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State Significant Development


Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct Schools Project

City of Ryde

Current Status: Determination

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The Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct Schools Project (SSD-9343) is located within the Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct.

A separate application has been lodged within the precinct for the Multi-Trades and Digital Technology Hub at Meadowbank TAFE (SSD-10349). See the project application page for details.

The Greater Sydney Commission has prepared a preliminary Masterplan for the precinct. Visit the precinct website for details

Development of a new Kindergarten to Year 12 school catering for 1000 primary school students, 1500 secondary school students and 120 intensive English students.

Consolidated Consent

Consolidated Consent


SEARs (1)

SEARs 7 June 2018

EIS (32)

EIS Appendix A - SEARs
EIS Appendix C(a) - Survey
EIS Appendix C(b) - Survey
EIS Appendix D - Architectural Design Statement
EIS Appendix D(b) - Architectural Drawings
EIS Appendix E - Landscape Design Report
EIS Appendix F - Arboricultural Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix G - Transport and Accessibility Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix H -Schools Travel Plan Final
EIS Appendix I - ESD Report
EIS Appendix J - Heritage Impact Statement and Historicial Archeological
EIS Appendix K - Social Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix L - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report
EIS Appendix M - Access Review Report
EIS Appendix N - Acoustic Noise Impact Assessment
EIS Appendix O - Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation
EIS Appendix P - Stage 2 Detailed Site Investigation
EIS Appendix Q - Remediation Action Plan
EIS Appendix R(a) - Infrastrcture Management Plan - Sewer, Water and Natu
EIS Appendix R(b) - Infrastructure Management Report - Electrical, ICT an
EIS Appendix S - Civil Report
EIS Appendix T - Biodiversity Development Assessment Report
EIS Appendix U - Supplementary Geotechnical Report
EIS Appendix V - Operational Waste Management Plan
EIS Appendix W - Wind Comfort and Safety Report
EIS Appendix X - Consultation Report
EIS Appendix Y - Preliminary Construction Management Plan
EIS Appendix Z - CPTED Assessment
EIS Appendix AA - Supplementary Contamination Assessment
EIS Appendix BB - Supplementary Asbestos Assessment
EIS Appendix CC - Construction and Remediation Waste Management Plan

Response to Submissions (18)

Response to Submissions
Appendix A - Updated Architectural Drawings
Appendix A - Additional Diagrams
Appendix B - Updated Landscape Design Report Part 1
Appendix B - Updated Landscape Design Report Part 2
Appendix B - Updated Landscape Design Report Part 3
Appendix B - Updated Landscape Design Report Part 4
Appendix C - Updated Meadowbank Schools TIA
Appendix C - Addendum to Updated TAIA
Appendix C - Updated Schools Travel Plan
Appendix D - Addendum Acoustic Statement
Appendix E - Civil Response to Submissions
Appendix F - Amended Civil SSDA Report
Appendix G - Addendum Contamination Statement
Appendix I - Confirmation Email from DPIE
Appendix J - GANSW SDRP Meeting Minutes
Appendix K - Consideration of the MEEP Master Plan
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Additional Information (2)

RRAI submitted 6 April 2020
RRAI submitted 29 April 2020 - Amended Plans

Determination (4)

Development Consent
Notice of Decision
Assessment Report
Approved Plans

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (12)

B44 PDES Approval Letter_07062022
Meadowbank Schools_SMEEP Rev.5
MEPS CCS - July 2020
SSD 9343 revised CEMP - Cover Letter 24.11.2020
CCS (Condition B7) - Cover Letter
E1 Out of Hours Event Management Plan (Community Use) - DPE Acknowledgement Letter 21102022
D36 Pedestrian Safety Management Plan_Approval 22042022
E1 Out of Hours Event Management Plan (Community Use)
E1 Out of Hours Event Management Plan (Community Use) - SINSW Cover Letter 16092022
D17 D18 School Transport Plan_Approval_21042022

Notifications (4)

PLAN AUTH - Condition A29 Notification
SSD9343_Ltr Revision of Strategies A29 (002)
SMEEP Notification of Occupation_PS
Condition B22-B24 cover letter

Other Documents (23)

OOHW Traffic Control_Approval 27062022
B22 Biodiversity Acknowledgment Letter 071122
D12 Public Domain Works Ext Request_Approval_80722
Hermitage Rd Time Ext Request Approval_13092022
Extension Requests_23102020_062903
Extension Requests_29092020_031833
Extension Requests_15092020_051337
Extension Requests_08122020_115441
Extension Requests_14082020_030834
SSD 9343 B8 - ESD Condition -
Condition B8_Additional extension request
Additional extension ESD B8
Condition B8_Additional extension request_Alte
DPE acknowledgment letter
SSD 9343 - B4 - EXTERNAL WALLS - Cover Letter
20013 SAS164-2 16Feb22
SSD9343-B4-0002 - Cladding Statement
SMEEP - Crossing Planning Secretary Co
SMEEP Site Audit Report and Section A2
SSD9343 - Condition B4 - Facade Cover Letter Rev02
SMEEP - External Walls and Cladding Cover Letter
SSD9343-B4-0001 - Architects Statement
SSD 9343 - B5 - Cover Letter (002)

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Zhi Lim
Meadowbank , New South Wales
It’s fantastic to have public school in the local,great for the kids
Name Withheld
RYDE , New South Wales
1. Initial consultations stated a separate entry for the primary and secondary school students. This was also a concern highlighted by parents at one of the information night. It appears in concept design submission that there is a common single entry. This is not ideal and parents of primary school students are concerned about the concentration of Kindergarten to Year 12 students all sharing a common entry point.
2. The traffic management plan does not appear to consider students east of Bowden St who will be walking to the new school. Currently there is no safe crosssing zone on Bowden Street for students who will be walking via Squire or Thorn Street. This is a major safety risk as every morning/afternoon people crossing Bowden are playing "frogger" trying to cross the Bowden with cars accelerating trying to make the green light at Bowden/Victoria road. This is currently an issue for students currently walking from the western side of Bowden to the current primary school. I have witness a few near misses especially at the road about of Squire/Bowden. In fact some cars travelling South on Bowden through this round-about mount the kerb onto the footpath before swerving back onto the road. The design of the road-about/intersection and excessive speed facilitates this. There needs to be a marked Zebra crossing or extended school zone in this area.
Name Withheld
RYDE , New South Wales
Ensuring good pedestrian access
There need to be direct pedestrian paths to the new primary and high school, particularly from local points that are to be major sources of pedestrian traffic. Having these direct links will put downward pressure on the volume of vehicular traffic in and around the school, as it will make walking a more attractive option for local residents.

Given the adjacent high-density residential developments, a major source of pedestrian traffic will be the intersection of Constitution Road and Bowden Street, Ryde.

Consequently, please consider enhancing Angas Lane, which emerges from this intersection in a northerly direction. Ideally, Angas Lane should conclude near the intersection of Angas Street and See Street, close to which a pedestrian crossing can be established (this may require the lengthening of Angas Lane alongside the property at 2B Angas Street). If Angas Lane cannot be lengthened, then enhancements can be made to MacPherson Lane (which Angas Lane already connects to) and Stone Street, with a pedestrian crossing to be established near the intersection of Stone and See Streets.

From this point, consideration needs to be given to facilitating direct yet safe pathways through the TAFE NSW site to the new school.

All pedestrian paths should of course be accessible to people in wheelchairs and parents with prams.

Meeting the needs of hearing impaired children
The new school will employ flexible learning spaces (allowing multiple classrooms in the one, large space), which can potentially increase background noise and make it more difficult for hearing impaired children to follow verbal communications from teachers and peers.

Our younger child has hearing loss, and will start Kindergarten in 2021 or 2022. Our natural choice would be to send that child to Meadowbank Public School (along with the older sibling who also attends), but we have serious concerns about the ability of the new school to cater for our younger child's needs.

The schools' final design should reflect, and cater for, the needs of hearing impaired children. As a start, my suggestion is that School Infrastructure NSW develop a plan - and share it with stakeholders - that will ensure this outcome. Among other things, the plan may include a commitment to consult closely with individuals and organisations with expertise in this area, such as the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (particularly staff associated with its Garfield Barwick School) and the NSW Department of Education's itinerant support teachers for hearing.

Stakeholders should be made aware of the advice these experts have given, which pieces of advice School Infrastructure NSW has adopted, and reasons why it may not have adopted other pieces of advice. This will help allay the concerns of parents and assure us that best practice is being adopted, where reasonable and feasible.
Homebush ,
See attached.
Joanna Harvey
MELROSE PARK , New South Wales
My concerns with the plans for the new schools are, in order of importance:
1. page 44 EIS.pdf states that OOSH is only planned for 200 spaces. For a school of 1000 students this is woefully insufficient. This government stated it would provide after care places for all public school students:
The impact on parents who cannot get after school care that we have seen at west ryde public school is that parents have had to give up their jobs when their child starts school. This is unacceptable for a new school being built at a time when both parents working is the norm. OOSH requires unencumbered indoor space of 3.25 m2 and this needs to be planned for in the building design.
2. The outdoor space does not seem adequate for the number of students, especially for the primary school. When this project was first announced we were told that it would meet 10m2 of outdoor space per student. From the plans I cannot see how this will be achieved. The primary school looks more like only 6m2 per student (this is also less than the unencumbered outdoor space required by OOSH of 7m2). I could not find an actual figure of outdoor space listed in the documentation.
3. page 44 EIS.pdf states that there will be a staggered lunch break for use of recreation and open space areas. Staggered lunch breaks for a primary school are only used when a school is severely overcrowded. It should not be a design plan for a new school.
4. The transport planning for the site is inadequate. Victoria Rd is already over 90% capacity during both AM & PM peaks (EIS Appendix G page 31) but most of the high school students will be coming from the west along Victoria Rd (EIS Appendix G page 41 figure 4.2 Secondary School Catchment). Very few secondary students live in a location where catching a train is an option. Riding a bicycle along Victoria Rd is also not viable.
5. Will the lifts in the northern block be used by both primary and secondary students? How will you stop students travelling between the 2 schools? Swipe card access would not be sufficient because a person could enter the lifts and then just wait for the lift to be called to a different level. If they are not available for secondary students, how to students requiring accessible access travel between the floors? Go to the lifts in the other building?
6. There doesn't seem to be any provision for visitors toilets. Parents and other site visitors need a separate block of toilets to the ones used by the students.
7. The number of toilets in general seems to be inadequate if all students are to use the toilets during recess / lunch. ie. 75 high school toilets for 1500 students
8. The current configuration of the gym change rooms seem too narrow to be fit for purpose.
9. The primary school staff seem to have to enter and exit their staff room via the special programs and library.... there should be another access point?
Elissa Dymke
DENISTONE WEST , New South Wales
I am a parent of primary age children who will be in the catchment for the new Marsden High school. I have two comments:

1. - Access to Site for High School Students:
I am concerned regarding the ease of access to the school from Meadowbank station. In the plans there is no path from Meadowbank station to the precinct. This means that the campus will be more easily reached from the West Ryde station.

I am very concerned regarding the thought of a large portion of 1500 adolescents with still developing risk awareness having to cross Victoria Road to get to school every morning. I understand there are traffic lights, but I believe it is very dangerous to have this volume of teenagers having to get to school at the same time. Even with possible staggered starting times, the number of children crossing the road will be far greater than those arriving on buses and crossing Vic Rd at the current Marsden site.

I would like a direct access footpath with CC TV and appropriate lighting to be provided to link the campus to Meadowbank station so that this is the most logical access route. Otherwise a pedestrian bridge over Victoria Road from West Ryde station, and an appropriately lit, wide path to access the site through the light industrial area.

2. Provision for irrigation and maintenance of green landscapes.
Also I note that the landscape design contains a lot of beautiful plantings and grasses. These will die in the hot summers without proper irrigation - please ensure that all planted areas including ovals are properly irrigated with budget for them to remain so permanently so that the learning space remains inviting even with hard wear of children and the hot summers.
Hermitage Road Owners Precinct
MELROSE PARK , New South Wales
As the Representative of the Employment Precinct Owners Association, I attended the Community Engagement session at the TAFE Meadowbank Campus on Saturday 16th November 2019.
May I say that I was impressed with the Preliminary Master Plan but as I indicated I believe there may be some items that should be included that would cover the Owners requirements and improve the Plan overall.
Name Withheld
RYDE , New South Wales
The State government has initiated the project so it will go ahead regardless of any objection. My submission relates to traffic and particularly, the associated parking issues.

The local council has already placed 2 hour parking restrictions on streets adjacent to the proposed development. This has had the effect of transferring the users of the current facilities to streets within walking distance but which have no time restrictions. The residents of these streets are forced to be a parking lot for the TAFE users. This problem will be exponentially compounded when the new primary school, high school and increased TAFE campus are completed.

I have read the traffic report that assumes the majority of teachers at the new schools will be using public transport. I dispute the assumptions. The schools alone will require around two hundred teachers ( a figure agreed by your representative at the community information session on Saturday 16 November) let alone teachers aids and office staff. This figure makes no allowance for those high school students who opt to drive.

There is inadequate parking for the current users of the precinct and the adjacent industry users from Rhodes street will be pushed into surrounding streets as the bus and kiss and ride stops will take away current on street parking spots in Rhodes street and Macpherson street.

At a minumium I am requesting that streets within a kilometre of the new precinct should have 2 hour time limited parking so that the residents are able to safely enter and exit their properties.
Name Withheld
RYDE , New South Wales
While I acknowledge the benefit of utilizing the significant amount of space around the TAFE campus, I do have some reservations regarding the appropriateness of having TAFE sharing the same area with a primary school and a high school. More specifically, having primary and high schools right in the same precinct as TAFE seems to promote the latter as a natural progression after high school education. While TAFE does offer an important pathway as universities do, I believe that children should be inspired to maximize their potentials through their early education. Primary and high school children tend to be easily influenced by their surrounding environments and having TAFE next door will not encourage children to pursue more challenging learning through universities and beyond. This adverse influence is more likely to have an impact on children from less privileged families. I would encourage the project team to work with NSW Department of Education to create a conducive learning environment that will inspire children to achieve the best they can.
Name Withheld
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
My submission concerns the Social Impact Assessment (Appendix K).

Appendix K, identified a high negative impact due to traffic congestion and competition for parking as a result of the proposal. After planned mitigation measures (Implementation of the School Travel Plan and provision of secure bicycle parking and end of travel facilities to encourage active transport) this was downgraded to a moderate negative impact.

It is highly unlikely (and contrary to experience on other development proposals) that the proposed mitigation measures (School travel plan, secure bicycle parking) will have a substantial impact on the level of traffic congestion. Therefore unless further mitigation measures are introduced, the traffic congestion impact should be highlighted as being highly negative to the local area and local residents. From speaking to my neighbors, whilst we do not oppose the project, we feel it is important that the real impact on local residents be properly recognized and addressed. This includes conducting an honest assessment on the impact of traffic congestion on residents’ health and well being.

The Greater Sydney Commission report, includes a range of proposed measures (traffic calming, signalization of key intersections) designed to help address traffic congestion within the area. These should be adopted as a minimum, however further measures are likely required.
Ultimately traffic congestion will not be improved unless measures are introduced to reduce non-essential travel within and around the subject site. This should include the placement of speed humps/ traffic calming measures on key busy streets (Constitution Rd, Bowden Street, Thorn Street, Forsyth Street, Bank Street, Railway Road) as well as the introduction of additional pedestrian crossings. Currently these streets are often used for so called "rat runs" with motorists using these streets in busy peak periods as an alternative to the congestion on Victoria Road. These rat runs should be highlighted and addressed in the final implementation. Every incentive to conducting these rat-runs should ultimately be removed.

Ultimately I believe these measures will improve the outcome of the project not just for local residents, but also for the students and their families.

Thank you for your consideration of my submission.
Name Withheld
west ryde , New South Wales
The transport and parking considerations are inadequate - see attachment
Name Withheld
West Ryde , New South Wales
I have attended the information sessions, and have also thoroughly reviewed the proposal. I am a local resident, with children that have attended/are attending Marsden High School. I am also very familiar with the TAFE site location of the new school, as my children also attended playgroup there for over 4 years. My comments are as follows:
* The site itself has major limitations in accessibility, especially given that there will be an additional 2500 school students, and 3000 TAFE students at peak capacity.
*The current school design is a vast improvement on the previously submitted new design. However, it is still a large multi-storey school on a small site (2500 students, on 3.3 hectares). By contrast, the existing Marsden High School, on 5.4 hectares, does not have these site constraints, and has room for expansion. It is also close to the major redevelopment occurring at Melrose Park (6000-11000 units).
*The TAFE site is only road-accessible via 2 major roads - Victoria Road (congested), and Constitution Road (also congested, and severely "pinched" at the Meadowbank Station railway crossing).
*It is not feasible to suggest, as the plan does, that most people should travel by train (already over capacity), foot (footpaths / safe road crossings need major upgrade / improved accessibility) or bike (these roads are FAR too busy for safe cycling). Major infrastructure for train, road and cycling/walking would need to be invested in, to make this workable.
* Assuming many users will be coming by car (especially in wet weather), there is insufficient kiss-and-ride provision. This is a MAJOR issue, and could potentially gridlock the whole area.
* The plan indicates there will be up to 200 teachers/support staff, but parking provision for only 60. There is EXTREMELY LIMITED street parking, and no nearby parking stations or facilities. This is a serious issue, and needs to be addressed.
* If some students/teachers are to come by train, it is most logical that most will come via West Ryde station (as the Marsden catchment area is to the north and west of this site). The access to the school site from West Ryde station needs a MASSIVE upgrade. Presently, this would involve students crossing a very busy Victoria Road. An overpass to the southern side of Victoria Road should be a mandatory part of this development.
* Emphasis needs to be given to possibly more accessibility to / sharing of the TAFE open spaces, provided child safety/security issues can be addressed.
* The West Ryde pumping station is adjacent to the new school development. If there is "spare" land that can be utilised there, as has been proposed, this should be looked upon favourably, for greater open space/accessibility to the West Ryde train station/additional parking facilities.

I hope the above issues can be addressed, and I look forward to additional feedback. Best regards,
Julie Somerfield
Northern Sydney District Council of P&C Associations
EASTWOOD , New South Wales
Please find attached NSDC MEP Submission 20191120 from the Northern Sydney District Council of P&C Associations.
David Smith
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
This project is great! But no thought or correct consultation has been given around transport...Everything I have looked at is worthless and will not meet the needs of traffic flow in the area for students/parents and residents.
Name Withheld
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
As you are aware the residents largest concerns are traffic and parking. I have read the submissions and strongly disagree with the assessment on parking for teachers, it is not practice to expect teachers to use public transport with the hours they work and the equipment require. I feel the parking spaces are underestimated.

Additionally for the tafe the parking takes into consideration the current parking spaces, but not the places displaced from the new build of the schools. Neither does it allow for the growth of numbers.
The area bound by Bowden Street to the East; the trainline to the West; Constitution Road to the South and Victoria Road to the North will be flooded with pedestrians, bikes and vehicle traffic for the primary school; high school; TAFE and employees.
The area currently forms a rat run. Particularly with the changes from Bowden street driving traffic through forsyth St. The roads are dangerous and accidents requiring emergency vehicles (eg paramedics) often occur. As part of a rat run, traffic speeds through and includes a mix of heavy vehicles, light industry vehicles, P plate TAFE students, petrol tankers, construction vehicles. Adding to that school children is a high risk
Every effort must be made to eliminate the current traffic from passing through this area, ie the only traffic should be that requiring access to the school/TAFE.
Suggestions include turning Forsyth St into a Cul-de-sac.
Reinstate the Right Hand turn from Bowden onto Victoria Road (going West)
Slow/eliminate traffic from Macpherson, eg no traffic turning right into Macpherson Street from Bowden
The Meadowbank precinct, with excessive overdevelopment, was developed with no thought for traffic. Please ensure safety is the forefront of any decisions made. As Ryde Council have advised via written communication there are ‘not enough serious accidents’ to fix current dangerous intersections (eg Macpherson St/See St and crossing at end of See St near Constitution Rd) please ensure Greater Sydney Planning takes responsibility and fixes the issues.
The See St/McPherson/Forsyth intersection will only increase in danger if access from Forsyth St into Victoria Rd continues
Additionally the bust stop on Victoria Rd city bound opposite Forsyth St will encourage children to run across Victoria rd to access Forsyth st I suggest it be moved a block to encourage use of the Bowden st lights
Name Withheld
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
The area bound by Bowden Street to the East; the trainline to the West; Constitution Road to the South and Victoria Road to the North. This area will be flooded with pedestrians, bikes and vehicle traffic for the primary school; high school; TAFE and employees. Each primary school person will have at least a parent/carer and often younger siblings.

The area currently forms a rat run. The roads are dangerous and accidents requiring emergency vehicles (eg paramedics) often occur. As part of a rat run, traffic speeds through and includes a mix of heavy vehicles, light industry vehicles, P plate TAFE students, petrol tankers, construction vehicles.

Every effort must be made to eliminate the current traffic from passing through this area, ie the only traffic should be that requiring access to the school/TAFE. No ratrun traffic should have access to the streets.

Suggestions include turning Forsyth St into a Cul-de-sac.
Reinstate the Right Hand turn from Bowden onto Victoria Road (going West)
Slow/eliminate traffic from Macpherson, eg no traffic turning right into Macpherson Street from Bowden
Traffic calming devices to slow all traffic down and eliminate the area from being attractive as a bypass/connecting road to Victoria Road and Church St.

The Meadowbank precinct, with excessive overdevelopment, was developed with no thought for traffic. Please ensure safety is the forefront of any decisions made. As Ryde Council have advised via written communication there are ‘not enough serious accidents’ to fix current dangerous intersections (eg Macpherson St/See St and crossing at end of See St near Constitution Rd) please ensure Greater Sydney Planning takes responsibility and fixes the issues.
Name Withheld
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
I'm a resident of Forsyth St (West Ryde) and was unable to submit feedback regarding the proposed Meadowbank education precinct last night. A neighbour passed on your details and I was hoping you could please pass on my concerns with the development.

My main concerns are regarding parking and safety. First, the proposed level of parking drastically underestimates the need. Reading the "Transport and Accessibility Impact Assessment (SSD 18_9343)", it appears the parking study (table 3.5) was done during TAFE holidays and DRASTICALLY underestimates the current level of parking usage in surrounding areas. Our street (Forsyth St) in particular is ALWAYS full during the work week, whereas the study suggests it is only at ~60% most of the time. This is a major issue for current residents and visitors, and will only be made worse if the new precinct does not adequately cater for more cars.

Second, the proposed use of MacPherson St for bus drop offs is a concern. Visibility on this street for pedestrians is already an issue, in addition to regular speeding traffic. I've narrowly avoided a number of collisions around the See St/MacPherson St/Forsyth St area, and buses would only make this worse.

Third, I believe there was a proposal to close of Forsyth St at the Victoria Rd end. I think this would help reduce the use of the street as a 'rat run', improving safety for the many young families that live on the street.

Lastly, the suggestion that local resident's driveways could be used for pick up/drop off of students (as noted in the final point on page 70 of the Transport and Accessibility Impact Assessment (SSD 18_9343)) seems both unsafe and unfair for local residents. We already have issues with people parking over our driveways and would hope this would not be made worse as a result of the new precinct.

Overall I am excited about the increase in green space and improved pedestrian access, but hope the the above concerns may be addressed as part of the final plan.
Name Withheld
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
Along with other local residents I was unable to complete the submission process online- I believe there were errors in finalising submissions.
Just wanted to say that I am generally very supportive of the plans and hope that the spaces are heavily utilised by the local community.
I love that canopy cover is a focus, and I hope that encouraging biodiversity is a part of this.
I live on Forsyth St, and am concerned about the street becoming even more of a thoroughfare/ car park than it is currently. It is used by TAFE students and local businesses for parking, and by general traffic that can no longer turn right into Victoria road southbound from Bowden street as an alternative route. Ideally the street would not be used in this way- especially by the extra couple of thousand people that will be travelling to the school/TAFE site both while under construction and once it is running. One solution many residents would support is blocking the road access along Victoria Rd and becoming a cul-de-sac.

As a pedestrian I am also concerned about the speed of cars down macpherson st and the lack of crossings and visual range to see if cars are coming due to parked trucks and cars. The See st/macpherson st intersection is particularly dangerous and accidents will be increasingly likely to happen with increased foot and road traffic. Having busses stopping along this stretch of road would make it even more congested and busy, with worse visual range. This would be a dangerous place for school bus stops, for pedestrians and vehicles alike.
While the relevant planners may be tempted to write traffic and parking concerns off as "whining residents", this is a real, daily stress for us now (both for practical reasons such as access to our houses, litter from the users of our street, noise, smoking etc) and as a safety issue for ourselves and the many young children who live and play on the street. We can see this burden becoming significantly greater with the lack of parking and huge increase in access demands for the planned precinct.
Besides these concerns, I would hope that the precinct can grow sustainably and organically with genuine respect for the local residents.
Thank you for taking the time to consult the community- I hope there will be genuine changes to the plans based on our feedback.
Name Withheld
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
Safety and sanity are of utmost importance to all residents and their families that live here. I have lived here with my family for over 25 years only to see the area deteriorate severely.
I tried to get my submission off as told to do on Sat by Mr Greg Woodhams who I thought was of great importance in regard to this matter. He told myself and other residents in Forsyth Street to go on Greater.Sydney/project/meadowbank and lodge our submission and at no time were we given a deadline. I didn’t even know this info session was on till I got home late on Sat and made it there at 5pm( a joke in itself) . I didn’t get the flyer that this was on. There was a problem with your server and hence in frustration my submission was unable to go thru along with many other residents.
My neighbour advised my that we could send this one off to you by midnight tonight. I rallied the street and hopefully they will all petition their concerns. To be honest with you, I don’t think we as residents are being given a fair go, or enough time to lodge our concerns. The general consensis is that this is just a big rush job.
Every effort needs to be made to ease the severe traffic congestion our area is faced with 24/7 365 days a year now, even before all this future school and tafe development is started.
Over development in the area along with the lack of adequate traffic infrastructure is already choking us, NO PARKING,QUEUES AT THE END OF OUR STREET FORSYTH STREET NOW AND MANY OTHERS.Since the no right turn has been brought in from Bowden to Vic Road, our Street Forsyth Street has become a rally track for ALL traffic coming from the North which has compounded the problems. I have nearly been knocked over on numerous occassions and Im sorry but if as we have been told in the past there needs to be fatalities before anything of use can be done; that day is coming much closer. There have already been more accidents and the noise is horendous and only going to get much worse.
Our quality of life is getting terrible, our anxiety and depression too. The right turn needs to be reinstated and making Forsyth Street a Cul-de-sac at the Victoria Road end would be a good start . Our street with all the heritage listed cottages have a lot of young families in it thats kids walk the streets with their families going to schools and not feeling safe on the streets and crossing roads.
The bus stop for drop off and pick up of students we have now been told is proposed across the road from our house on the short strip of road in front of the substation in Macpherson Street!Really!!
Conjestion , noise and safety are of paramount importance to us. The sub had transformers blow up a couple of years ago with flying heavy porcelain pieces shrouding our property and nearly hitting me in my garden. I couldhave died..
For god sake let common sense prevail! That is a black spot already and you would be crazy to put it there . It should be positioned along the front of the proposed schools in Rhode Street. That is a long stretch of Road and where it should be placed..
So to sum up there ARE alot of residents terribly concerned about what is going on and the lack of community consultation. I am not one for getting so involved in this but I think we really have no alternative but to get the media involved if communication isn’t improved and our suggestions taken seriously and implemented.
Name Withheld
WEST RYDE , New South Wales
I think the instructions on how to submit an application were not clear – I tried to follow the instructions on the flyer. I believe I submitted to the Greater Sydney Commission consultation however my submission was also intended to be considered in the assessment of the Meadowbank Schools (SSD-9343) and TAFE Meadowbank (SSD-10349) applications.
I understand I wasn’t the only contributor who had technical issues when trying to make a submission yesterday. There is some confusion regarding the necessity to prepare three submissions – where was this requirement in the written instructions? I believe one neighbour completed a questionnaire which I haven’t come across????
I strongly suggest that a second stage consultation process be put in place. I think the communication regarding the recent meetings was poor. This is a large, and critical development for my local area – a development which will have a major impact on the residents, the local natural environment and the way of living for local residents – many residents have been here in excess of 20 years. We have been subjected to uncontrolled development, a huge increase in population and traffic, and no supporting infrastructure - and a resultant fall in our quality of enjoyment of our local area. I know residents who protested to local government and who have now moved interstate because of the increased traffic and the problems and dangers the traffic and lack of infrastructure has caused to their family. This really concerns me. I have trouble crossing the street each morning to get to the train station to catch a very overcrowded train. I have made quite a few submissions to council regarding development. I am not against development of this area. but I am very concerned about the lack of planning and the lack of concern the increase in population is having on residents.
I didn’t attend the session on Wed 6 Nov – I was working – I work for the courts and it was a long day.
As an aside - it delights me that the TAFE college attracts lots of native birds. What happens when the building starts and the native birds’ nests and habitats are disturbed….there is a single Grand Parrot that eats each evening from a tree on See Street. Has anyone else noticed this?
It would be appreciated if an meeting be organised so the residents could voice their concerns. My concern is primarily environmental, and secondly but equally importantly, safety for pedestrians and then overcrowding – in the one area we have a 90 seat child care centre, a proposed primary school and high school and TAFE College. So we have 0-6 year olds with prams and distracted parents, mixing with boisterous primary school children and pre-teens and hormonal 15-20 year old drivers. Lots of energy, lots of cars and lots of racing and wheelies…..and litter.
We need to control of the traffic, and channel and slow the traffic. Bowden street is a racing track, as is McPherson and See Streets and Constitution Road. What if McPherson Street was closed at Bowden Street, or closed on Mcpherson Street at the corner of Mcpherson Lane and Mcpherson Street? Just thoughts.


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