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State Significant Development


Sydney Olympic Park - Open Water Surf Facility

City of Parramatta

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

Consolidated Consent

Consolidated Consent.



Request for SEARs (2)

160825_ URBNSURF Sydney SEARs Request _final_.pdf
160629_ ATTACHMENT 1 URBNSURF Sydney Project Benefit...

Application (2)

Landowner consent for DA, SOPA.pdf
170629_ DA application form.pdf


EPA .pdf
DPI .pdf
RMS Response _2_.pdf
Signed SEARs.pdf

EIS (23)

ATTACHMENT 4_ Traffic & Parking, TTPP.pdf
ATTACHMENT 10_ Flora & Fauna Assessment, Applied Eco...
ATTACHMENT 5_ Geotech investigations, GALT Geotechni...
ATTACHMENT 3_ Landscape Masterplan RevA, Urbnsurf.pdf
ATTACHMENT 11_ Environmental Site Investigation, WSP...
ATTACHMENT 12_ Heritage & Archeological Assessment, ...
ATTACHMENT 7a_ Ecologically Sustainable Development ...
URBNSURF Environmental Impact Statement.pdf
ATTACHMENT 7b_ Ecologically Sustainable Development ...
ATTACHMENT 15_ Access Impact Statement, Urbnsurf.pdf
Submission Cover Letter, USS.pdf
ATTACHMENT 14_ Acoustic & Vibration Report, Wood and...
ATTACHMENT 1c_ Survey _Cadastral Boundaries_, SOPA.pdf
ATTACHMENT 1e_ Survey _Drainage Infrastructure_, SOP...
ATTACHMENT 1b_ Survey _Services_, SOPA.pdf
ATTACHMENT 1d_ Survey _Aerial_, SOPA.pdf
ATTACHMENT 2_ Architectural Package, MJA Studio.pdf
ATTACHMENT 6_ Integrated Water Management, Urbaqua.pdf
ATTACHMENT 13_ Servicing Statement, CNF & Associates...
ATTACHMENT 1a_ Survey _Topographicals_, SOPA.pdf
ATTACHMENT 9_ Construction Environmental Management ...
ATTACHMENT 8_ Waste Management Plan, Urbnsurf.pdf

Submissions (8)

DPI Response_ URBN SURF.pdf
Sydney Water.pdf
OEH_ Heritage.pdf

Response to Submissions (13)

2017-10-26 171026_ USS_ Cover Letter RTS.pdf
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 3_171013_ US Sydney RAP RevA _...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 8b_ 170309_ US Sydney lighting...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 7_ 171025_ US Sydney Acoustic ...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 9_ 170202_ SOPA DRP Wave Park ...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 8a_ 170309_ US Sydney lighting...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 6_ 171002_ US Sydney Landscape...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 1_ 170922_ US Sydney DA archit...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 2_ 171002_ US Sydney Visual Im...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 8c_ 170309_ US Sydney lighting...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 4_ 171017_ US Sydney CEMP V2 _...
2017-10-26 ATTACHMENT 5_ 171016_ US Sydney Prelimina...
2017-10-26 171026_ USS RTS Table of Responses _Final...

Recommendation (2)

Final Development Consent SSD 7942.docx
Assessment Report.pdf

Determination (4)

SSD 7942_UrbnSurf approved plans_Part 2.pdf
SSD 7942_UrbnSurf_Assessment Report.pdf
SSD 7942_UrbnSurf approved plans_Part 1.pdf
SSD 7942_UrbnSurf_Development Consent.pdf

Approved Documents

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Name Withheld
Newington , New South Wales
I am supportive of the park contributing to the local community and providing another physical activity option.
I do request that the lighting of the surf park be orientated and shielded so that there is minimal disturbance to the residents of the Newington suburb..
I also request that appropriate sound shielding by the use of vegetation such as shrubs and mature tree (or other physical means) be required as part of the development to maintain the general amenity for Newington residents, especially during the summer months with the later open hours.
Name Withheld
Silverwater , New South Wales
Why does the traffic impact report have no consideration of potential impact on Newington residents in terms of parking on local streets or ingress/egress implications for both Newington and Wentworth Point residents travelling in and out on the sole access road (Hill Rd).

Whilst it might not impact in 'low peak' event times the impact on local parking, ability to get out of the suburb and the increase in drivers using the shared (pedestrian/cycle/car) Newington streets as a shortcut from Silverwater Rd is significant when major events are staged.

Whilst on it's own this one development might be 'reported' as having minimal impact it is the cumulative effect of all the 'minimal impact' developments, high rise construction and influx of residents (all of whom have cars) and that has had and continues to have a major impact on the 'green belt'.

Hoping people will use public transport does not mean they do and the routes available are limited in destinations and often delayed due to access through SOPA and the near vicinity (DFO in particular)

I do not believe the infrastructure is not in place nor properly planned to support the developments currently underway and should be addressed before further attractions are added.
Alex de Jesus
Newington , New South Wales
Fantastic, Great News for all of us, is an amazing project that is going to boost the sport in this Area of Sydney, will generate a great number of jobs, will bring Life, Colour and Brightness instead of a dark asphalt unused " land spot".
Well done to all involved in this project.
Can't wait to get in the water and learn how to surf...
Alex de Jesus
The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW
Sydney Olympic Park , New South Wales
See attached submission


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