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State Significant Development


Cowal Gold Operations Underground Development

Bland Shire

Current Status: Determination

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Expansion of the mining operations to include a new underground mine, including extension of mine life from 2032 to 2039 and additional production of approximately 1.8 million ounces of gold.

Consolidated Consent

Consolidated Consent


Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_26102020_080747

Request for SEARs (2)

Ltr to CGO - BDAR Waiver - Sep 2020
Scoping Report

SEARs (4)

Attachment 2
Issued SEARs
Issued SEARs Cover Letter
Attachment 3

EIS (15)

SSD 10367 - EIS Main Report
Appendix A - SEARs
Appendix B - Engagement
Appendix C - Air Quality
Appendix D - Noise
Appendix E - Subsidence
Appendix F - Groundwater
Appendix G - Surface Water
Appendix H - BDAR
Appendix I - AHDD
Appendix J - Traffic
Appendix K - Rehabilitation
Appendix L - Visual
Appendix M - Social Impact
Appendix N - Economic Impact

Response to Submissions (7)

RTS request - 30 Nov 2020
SSD 10367 & DA14_98 Submissions Report FINAL
Appendix E_Response_Groundwater_Peer_Review
Appendix D_Intersection_Photos
Appendix C_Surface_Water_Responses
Appendix B_Groundwater_Responses
Appendix A_Submissions_Matrix

Agency Advice (8)

Advice on RTS - NSW Fisheries
Advice on RTS - EPA
Advice on RTS - MEG
Advice on RTS - Resources Regulator
Advice on RTS - Heritage NSW - Aboriginal
Advice on RTS - BCS
Advice on RTS - DPIE Water
Advice on RTS - TfNSW

Additional Information (14)

RFI 1 - Request for Additional Info - 26 March 2021
RFI 1 - Response - 26 April 2021
RFI 2 - Request for Additional Info - 3 May 2021
RFI 2 - Attachment DPIE Water advice on RTS
RFI 2 - Response - 12 May 2021
RFI 3 - Request for Additional Info - 20 May 2021
RFI 3 - Attachment FSC response to RTS
A3 - Expert Advice Groundwater - 20 May 2021
RFI 3 - Response - Roads & VPA update - 31 May 2021
RFI 3 - Response to LSC request for VPA - 15 Aug 2021
RFI 3 - Response to FSC request for VPA- 15 Aug 2021
LSC - Request joint VPA - 25 August 2021
RFI 3 - Response - Road Maintenance Agreement - BSC, LSC & FSC
RFI 3 - Response - Agreed VPA - 22 Sep 2021

Recommendation (2)

SSD Consent_Recommendation
Assessment Report_Recommendation

Determination (3)

Notice of Decision
Development Consent
Assessment Report

Post-determination Notices (1)

Notice of Determination

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (2)

Construction Workforce Accommodation Plan Approval
Construction Workforce Accommodation Plan

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Showing 1 - 20 of 25 submissions
Name Withheld
WEST WYALONG , New South Wales
The SSD proposed secures the life of mine further which provides positive benefits for the local community and regional areas and secures employment opportunities within the area.
Blake Hjorth
MUDGEE , New South Wales
Cowal Gold Operations (Evolution) have proven over time during their open cut operations that they are a community and environmentally responsible miner. The underground extension will continue to tap into the mineral resource which will in turn provide multiple benefits to the local community, businesses and suppliers as well as the state of NSW.
Regional projects like this are vital in providing opportunities for regional communities to thrive and prosper.
Name Withheld
HERMIDALE , New South Wales
I fully support the development of the Cowal Underground mine. The creation of new jobs within regional NSW is wonderful, especially in the field of underground hard rock mining. The limited impact on the surrounding environment, and Evolution's high standards for protecting the environment are to be commended.
Name Withheld
Lake Cowal , New South Wales
Projects like these provide longevity and opportunities to regional communities. Not only do residents from the region see direct employment opportunities there are many more benefits through contracting to small businesses, donations and partnerships with the local councils.

On the back of a global pandemic, we need to see projects like this get fast tracked to get more people employed. This project has little to no environmental impact, occurs on a previously developed site and will provide employment for a number of years that otherwise wouldn't exist.
Name Withheld
WEST WYALONG , New South Wales
This project will be great for the small local community and surrounding area it will provide more employment and help small businesses to remain operating well done Evolution Mining.
Greg Walker
WEST WYALONG , New South Wales
Cowal Gold Operations and Evolution Mining have demonstrated positive sustainable development over an extended period, including enhancing the local environment and community.

Evolution provides critical economic support to the many towns, families and individuals in the region. Without this support, people living in these areas would not enjoy the many positive flow-on effects from the operation.
Name Withheld
LAKEWOOD , New South Wales
I have worked at Cowal for several years and believe Evolution (and Barrick before them) to be companies with integrity and with the communities interests in mind. I believe that environmentally Cowal Gold Mine is one of the most heavily regulated sites in Australia and continues to perform well both environmentally and commercially. They have the balance right and the project should be approved.
Name Withheld
CONDOBOLIN , New South Wales
What a fantastic opportunity for the local region! This will be huge to keep young people in the area to develop highly specialised skills and attract new professionals to the region. Let's hope they mine underground for 30+ years.
Name Withheld
LEUMEAH , New South Wales
Great for the local region.
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
BCD advice attached
Crown Lands
Crown Lands has the following comments for this proposal:-

- Recommended that Evolution Mining (Cowal) Pty Ltd make application for Landowners consent to Crown Lands for any works on Crown Land due to the underground development (SSD-10367).

For mining operations involving Crown land or Crown Roads, the following requirements apply:
- All Crown land and Crown roads within a Mining Lease (with surface rights), subject to mining or mining related activity, must be subject to a Compensation Agreement issued under Section 265 of the Mining Act 1992, to be agreed and executed prior to any mining activity taking place. The Compensation Agreement may include conditions requiring the Mining Lease Holder to purchase Crown land impacted on by mining activity.
- All Crown land and Crown roads located within an Exploration Licence, subject to exploration activity, must be subject to an Access Arrangement issued under Section 141 of the Mining Act 1992, to be agreed and executed prior to any exploration activity taking place.
- All Crown Land and Crown Roads within a Mining Lease (with sub-surface rights only) must be subject to a Section 81 Consent under the Mining Act 1992 where surface activities are proposed, to be agreed and executed prior to any surface activity taking place.
Name Withheld
WEST WYALONG , New South Wales
Such an addition to Cowal's operations provides not only career opportunities and longevity with an extension to life of mine, it benefits individuals, families and the wider community. Cowal brings people to our town, which benefits our local businesses. They also provides assistance to our sporting and community groups.
A great opportunity to further our already promising future for what once was almost a ghost town.
Michelle Martin
Wyalong , New South Wales
I support the CGO underground development as it brings many benefits to the community , in the local economy, environmentally, socially, always conducted in a responsible manner with supporting benefits to every part of Bland Shire, Tafe. Benefits to villages/schools/traders/skilled workers/apprentices/tourists, and more. The business is conducted in an unobtrusive fashion in accordance with many many external and internal controls, a very professional business enterprise. Also CGO is of state significance as well as national. I can state that neighbours indicate they are similarly impressed and pleased with benefits of having such a major business as CGO providing stability and a prosperous future for the people of Bland shire ... I wholeheartedly support the CGO Underground Development ... yours sincerely Michelle Martin
Please see attached advice. Thanks
DPI Agriculture
DUBBO , New South Wales
Good Evening
Thank you for referring this to the Department of Primary Industries (Agriculture).
We have no comment on this proposal.
Thank you
DPI Fisheries
See attachement
Forbes Shire Council
FORBES , New South Wales
Please see attached documentation.
Heritage NSW – Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH)
QUEANBEYAN , New South Wales
Dear Philip,
Thank you for allowing Heritage NSW an extension to provide our comments on this EIS.
Senior Team Leader, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Regulation - South
refer to response letter attached previously
Lachlan Shire Council
CONDOBOLIN , New South Wales
See attached.


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