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SSD Modifications


Trinity Grammar School Modification 2 - Landscape changes

Inner West

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Assessment
  3. Recommendation
  4. Determination

S.4.55(1A) application seeking to modify the landscape as a result of design changes and rationalisation.

Attachments & Resources

Modification Application (8)

Appendix 3
Appendix 2 ii
Appendix 5
Appendix 6
Appendix 1
Appendix 4
Appendix 2 i
Modification Report

Agency Advice (1)

Council submission

Additional Information (14)

RFI - trinity Mod 2
Appendix B - Landscaping Plans
Appendix D - Architectrural Plan
WTJ22-024_ DPE RFI Response Letter_220513
appendix C - Architectural Letter
Appendix A - Landscaping Letter
appendix E - PMDL Letter 14.3.22
Appendix 2 - Landscaping Plans
Appendix 3 - Architectrural Plans
Appendix 5 - Arboricultural Report re-issue
WTJ22-024-S4.55 Mod Landscaping Statement
Appendix 6 - Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix 1 Development consent
Appendix 4 - stamped plan tracker

Determination (3)

Approved Plans
SSD Modification Assessment Report
SSD Instrument of Modification

Consolidated Consent (1)

Consolidated Consent

Project Details

Application Number
Main Project
Assessment Type
SSD Modifications
Development Type
Educational establishments
Local Government Areas
Inner West
Determination Date
Team Leader

Contact Planner

Nima Salek