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APIs for ePlanning Digital Services


You can find frequently asked questions for the APIs for ePlanning Digital Services below.

How do I consume the Online DA APIs in ePlanning’s User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment?

Email us at [email protected] with the council name to configure in ePlanning and then we will share the API key for your council. This key is specific to that council and has to be passed as part of the header to authorise your access.

How do I receive the newly created application requests to council in UAT?

We need to enable the Council and then set up the council's endpoint in the ePlanning system. Council has to share the endpoint and basic authentication details with the ePlanning team. ([email protected]).

How do I set up a council user for any particular council in the NSW Planning Portal?

Register as a normal user account in the NSW Planning Portal and then share the approval from council to enable the particular account as council user to ePlanning team ([email protected]).

How do council systems receive updates to Online DA application?

For any updates to the application, ePlanning pushes the updates to councils via the same CreateDA method, and it is up to the council on what to do with the updates.

Can a council provide ePlanning with separate endpoints to receive the Online DA payload and for supplying the documents to ePlanning?

No, all three Online DA API methods exposed by the Council system: CreateDA, UpdateAdditionalInfo and Documents, must be exposed from a single endpoint.

How do I report an API bug? 

Please report the bug with the details into our JIRA system. Please click here to access the Jira.

How do I get a status on the logged bug?

Please access our JIRA portal to view the bug status. You must be a registered user for accessing this. Please click here to access the JIRA.

What can be done when an applicant provides additional information and it results in duplicate documents being sent? 

For applicant-attached documents, please differentiate based on the document name and the uploadedTimeStamp for each document category.

For council-attached documents, please differentiate based on the document name for each document category.

Please note: If an applicant attaches the same document name as the existing council document name, then our application automatically recognises the existing name and differentiates the new file by appending '_V1' for each document category. For example, if the council document name is 'document1.pdf', then, in this scenario, the new applicant document name will be 'document1_V1.pdf'.

What is the information required for setting up a private certifier organisation account with DPIE?

Please provide the following information in an email to [email protected]:

  • Registered Address
  • Postal Address
  • Email of Organisation
  • Phone Number
  • Organisation Name
  • ABN Details

What is the information required to configure outbound requests from a council?

Please provide the following information to DPIE (at [email protected]) for configuring outbound requests:

  • Username/Password for Basic
  • Endpoint URL
  • For OAuth authentication, we will need the following details from customers:
    • client_id
    • client_secret
    • oAuthTokenUrl
    • councilUrl


Further assistance 

If you require assistance using the NSW Planning Portal APIs, and you were unable to find the answer on this page, please contact the ePlanning Integration Team.