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State Significant Infrastructure


Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works

Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Valleys

Current Status: Determination

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  8. Determination

Exploratory works for the Snowy 2.0 electric storage and generation project, including construction of an exploratory tunnel and associated infrastructure.

Consolidated Approval

Consolidated Approval


Application (2)

Political Donations Disclosure Statement
Letter Amending Application

Request for SEARs (1)

Preliminary Environmental Assessment


Revised SEARs

EIS (42)

EIS - Executive Summary
EIS - Glossary
EIS - Introduction
EIS - Proposed Exploratory Works
EIS - Clarification Letter
EIS - Strategic and Statutory Context
EIS - Engagement
EIS - Biodiversity
EIS - Kosciuszko National Park
EIS - Land
EIS - Water
EIS - Heritage
EIS - Transport
EIS - Social and Economic
EIS - Other Matters
EIS - Mitigation Measures
EIS - Evaluation and Conclusion
EIS - Appendix A
EIS - Appendix B
EIS - Appendix C
EIS - Appendix D
EIS - Appendix E
EIS - Appendix F
EIS - Appendix G
EIS - Appendix H
EIS - Appendix I
EIS - Appendix J
EIS - Appendix K
EIS - Appendix L
EIS - Appendix M - 1
EIS - Appendix M - 2
EIS - Appendix M - 3
EIS - Appendix N - 1
EIS - Appendix N - 2
EIS - Appendix O
EIS - Appendix P
EIS - Appendix Q
EIS - Appendix R
EIS - Appendix S
EIS - Appendix T
EIS - Appendix U
EIS - Appendix V

EA (2)

Revised Environmental Assessment Requirements
Environmental Assessment Requirements

Submissions (5)

Submission - Colong Foundation for Wilderness

Response to Submissions (5)

Response to Submissions 1
Response to Submissions 2
Additional Information 1
Additional Information 2
Additional Information 3

Recommendation (1)

Assessment Report

Determination (2)

Conditions of Consent
SSI Notice of Decision

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Roads and Maritime Services
Wagga Wagga , New South Wales
Please see attached.
Name Withheld
n/a , New South Wales
As a part time residents of Talbingo we are concerned about the possible
implications on the township due to the Snowy 2.0 exploratory works.

The economy of a small town can be very fragile and any upheaval can
have major implications. Any disruption to the tourist trade on which
Talbingo is highly dependent could have a significant negative impact
on the small businesses in the town, two that immediately come to mind
are the supermarket and the caravan park. Fishermen use the township
as a base to fish Talbingo Dam, and in summer water skiers arrive in
large numbers, there are also those that just visit the town for a
quiet break. All of these visitors spend a considerable amount of
money in the town. Talbingo Dam's major attractions are fishing and
skiing and if there is loss of access to the boat ramp the proponents
of these sports will not come to Talbingo.

The alternative of using the spillway area for the Snowy works needs
to be considered, we realise that significant earthworks may be
required but given the length of time that the project will take we
think it would be worthy of consideration.

We along with many others have a significant investment in our holiday
accommodation and have only just spent more money upgrading our
property. We also have a lot of money tied up in a boat and fishing
gear that are used almost exclusively on Talbingo Dam. We have worked
hard for these small luxuries and to have our property lose value as
well as lose access to our recreation would be a hard to take.
This project will also have negative impact on the water quality of
Talbingo Dam as well as the environment of the national park, it will
also put stress on existing infrastructure.
We realise that this project will almost certainly go ahead in the
national interest (to which we have reservations).
If indeed the project does proceed we think that the interests of all
stakeholders need to be taken into account.
There may have to be some compromises but with careful planning and
consideration of the position of all parties a workable result should
be achievable.
Snowy Valleys Council
Tumut , New South Wales
Please see attached
Heritage Council of NSW
Parramatta , New South Wales
Please see attached
Rural Fire Service
Granville , New South Wales
Please see attached
Department of Industry
Sydney , New South Wales
Advice attached.


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Application Number
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State Significant Infrastructure
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Electricity generation - Other
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Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Valleys
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