dwelling.
This is an image of a single dwelling house with BASIX features

Single dwelling home showing many characteristics ideal for BASIX 

Last updated: 10/03/2024