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State Significant Development


Powerhouse Parramatta

City of Parramatta

Current Status: Determination

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

Site preparation works including demolition of all structures and tree removal, construction, operation and use of the Powerhouse Parramatta, public domain works and use, vehicular access, infrastructure works and signage zones


Early Consultation (1)

New Powerhouse Site Map

Request for SEARs (4)

Attachment A- elevation north
Attachment A- elevations
Attachment A- plans and sectsions
New Powerhouse- Request for SEARs

SEARs (1)

Issued SEARs_10022020_031251

EIS (37)

App C- Landscape Plans Low Res
Environmental Impact Statement
App Z- Noise and Vibration Assessment
App Y- Social and Economic Assessment
App X- Reflectivity Report
App V- View and Visual Assessment
App P- Infrastructure Services Strategy
App Q- Stakeholder Consultation Report
App S- Geotechnical Assessment
App W- Wind Impact Assessment
App R- Construction Management
App T- Air Quality Impact Assessment
App U- ESD
App L- Detailed Site Investigation
App K- BDAR Waiver Request
App O- Flood Risk and Stormwater
App J- Arboricultural Impact Assessment
App I- Archaeological Research Design
App M- Remedial Action Plan
App G- Statement of Heritage Impact
App H- Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
App N- Acid Sulfate Soil Management
App D- Design Excellence Report
App C- Landscape Report
App F- Transport Impact Assessment
App E- Site Survey
App FF- Signage Assessment
App DD- Fire Engineering Statement
App EE- Structural Statement
App CC- Access Review
App C- Landscape Plans
App B- Architectural Report
App B- Architectural Plans
App BB- Waste Management
App A- SEARs

Response to Submissions (24)

Request RTS_31072020_114541
Response to Submissions Report
Appendix A- Submission Responses
Appendix B- Architectural Drawings- Pt2
Appendix J- Flood Risk and Stormwater Addendum
Appendix B- Architectural Drawings Pt1
Appendix C- Landscape Drawings
Appendix C- Landscape Report
Appendix B- Architectural Design Report
Appendix M- Addendum View Impact Assessment
Appendix K- Revised Transport Impact Assessment
Appendix G- Heritage Interpretation Strategy
Appendix D- Consultation Report
Appendix E- Design Integrity Report
Appendix H- Addendum Historical Archaeological
Appendix I- Addendum ACHAR
Appendix P- CPTED Addendum
Appendix O- ESD
Appendix L- Reflectivity Statement
Appendix F- Addendum Heritage Impact
Appendix R- Access Statement
Appendix Q- Noise Statement
Appendix S- Revised BDAR Waiver
Appendix N- Structural Statement

Agency Advice (10)

HNSW ACH - Advice on RFI 3 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report Powerhouse Museum
RFI 1 Agency response - HC SSD-10416_Additional Assessment
RFI 1 Agency response - TfNSW Advice on additional information CD20 08989 SSD-10416
RTS Submission - EES Signed letter - SSD 10416
EES additional BDAR comments - EIS stage
RTS submission - from Sydney Water
EIS submission - GSC no comments SSD 10416
RTS submission - HNSW HC and ACH RTS SSD-10416 Powerhouse Museum
RTS submission - Council Letter_RTS_SSD10416
EIS submission - Endeavour SSD 10416

Additional Information (22)

RFI Request for Additional Information_16102020_041121
RFI Request for Additional Information_27112020_044953
Request for Additional Information 21 Dec 2020
RFI 2 - Response to further submissions - 27 November 2020
Letter to DPIE re Contributions 290121
RFI 3 - Jan 19 Letter Response and Appendices
210129_DA061 Site Demolition Plan_rev 14
RFI 3 - RFI Letter Response - 20Jan2021
RFI 1 - Att B- Architectural Plans-3
RFI 1 - Att B- Architectural Plans-2
RFI 1 - Att F- Flooding
RFI 1 - Att I- Remedial Action Plan
RFI 1 - Att E- SOHI
RFI 1 - Att C- Photomontage
RFI 1 - Att B- Architectural Plans-1
RFI 1 - Att A- Design Panel Letter
RFI 1 - Att D- Transport Advice
RFI 1 - Att G- Access Statement
RFI 1 - Att H- BCA Statement
RFI 1 - Response to Request for Information 2November2020
RFI 3 - ACHAR- public
RFI 3 - Letter to DPIE re ACHAR 210121

Determination (8)

Notice of Determination SSD 10416
Approved Plans - SSD-10416 Part1
Approved Plans - SSD-10416 Part3
Approved Plans - SSD-10416 Part2
SSD-10416 Assessment Report
Appendix D Independent Flooding Assessment
Notice of Decision
SSD-10416 Development Consent

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (20)

Letter to DPE re A17 Powerhouse Staging - Condition A17
Letter to DPIE re Condition C41 -
Condition C41 CWTS - Main Works
CEMP- Amended CTPMP - Condition C35
Letter to DPIE re Condition C49 HARDEM
Approval of HARDEM Condition C49 25012022_021548
Approval of Powerhouse Staging - Condition A17
Letter to DPIE re C49 HARDEM Jan 2022
Demolition Work Plan - Condition C27
Approval of Relocation Framework and Methodology Plan - Condition B2
CEMP Willow Grove - Condition C35
Construction Worker Transport Strategy - C41
Construction Worker Transportation Strategy - Condition C41
Letter of Compliance - Condition C27
Relocation Framework and Methodology Plan - Condition B2
Demolition Works Plan Willow Grove - Condition C27
Approval of Tree Retention and Removal - Condition C4(a)(i)
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_25082021_063641
TreeiQ Powerhouse Parramatta 31.03.21 reduced - Condition C4(a)(i)
Letter to DPIE re Tree Retention and Removal C4(a)(i) - Condition C4(a)(i)

Notifications (2)

Letter to DPIE re C25 Notification of Commencement
Letter to DPIE re C25 Notification of Commencement

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Showing 1 - 20 of 1686 submissions
PYRMONT , New South Wales
I am the convenor of an informal email group that has been functioning since May 1, 2016, with over 100 active members. The engineers, architects and museum experts in this group cannot properly examine this EIS in the short time allowed particularly considering that the exhibition is 'virtual'. We request an extension for an additonal two months.
Thank you for your consideration of this matter.
T Lockley
Thomas Hill
REDFERN , New South Wales
This will be a valuable enhancement to Western Sydney, and Greater Sydney too. Transport links to Parramatta are very good, and the new Powerhouse will be another reason to visit, especially with the program likely to be implemented by the team driving the project.
We're all very excited about having a reason to visit Parramatta.
Barbara Hanley
ENGADINE , New South Wales
I have just read the EIS and am deeply saddened by the obvious bias towards the move to Parramatta, and the lack of a balanced, pro and con, report.
This move from Ultimo is extremely unpopular and in the present climate of the Sporting Arenas fiasco and the Covid19 impacts it may well also be political suicide too. It has changed my next election vote.
Ultimo is easily accessible to all and part of the Sydney cultural scene. Sydney needs all it's Museums and Galleries.
Parramatta is NOT accessible to most residents/tourists and needs it's own cultural identity. Destroying the heritage building of the area and building a "Milk Crate" does not provide this. Destruction of places such as Willow Grove is simply cultural vandalism.Also, I understand, the new museum design actually has less museum/display space - strange.
Options - 1.4Analysis of alternatives does not provide for an option 4 of retaining Ultimo AND building a museum at Parramatta. There are enough objects in storage to more than fully provide for 2 - sister - museums.
There should be MORE Museums and Galleries in Sydney, Greater Sydney and Regional areas... a positive cultural stimulus to all NSW.
I live in hope that sanity will prevail.
Name Withheld
While do not 'object' to the Powerhouse coming to Parramatta, in fact I think this is an amazing boost for Western Sydney and the location makes it an amazing choice.
BUT - i do object to the tearing down of Willow Grove and possibly the terrace houses nearby ( St George's Terraces).
I first discovered Willow Grove when I started working in Parramatta in 2017, and was amazed by its beauty and how it had survived in amongst the growth of Parramatta, I saw a sign on it saying it was going to be knocked down, so started to follow its progress and made decision to try and prevent it's removal.
This house was built in 1870 - and it seems a ridiculous decision to knock it down, it should be retained as a piece of history from the area. Imagine our grandchildren being able to visit this piece of history and learn from it.
I am all for progress - and the benefits the Powerhouse will bring to Parramatta - BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF HERITAGE!!
Please reconsider retaining these historic buildings in your planning for the future.
Name Withheld
UMINA BEACH , New South Wales
The Powerhouse Parramatta will become a critical driver for the proposed cultural precinct in the area. A much loved collection and dynamic program will ensure the communities of greater western Sydney have better access to cultural experiences, major and community events, education and resources. For existing visitors and volunteers (of the Ultimo site), enhanced public transport and local links will connect them to a significantly enhanced, World Class experience, befitting the Powerhouse and its collection, and one that can not be realised without this building.
The Powerhouse Parramatta will connect to local Aboriginal communities and culture and draw regional visitors, students and artists to both the museum and the area - vital for the preservation, celebration and shared understanding of First Nations people, culture and artistic practice.
The proposed education spaces and programs will be an invaluable resource for the local and proximate communities - providing curriculum-based learning, and continuing the science-arts-technology focussed programs currently being delivered. Equipping students with future focussed skills needed to support productivity and innovation.
Powerhouse Parramatta will make a vital contribution to construction jobs in the area - needed now more than ever; and catalyse the development, maturity, business confidence and reputation of the creative industries in the area and in Sydney more generally.
In addition to jobs growth, the economic impacts for the community will be felt through the onsite accommodation and programs, research agenda and the revitalisation of the riverbank, public domain, 24/7 activation and pedestrian civic links. This significant increase in amenity will drive visitation and tourism (including myself and my family, intra-state tourists), creating significant precinct footfall that will support the local day and night time economies.
OATLANDS , New South Wales
I see no need for the expense of so much money to undertake this project. Further, I object to this project being in such close proximity to the Parramatta River. Furthermore, I have serious objections to the required demolition of the two significant heritage buildings in Phillip Sreet. Parramatta has lost so much of its visible and tangible links to its earlier days. There was a time when the Council of the City of Parramatta would not permit redevelopment encroaching on the riverbank, yet now it is happening. In my opinion, it is sad to see Parramatta City Centre losing its once delightful character.
Name Withheld
CARLINGFORD , New South Wales
I support the Powerhouse Parramatta project and believe it will have a positive impact in Parramatta, Western Sydney and beyond. As a leading institution within the Museum sector, this new build allows the Powerhouse Museum to increase their positive impact on the community.

The building design is engaging, innovative and sympathetic to the environment. It is clear that the design facilitates numerous points of engagement for visitors, whether they are the general public, practising artists or schools. The Powerhouse Parramatta project offers a much needed injection into the cultural and educational life of Western Sydney residents.

The Powerhouse Parramatta Project has the potential to be a lighthouse in community cultural development within Parramatta, Western Sydney and beyond and will offer a central,easily accessible meeting place for individuals and groups. It will fill an obvious gap in Western Sydney as there is no other cultural institution in this fast growing area that offers the same opportunities to the community. The Powerhouse Parramatta project will also bring artists to the Parramatta area, creating more possibilities for collaboration with residents, other artists, and schools and their students.

I am also aware that the Powerhouse Parramatta project will represent and celebrate our First Nations people, their history, stories and importance in our country. The project will build connections with the local First Nations people, thereby giving them another opportunity to be represented appropriately in our region.

In terms of economic benefits, the Powerhouse will put Western Sydney and broader NSW/Australia on the international stage and will champion best practice. The benefits to our economy will include more jobs created, more visitors to the region, more cross-collaboration across Sydney. The Powerhouse Parramatta project will be a vital injection to the economy and give our community the chance to strengthen our connections and sense of confidence in our region. I believe that it is vital to give communities a chance to connect, tell their stories and have cultural institutions that work with our community at a grass roots level and reflect the history of Australia as well as our present and future. This is what the Powerhouse Parramatta Project offers.

As a parent and local resident, I have a long standing connection with the Powerhouse as my children have been regular visitors to the Powerhouse throughout their lives and see this as a leading institution where they can go to learn about their world and their place in it. To have this available within our local community will have a positive impact on my family and the broader community.

I wholeheartedly support the Powerhouse Parramatta project.
David Shaw
OLD TOONGABBIE , New South Wales
I object to the location in a flood area and in a location requiring removing Heritage buildings.

I object to Heritage buildings Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace being demolished. The heritage buildings should be moved first; another site chosen so demolition not required; The new buildings built around the Heritage buildings; or at the very least replicas built first in alternate site that salvages as much as possible from the original. There are tourism sites in Sydney and surrounds for old dwellings. Demolition of our heritage is not in the best interests of current and future generations.
Greg Temme
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please build the power house museum in Parramatta. And please build the museum on the site suggested. Good luck building it and build it quickly. Myself and all the local residents I speak to support this project in the strongest possible terms. We need this project.
Margery Jackman
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
I object to the demolition of Willowgrove and St George Terrace on the grounds of historical significance. These are both buildings of historical importance and should not be destroyed .Once a historical building is destroyed it can never be replaced. I am asking that the plans for the development of the site be changed to incorporate these two buildings. I am also asking that the present Powerhouse be retained at its present site and a historical museum be built in Parramatta as it is one of the most important historical sites in post European settlement.
Niall Clugston
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
It is not necessary to demolish Willow Grove and St George's Terrace. This is an act of vandalism.
Willow Grove is a lovely old Italianate mansion with some of its original grounds and the front fence intact. It has recently been renovated.
St George's Terrace is a well preserved nineteenth-century terrace.
These are some of the oldest intact buildings in Australia. If we destroy them, we'll never see their like again. These old buildings give Parramatta its character. Without them it is just another suburb. We should preserve Parramatta's character as Australia's historical second capital.
The proposed site is unsuitable because of the frequent flooding and because of size restrictions. The old golf course would be a much better site.
Name Withheld
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
I am fully supportive of the Parramatta Powerhouse for the following reasons:

1. A cultural institution such as the Powerhouse being located in Parramatta will make it more accessible to all residents of Sydney.

2. The location of the site in terms of its proximity to the Parramatta CBD, transport access (rail and road) and its river frontage are perfect.

3. A project of this scale will bring visitors to Parramatta and showcase the diversity of the city and allow many people to appreciate the exhibitions on display.

I am very supportive of the entire vision for the CBD including the Metro West & light-rail & broader CBD plan including walkways etc.

The Government should be commended for having the vision to build a big cultural institution in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.
Barry O'Connell
OLD TOONGABBIE , New South Wales
The existing site in Sydney is appropriate as it is easily available to residents and tourists alike. When visiting I alight the train at Central and get the light rail to the Powerhouse Museum. The building itself is a reminder of Sydney's history. That being said Parramatta could benefit from another Museum and utilize items in storage at Castle Hill. This should be built and the Powerhouse retained on the existing site. The new building in Parramatta needs to be smaller than the one proposed in order to retain the historical buildings close to the site. Just imagine if the Europeans had demolished the ancient towns and castles for new buildings. Australia is a young country and needs to retain as many historic buildings as possible. They cannot be replaced. One needs to ask ? Is the Governments insistence in moving the Powerhouse Museum simply a means to sell another public asset.
Vince Taranto
ROSELANDS , New South Wales
I object to the Powerhouse Museum proposal in its current form for the following reasons:
1. The loss of Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace.
Parramatta has a rich colonial history and fine heritage buildings & public spaces. Some even have World Heritage status. However, many structures have been lost in recent years as the city rapidly grows. Sadly, often the only token nod to heritage is a display case of artefacts, or a tiny section of original wall fabric or similar, in the grand foyer of the new building. If the city’s charm is to be retained, the challenge will be to best integrate the old Parramatta with the new, and the city has a grand opportunity – even an obligation - to showcase its new buildings while retaining its interesting streetscapes, heritage buildings and structures.
The heritage significance of Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace has been well documented and I do not intend to repeat the detail here. Suitably restored and repurposed, these buildings could be key features within the new museum precinct; the desirability of co-locating actual, existing heritage buildings within a new museum precinct seems logical and self-evident. The synergy is obvious, and this should have been a clear requirement of the design competition. Either a fresh competition should be held, or the particular proposal that included the retention of Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace should be accepted.

2. Excessive cost.
No reasonable person would argue that Parramatta should not have a high-quality museum. But this could have been more easily achieved by building a second Powerhouse Museum there, and retaining the principal facility in Ultimo. There are ample items in the collection to support two facilities. The state government has other much higher priorities than a full relocation of the Powerhouse Museum, particularly now that covid-19 has put so much pressure on the state budget. Substantial savings could be made by scaling back the proposed development.

To sum up:
• Parramatta deserves its new museum
• The heritage buildings should be retained as vibrant, key elements within the museum precinct
• Much taxpayer money can be saved by scaling back the proposal
This sensible compromise is a win, win, win, win scenario - for Parramatta, for heritage, for the economy, and for responsible, consultative government.
Jim Hanna
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
I oppose the relocation of the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta if it means the destruction of buildings of significant local heritage. The NSW Government must not be allowed to destroy the heritage fabric of Australia’s second oldest European settlement so easily.

The NSW Government has not adequately consulted the people of Parramatta about the proposed demolition of the heritage buildings Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace in order to move the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta.

I have been a Parramatta resident since 1981 and I did not see any evidence of community consultation. I have worked in media and government for almost three decades - including four years in the Department of Planning. If community consultation occurred and it missed somebody like me, it must have been extremely minimal and ineffective. Perhaps this was the intention.

Had the government undertaken genuine and widespread community consultation, with the implications fully explained, I don’t see how the public would have supported this project.

Kind regards,

Jim Hanna
emma vickery
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
I object this proposal solely due to the destruction of the history that the proposed design brings.

The destruction of Willow Grove (c.1870s) and St Georges Terrace (c1881) detract from what could be an amazing contribution to the growth of Parramatta. Both Willow Grove and St Georges Terrace are already listed as historically significant with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, as well as noted as a potential archaeological sites.

My concerns could be addressed by reviewing the design to ensure the retention of these historically significant properties. Both are in good condition and not only contribute to a historical understanding of Australia, these also aesthetically contribute to the streetscape of Parramatta.

Facilitating the retention of Willow Grove and the St George’s Terrace would negate the cumulative impact of the further loss of heritage within the Parramatta area from the point of view of the local communities, of which I am a member. Should this be addressed I would have no further objection.
Deborah Smith
Drummoyne , New South Wales
I object to any development proposal that requires any existing heritage building to be demolished & replaced with a contemporary building that is the Powerhouse Museum currently in Ultimo. We have lost to many heritage listed buildings to date & we desperately need to save the few remaining heritage buildings that are left.
Frederick Hoekstra
I object to this development on two grounds:

1. The current site for the Powerhouse Museum is perfectly adequate. It should not be moved, especially for the sake of making money through the sale of the land. There are more important things than profit.

2. The destruction of St George's Terrace heritage buildings in Phillip Street to make way for the new museum is appalling, especially given that what happened to the Oak Hotel to make way for the Metro has already reduced the heritage value of the Parramatta Precinct. Add to that the possibility that the Female Factory may also be lost. It's simply not necessary.

If this project is to go ahead, St George Terrace should be incorporated into the design of the new museum, but that is very much a last option. Just don't build it!
Name Withheld
Potts point , New South Wales
The proposed design results in the unnecessary demolition of heritage. There needs to be a redesign that is sympathetic and retains the heritage structures on the site.
Coralie Luskey
GUILDFORD , New South Wales
We are a young country regarding to building amazing old buildings. We visit Europe to see the amazing building in the countries to be amazed by their beauty. Just imagine if the ancient planners of each country decided to demolish everyone of those buildings... no history no evidence of our ancestors. it would be VERY SAD, but they did not so the world has these amazing buildings to visit and reflect on.
Here in Australia our government representatives decided that all historical buildings, does not matter that they are our historical marvels, can be demolished willy nilly. Parramatta is the 2nd white settlement in our country and our Council and the State Governments have a very SHOCKING respect of our historical buildings and demolishes them for various reasons, usually small. I am shamed to called myself a Parramattian because history will show that Sydney'ites at this time did not VALUE these amazing building and allowed these historical buildings to be demolished.
I am sure there is another site that does not have HISTORICAL value in or around Parramatta that can be used the for Powerhouse site. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!!!
WAKE UP Sydney and use these amazing buildings as tourist attractions that could bring money into the area.
What a sad country we are no respect for our industrious ancestors. SHAME


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