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State Significant Development

Response to Submissions

Sydney Olympic Park Metro Station - Over & Adjacent Station Development

City of Parramatta

Current Status: Response to Submissions

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Concept Development Application seeking consent for the establishment of building envelopes and associated parameters for development above and adjacent to Sydney Olympic Park Metro Station.

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

SSD-SSI Exhibition and ReExhibition Advertisement_16112022

Request for SEARs (2)

SOP Site Map_
Sydney Olympic Park SSD Scoping Report

SEARs (1)

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EIS (35)

Appendix N - CPTED Report 1
Appendix Y - Flooding Report
Appendix_GG - Site Survey Plan
Appendix R - Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix H - Indicative Reference Scheme
Appendix_EE - Utilities and Services Report
Appendix E - Built Form and Urban Design Report
Appendix K - Shadow Impact
Appendix F - Architectural Renders
Appendix I - SOP SSD EIS Demarcation Plans
Appendix J - SEPP 65 Assessment
Appendix G - Building Envelope Plan
Appendix T - Transport and Access Report
Appendix P - Reflectivity Report
Appendix O - Solar Impact Study
Appendix_BB - ACHAR
Appendix X - Integrated Water Management Report
Appendix Z - Contamination Report
Appendix Q - Wind Report
Appendix M - Design Guidelines
Appendix_CC - Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix S - ESD Report
Appendix_AA - Waste Management Plan
Appendix L - GANSW Endorsed Design Excellence Strategy
Appendix V - Noise and Vibration Report
Appendix_DD - Social Impact Assessment
Appendix W - Geotechnical Report
Appendix_FF - Construction Management Plan
Appendix B - Statutory Compliance Table
Appendix C - Stakeholder and Community Engagement Table
Appendix D - Mitigation Measures Table
Appendix U - BDAR Waiver
Appendix A - SEARs Compliance Table
_Environmental Impact Statement

Response to Submissions (1)

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Agency Advice (15)

Sydney Water response
EPA response
RFS response
DPE Water response
Heritage NSW response
Sydney Metro response
EHG response
HNSW ACH rsponse
F&R NSW response
TfNSW response
City of Parramatta Council response - Cover letter
SOPA response - Cover Letter
Sydney Trains response
City of Parramatta Council response - Attachment
SOPA response -Attachment A

Additional Information (1)

RFI Addendum- SOP SSD-3528369


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Dunnet Properties P/L
Neutral Bay , New South Wales
Fitzpatrick Investments P/L
Name Withheld
EPPING , New South Wales
Resident uploaded the SOP submission to Parramatta SSD, so I've uploaded the SOP submission to the correct file. He also requested anonymity.
Sydney Olympic Park Business Association Incorporated
SydneyOlympicPar , New South Wales
Letter attached.
Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue
BALMAIN , New South Wales
We are strongly supportive of Sydney Metro West, which will have a transformative impact on both Sydney Olympic Park and the Parramatta CBD.
The station precincts present an important opportunity to ensure there is an appropriate balance struck between delivering optimal commercial outcomes for the NSW Government, off the back of its substantial investment in the Metro network, and providing taxpayers with a lasting social dividend from the project – in the form of high quality places and the provision of diverse housing typologies.
The Dialogue has a long-standing position in favour of 30 per cent inclusionary zoning targets (for social and affordable housing) within a 1km walk-up catchment of new metro and heavy rail stations. In the case of these two Metro station precincts (Olympic Park and Parramatta) we believe this target should be mandated, with commercial incentives for proponents to provide above-target sub-market housing typologies and a higher social housing component within this.
We note that in recent years, the community housing sector in NSW has substantially elevated its commercial sophistication and ability to structure transactions and manage projects in partnership with government, top-tier developers, private capital and government-backed institutional finance. As such, we would encourage the NSW Government to require bids to develop these station precincts to include a tier one CHP as a joint venture partner to engage requisite finance and manage the above-mentioned social and affordable housing component of the project.
The twin crises of housing affordability and acute shortages of social housing are well documented, as is the urgency for action. These two large scale government owned renewal precincts provide an ideal opportunity for the NSW Government to meet the growing community expectation to provide new well located social and affordable housing.
The Dialogue makes the following recommendations:
1. Mandate a minimum 30 per cent of residential development within the Parramatta and Olympic Park Metro station precincts be designated social and affordable housing.
2. Provide incentives for tenders to deliver above the abovementioned 30 per cent mandate, and to deliver a higher social housing component within this.
3. Require tenders for the station precinct developments to include a community housing provide as a joint venture partner to deliver/manage the abovementioned social and affordable housing.

To discuss any of the above in more detail, please contact Luke Turner ([email protected]).
Architectus OBO Figtree OH Pty Ltd
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Architectus has prepared this submission on behalf of our client Figtree OH Pty Ltd, for the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) in relation to State Significant Development Application (SSDA) Ref. 35283699 for ‘Sydney Olympic Park Metro Station Over and Adjacent Station Development’ (the proposed development), located at 5-7 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park (the development site). The proposed development is currently on public exhibition until 13 December 2022.

Figtree OH Pty Ltd are the leaseholder of the property at 6 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park (the subject site) which is located directly south of the proposed development.

Figtree OH Pty Ltd has concerns relating to the impact of the proposed development on the subject site and requests several amendments. Our submission is supported by further analysis and information at Attachment A.
Scouts NSW
Please see attached letter from the CEO of Scouts NSW (whose name should be the one published)
City of Parramatta Council
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Urban Taskforce Australia
Sydney , New South Wales
Please find attached Urban Taskforce Australia's submission on the concept development application
Edison Yang
LIDCOMBE , New South Wales
I have read the plan. I will suggest the connect with the Carter street precinct as the large population living in this side. Also, this is tap major infrastructure for the resident who lives in OP and Carter street precinct to Sydney CBD and Parramatta.
Name Withheld
Manly , New South Wales
Comments regarding the Sydney Olympic Park Metro over station development
We draw your attention to the following items:
• Firstly, as stated in the planned development summary on the Sydney Metro West website, Sydney Olympic Park will be home to 34,000 jobs and more than 23,000 residents by 2030. The current concept plan for the over station development allows for only 1,760m2 of GFA allocated for retail use, with none of the surrounding land holdings currently zoned for retail uses. We believe this allocation for retail is grossly underweighted considering the proposed residential and working population increases in the area over the coming years. Limited provision of daily and destination retail needs and amenities to service the 23,000 residents and 30,000 employees will have a direct impact on market values in the locality and is inconsistent with the needs of a functioning ‘town centre’. It is critical that this is addressed. We recommend a large increase in the weighting of retail GFA allocated to the over station development to service the immediate and surrounding locality. It should provide a suitable variation of retail tenancies including a supermarket, daily needs (e.g. nails, barber, hair, pharmacy, corner store), restaurants/takeaway shops, etc.
• Secondly, there is no cohesion between the SOP Masterplan and this planning proposal. It should be incorporated as a whole sum of the parts of the SOPA masterplan. This is a stand-alone block approval with no connectivity to the precinct town centre masterplan outcomes and seems to further disincentivise development on private land.
• Lastly, the proposed over station development hasn't given sufficient regard to sun access planes for the areas zoned residential under the SOP Masterplan on the southern side of Figtree Drive.
Addressing these issues will be critical in the success of creating a functioning vibrant community, which is attractive to commercial occupiers, their employees and future residents.
Representing private landowner in the Sydney Olympic Park precinct
Name Withheld
Looking forward to having a more efficient, reliable and quick public transport service to get into CBD and to Parramatta. This will help to alleviate current traffic congestion issues and align with sustainable living objectives.
Name Withheld
LIDCOMBE , New South Wales
I think the exits of the Sydney Olympic Park could be add more and be extended to Stadium and precinct as most of the trait of track is all government land. It should be very easily to extend one or two extend to stadium and nearest precinct. Thanks
Greg Shore
To get started I have viewed your recent publication of the virtual engagement room and it all looks tidy, clean, and sanitary.

I have been a resident of Olympic Park since 2015; living in a high-rise unit block (30 resident floors). The foyer flooring in our building is polished marble and when it gets wet it becomes very slippery, and therefore dangerous and prone to accidents. There are many reasons for this, residents tracking in rain, leaking vestibule ceiling, dripping umbrellas, spills etc. … Just like what happens in public transport facilities. I’m sure you add compounds to help avoid accidental slips, but it still happens.

I (and my partner) use and rely on public transport (mostly trains and buses) to move around this great city at least 5 days per week.

As my partner and I are becoming old (yes that is actually happening to all of us) we are becoming less flexible when we fall over, as we no longer bounce like we once did. We take considerable care in looking out for possible risks of falling in various environments.

Note: It actually hurts a lot when we fall on hard surfaces.

Statement of concern regarding the choice of flooring materials

In your virtual room I noticed that the floors were a hard stone like material in most areas. In designing floors for public space environments, you need to be on the lookout for flexible flooring solutions to meet customer demands. These solutions need to create dynamic and safe spaces and direct the flow of people to where they need to be.

Whilst I understand that you have selected this type of flooring material based on its strength, stability, sustainability, and performance in a high foot traffic area, but I believe that with an ageing and less mobile population this choice of material is unyielding in the event of a fall.

Fall-related injuries exert an enormous health burden on older adults. Softer landing surfaces, such as those provided by low-stiffness flooring, may prevent the seriousness of fall-related injuries by decreasing the forces applied to the body during a fall. I understand that they use hospital-grade vinyl in hospital emergency and treatment rooms. Secondary outcomes would be to reduce minor scrapes and cuts in any fall-related injuries.

A floor matting system can reduce the risk of potentially deadly or injurious slips, trips, and falls. Matting can also provide drainage and dry surfaces in wet environments, say like getting off trams.

I know that flooring plays an important role in providing comfort, insulation and cohesion and they have developed carpets of synthetic materials that may be used in entrance areas (to absorb water and dirt), and other solutions that can be used when entering and exiting trams; but these don’t solve the whole problem.

With the ongoing development of new materials, I believe that as a responsible government project you should be working to improve your customers (general public and staff) safety and wellbeing.

Although whatever the flooring solution is, it might not save everyone from serious injuries. But you need to provide an energy absorption during impact to vulnerable locations, such as the hip and head, without impairing balance or mobility during daily activities, such as standing and walking.

I would like you to look at flooring for “Injury Prevention” in caring for older Australians.

As a member of an aging population, I would like you to consider using more human crash absorbent materials on all your station floors. As such, the design of safer living environments for older adults needs to be addressed.
Name Withheld
I object to the Building Heights being proposed as:
1. They are above the existing building heights in the area - no other building height exceeds 40 floors
2. the proposed building height will throw a shadow over our building garden area at a time of the year where sun is mostly sought after when outdoors in the garden
3. a building height over 40 floors will ruin the skyline of the area
4. The proposed building height will spoil others view into the distance
Name Withheld
LIDCOMBE , New South Wales
Strongly support this project, it's perfect for solving inner west public transport, and it will make cars less and a better environment, the same reason for building the M4 tunnel, but the most important thing is efficiency needs to be improved, many projects are delayed, I think this is most people care about.
Name Withheld
Parramatta , New South Wales
I believe all 3 towers should be at least 40 storeys high and a greater portion of the towers be dedicated to residential dwellings. There is a greater shortage of housing in this city than there is a shortage of office space.


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