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SSD Modifications

Response to Submissions

MOD 1 - Increase utilisation threshold

Port Stephens

Current Status: Response to Submissions

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Section 4.55(2) modification application of the asphalt batching facility located at 25-27 Kennington Drive in Tomago to increase the approved utilisation threshold from 150,000 tonnes per year of asphalt to 250,000 tonnes per year.

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

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Modification Application (11)

Mod Report (No Appendix) - Kennington Drive Tomago
Appendix J - Database Searches (EPBC)
Appendix I - Traffic Impact Assessment
Appendix H - Community Consultation Letter
Appendix G - SEPP33 Screening Assessment
Appendix F - Acoustic Assessment
Appendix E - Air Quality Impact Assessment
Appendix D - Audits
Appendix C - Transition to SSD
Appendix B - Original DA Approval
Appendix A - Matters to be addressed

Response to Submissions (1)

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Agency Advice (2)

Advice on Modification (TfNSW)
Advice on Modification (EPA)


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ADAMSTOWN , New South Wales
I am objecting to this project because of the detrimental effects which the facility has caused to the area to date. The following are the reasons in point form:
1. Trucks from the facility are parked in the middle of the road at Foresight Avenue often. It is dangerous as they are loading and unloading machines and other items in the street. Also, the street at these times is blocked up and other vehicles are unable to travel on the public road and causes inconvenience to other businesses, including ours.
2.. Many times we are unable to use our driveways because cars and or trucks are parked in front of or very close to the driveways. We have discussed this with the operators of the facility but the issues are ongoing.
3. Drivers are driving their trucks on the green areas in front of our business and are tearing up/damaging the frontage of our property. We have complained to them about this in person but the issues continue to occur regardless.
4. Contractors servicing the bitumen facility are often parking on the green areas of the property or our business and causing damage to the grassed areas. There have been a number of occasions we have asked this not to occur. They do not park out the front on the grassed area of the bitumen plant, only ours.
Increased production can only bring more people, more traffic, more trucks to the street and potential accidents.
5. The pollution caused by the facility makes it very difficult to breath when it is operating. The smell of the burning rubber and/or other chemicals is very pungent. I can only assume that it would be affecting the health of all the people who work in the street/area and other people visiting the businesses in the area. The increase in volumes and extra production can only make matters worse.
The above listed matters are very concerning and need to be taken seriously. It would be a great idea if an officer could attend the street so that we can show you the impact of the facility to the area and the main concern is the impact to the health of the people who turn up here to come to work. From a Health and Safety Standard the risks are very high.
Dalkin Pty Ltd
CORLETTE , New South Wales
I represent Dalkin Pty Ltd which company has a commercial property at 12 Kilcoy Drive Tomago which is rented to H-E Parts Mining Solutions. I have spoken to the manager at the site and he advised that there is already a large amount of traffic using the road and from the asphalt plant in particular. He advised that a further increase in capacity at the site would dramatically increase traffic along the road and cause unwanted interruption to their business. It is for this reason that he asked us to object against the proposal.
Please refer to attached letter for Council's comments.


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