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State Significant Development


Yiribana Logistics Estate


Current Status: More Information Required

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Concept plan and Stage 1 DA for an industrial estate. Stage 1 comprises two warehouses, site-wide bulk earthworks and retaining walls, an internal road network, storm water works, car parking, signage and landscaping.

Attachments & Resources

Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_24092021_120007

Request for SEARs (1)

Scoping Report - GPT Industrial Estate

SEARs (3)

Issued SEARs - Agency requirements
Issued SEARs - Cover Letter
Issued SEARs

EIS (67)

EIS Appendix U - ACHAR_Redacted
EIS Main Report
EIS Appendix A - SEARs Reference Table
EIS Appendix B - Mandatory Considerations Table
EIS Appendix C - Community Engagement Table
EIS Appendix D - Mitigation Measures
EIS Appendix E - Draft Mamre Road DCP Compliance Table
EIS Appendix F - Capital Investment Value (CIV)
EIS Appendix G - Stage 1 Architectural Plans
EIS Appendix G - Concept Architectural Plans
EIS Appendix H - Design Statement
EIS Appendix I - Landscape Masterplan
EIS Appendix J - Urban Design and VIA Report
EIS Appendix K - Civil Drawings
EIS Appendix L - Attachment A-C
EIS Appendix L - Attachment D-E1
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.1
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.2
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.3
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.4
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.5
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.6
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.7
EIS Appendix L - Attachment E2.8
EIS Appendix L - Attachment F-G
EIS Appendix L - Civil Engineering & WCM Strategy
EIS Appendix M - Site Survey Plan
EIS Appendix N - Stakeholder Participation Strat
EIS Appendix O - Community Fact Sheet
EIS Appendix P - Consultation Outcomes Report
EIS Appendix Q - Social Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix R - BDAR
EIS Appendix S - Riparian Lands Assessment
EIS Appendix T - Vegetation Management Plan
EIS Appendix V - Transport and Accessibility Plan
EIS Appendix W - Heritage Impact Statement
EIS Appendix X - Service Infrastructure Report
EIS Appendix Y - Geotechnical Investigation
EIS Appendix Z - Imported Fill Protocol
EIS Appendix AA - Groundwater Management Plan
EIS Appendix BB - Preliminary Site Investigation
EIS Appendix CC - Remedial Action Plan
EIS Appendix DD - Potential Acid Sulphate Soil Advice
EIS Appendix EE - Hazards Analysis
EIS Appendix FF - Waste Management Plan
EIS Appendix GG - Aeronautical Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix HH - ESD and Greenhou
EIS Appendix II - Noise and Vibration Assessment
EIS Appendix JJ - Air Quality Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix KK - Bushfire Assessment Report
EIS Appendix LL - BCA Assessment Report
EIS Appendix MM - Fire Safety Strategy
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt1
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt2
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt3
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt4
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt5
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt6
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt7
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt8
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt9
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt10
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt11
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt12
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt13
EIS Appendix NN - Flood Modelling_Pt14

Response to Submissions (31)

22-10-2021 - Request RTS
Request RTS - DPIE comments
11-04-2022 - RFI - Construction traffic
SSD-10272349 - Submissions Report
Appendix A - Revised Architectural Drawings 1
Appendix A - Revised Architectural Drawings 2
Appendix B - MRP DCP Compliance Table
Appendix C - Warehouse 3 Shadow Diagram
Appendix D - Revised Stage 1 Landscape Plans
Appendix E - Revised Estate Landscape Plans
Appendix F - Revised Warehouse 1 Landscape Plans
Appendix G - Revised Warehouse 3 Landscape Plans
Appendix H - Revised Civil Engineering Drawing 1
Appendix H - Revised Civil Engineering Drawing 2
Appendix I - Revised Flood Assessment
Appendix J - Revised Civil Engineering and WCM Strategy
Appendix K - Revised MUSIC Modelling
Appendix L - Revised Drainage Modelling
Appendix M - Crime Risk Assessment
Appendix N - Revised Weed Eradication and Management Plan
Appendix O - Revised Riparian Lands Assessment
Appendix P - Revised Vegetation Management Plan
Appendix Q - Revised Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment
Appendix R_Revised Transport and Accessibility Plan
Appendix S_Revised Fire Safety Strategy
Appendix T_BCA Assessment
Appendix U_NRAR Correspondence
Appendix V_Evidence of consultation
Appendix W_Response to IDC Review
Appendix X_Section 37 Request to Amend SSD-10272349
Appendix Y_Functional Layout Plan Temporary Access Road

Agency Advice (27)

DPIE Central (Western) Team - UD Comments Advice on SEARs - 12 November 2020
DPIE Water Group Advice on SEARs - 27 October 2020
TfNSW Advice on SEARs - 6 November 2020
Sydney Water - advice on RTS
TFNSW advice on RTS
DPI Agriculture Advice on SEARs - 22 October 2020
HNSW ACH Advice on SEARs - 12 November 2020
EHG Advice on RTS
Council Advice on RTS
Endeavour Energy Advice on SEARs - 12 November 2020
TfNSW advice on EIS - 22 October 2021
Heritage NSW Advice on EIS - 14 October 2021
Sydney Water advice of EIS - 21 December 2021
Heritage NSW (ACH) Advice on EIS - 19 October 2021
EES advice on EIS - 29 October 2021
EPA advice on EIS - 28 October 2021
DPIE Water advice on EIS - 18 November 2021
EES Advice on SEARs - 28 October 2020
WaterNSW Advice on EIS - 18 October 2021
HCNSW Advice on SEARs - 30 October 2020
Penrith Council advice on EIS - 22 October 2021
EPA Advice on SEARs - 29 October 2020
Penrith City Council Advice on SEARs - 6 November 2020
DPIE Central (Western) Team Advice on SEARs - 12 November 2020
Sydney Water Advice on SEARs - 12 November 2020
DPE Water - advice on RTS
WSPP Advice on SEARs - 12 November 2020

Amendments (2)

SSD-10272349 Amendment Acceptance Letter
GPT YLE_55AA Request to Amend SSD-10272349_Feb 2023

Additional Information (7)

Request for Additional Information - 25 Nov 2022
Request for Additional Information - 13 October 2022
Attachment 2 - IDC comments
Attachment 1 - DPE RFI October 2022
Request for Additional Information - 20 October 2022
Attachment 1 - agency advice on RTS
DPE Request for Additional Information


Showing 1 - 5 of 5 submissions
Steven Broussos
GREENACRE , New South Wales
If you wish to build such a logistics estate, please ensure that there is adequate freight rail access nearby
Endeavour Energy
HUNTINGWOOD , New South Wales
Please refer to the attachment.
ISPT Pty Ltd / Aliro Management Pty Ltd
Sydney , New South Wales
ISPT Pty Ltd (“ISPT”) has exchanged contracts to acquire 706 – 752 Mamre Road, Kemps Creek (Lot 1 DP 104958) (“Site”) and have appointed Aliro Pty Ltd (“Aliro”) as the Development Manager for the property. Aliro on behalf of ISPT is preparing to submit a Request for SEARs for the site and intends to lodge an EIS in 2022.

This submission is in response to the SSD-10272349 submitted by The GPT Group that is currently on exhibition. GPT’s Mamre Road site adjoins the Southern Boundary of the Site and ISPT and Aliro are therefore key stakeholders of SSD-10272349. Following review of the documents on exhibition in relation to SSD-10272349, ISPT and Aliro provide the following comments:

1. The North-South Road should be delivered in a timely manner to enable the continuation of the Precinct Road Network, and to minimise Bakers Lane traffic until the Southern Link Road becomes operational.
It is acknowledged that the North-South Road has been included in the proposed Stage One for SSD-10272349. ISPT and Aliro commend GPT for the inclusion of North-South Road which meets the following objectives:
• Draft Mamre Road Precinct DCP, Control 2, (clause 3.2.1) “provide access to adjoining properties and not limit development on adjoining properties, including demonstration of impact on the development of adjoining lot.”
• SSD-10272349, SEARs – Within the key issues section of the SEARs, DPIE requires the applicant to include “detail on how the proposed development connects to adjoining sites as outlined in the Draft Mamre Road DCP.”
This North-South Road provides critical infrastructure for the Mamre Road Precinct and will provide an alternate access route to minimise vehicle movements along Bakers Lane, currently occupied by several sensitive users, until such time when the Southern Link Road becomes operational. Consequently, ISPT and Aliro request that the North-South Road is delivered in a timely manner at the earlier stages of the GPT development, to provide a connection to the Site and enable the continuation of the Precinct Road Network.

2. The boundary fence between GPT’s development and the Site is required to be maintained during the construction of the development.
ISPT has exchanged contracts to acquire the Site and intends to develop the Site in the coming years. In the interim, the Site is currently being used for Primary Production purposes by the current owners and a significant number of cattle are on site. Should GPT commence Stage One whilst the Site is still used for primary production, it is requested that additional fence protection is implemented prior to works along the boundary to ensure the cattle remain secure within the Site.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this submission, please contact Andrew Simpson at [email protected] or Athlene Kyle at [email protected] Aliro and ISPT would be happy to meet with the Department and the Applicant to discuss this.

Yours sincerely

Athlene Kyle
ISPT Pty Ltd
Sydney , New South Wales
Refer submission attachment
Penrith City Council
PENRITH , New South Wales
See attached letter for comment


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