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Our street address is: 4 Parramatta Square, 12 Darcy Street, Parramatta NSW 2150.

Our postal address is: Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Locked Bag 5022, Parramatta NSW 2124.

Contact us by phone or email

Enquiry type Contact details
For enquiries about Planning, general feedback and Major Project submissions

Phone: 1300 305 695

Email: Please use the webform below or email [email protected]

For enquiries about the NSW Planning Portal (not related to BASIX)

Phone: 1300 305 695

Email: Please use the webform below.

For enquiries related to BASIX

Phone: 1300 650 908

Email: [email protected] and include ‘BASIX’ in the subject line

Contact us online

Use the online form below for general enquiries that relate to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. If the enquiry is about BASIX, email [email protected] and include ‘BASIX’ in the subject line.

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Contact us

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Media enquiries 

All media queries should be directed to the department’s media unit.  Email [email protected]

How to make a Major Projects submission

All submissions in response to State significant projects or other development applications that the department is exhibiting, must be made online through the project's exhibition page on the NSW Planning Portal.

If you need help making a submission, visit help and resources ( or call Service NSW on 1300 305 695. 

Please do not use the form on this page to make a submission.

Major Projects Development Complaints 

To lodge a complaint regarding a State Significant Development or State Significant Infrastructure, please submit an email to [email protected] with as much information regarding your complaint as possible. 

Information could include:

  • your name
  • your best contact number/email (for follow up and additional information gathering)
  • the project name (or location, if the project name is not known)
  • the project consent/approval number (if known)
  • details regarding the complaint itself
  • whether the complaint has been made directly to the project
  • whether the complaint has been reported to any other government agency
  • whether you would like to be contacted regarding additional information or feedback

 A member of the Compliance Team will review the information provided and contact you (if requested) to provide feedback or gather additional information regarding your complaint.


Last updated: 27/06/2024