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State Significant Development


Capital Wind Farm

Goulburn Mulwaree, Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination


Application (2)

Capital Wind Farm Noise Compliance Review.pdf
Project Application.pdf

DGRs (1)

Director-General's Requirements.pdf

EA (111)

CWF EA V1 Chapter 13.0 Greenhouse issues.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 7.0 Flora Fauna issues.pdf
CWF EA V1 03 Abbreviations.pdf
Fig-9.1 traffic access.pdf
Appendix I B Photos T&T Report.pdf
Environmental Management Plan - Draft.pdf
Appendix J Telecomms Rpt Oct 05.pdf
Appendix I A Traffic Report Nov 05.pdf
Fig-4 project access tracks.pdf
Fig-3 goulburn city route.pdf
Fig-11.3- canberra tv interference.pdf
Fig-2 traffic access.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 11.0 Telecoms Interference.pdf
Fig-1 location.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 3.0 Project Description.pdf
Appendix H1 Noise Monitor Rpt Apr 05.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 17.0 References.pdf
Appendix G2 Bat Survey Jun 05.pdf
CWF Bat Desktop Study Final.pdf
Fig 1_locality map.pdf
Appendix F1 D Appdx 7 Taylors Creek Bird List.pdf
Appendix F1 C Appendix 6 Photos.pdf
Appendix F1 B Appendices 1 - 5 Mar 05.pdf
Appendix F1 A Flora and Fauna Text Mar 05.pdf
Appendix H2_ Noise Impact Assessment Report.pdf
fig 8_kalbilli_cockatoo.pdf
Fig-10.2 -noise level contours.pdf
fig 7 birds of prey.pdf
Fig-8.1 survey units.pdf
fig 6_groses hill.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 9.0 Traffic issues.pdf
fig 5_ellenden veg.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 5.0 Existing Environment.pdf
fig 4_hammonds hill.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 1.0 Introduction.pdf
fig 3_kalbilli_veg.pdf
CWF EA V1 01 Executive Summary.pdf
fig 2 turbine schematic.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 15.0 Statement of Committments.pdf
Appendix E1 & E2 Heritage Assessment Dec 05.pdf
Appendix D Shadow Flicker.pdf
Fig Appendix1 sun chart.pdf
Fig-6 shadow flicker zone.pdf
Fig-5- blade shadow.pdf
Fig 9 Turbine 49 viewfield.pdf
Fig 8 visual catchment hammonds hill.pdf
Fig 7 visual catchment ellenden.pdf
Fig 6 visual catchment groses hill.pdf
Fig 5 visual catchment.pdf
FIG-3 turbine schematic.pdf
Fig-2-project layout.pdf
Fig-1 locality.pdf
Appendix C Visual assessment Dec 05.pdf
EA1 Volume1 Main Cover Feb 06.pdf
montage 9-10.pdf
Fig-11.1- fixed radio links.pdf
montage 7-8.pdf
Fig-10.1-noise monitoring.pdf
montage 5-6.pdf
Fig-8.2 PADS.pdf
montage 3-4.pdf
Fig-7.1 endangered communities.pdf
montage 1-2.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 10.0 Noise issues.pdf
B3 Tarago Times Open Day Ad.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 8.0 Heritage.pdf
B1 CWF Project Community Brochure March 2005.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 6.0 Visual Issues.pdf
B0 Appendix B Contents List.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 4.0 Planning Context.pdf
B7 DoP Clarification of Scope letter 31 Oct 05.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 2.0 Alternatives.pdf
B6 email from AAAA 9 Dec 05.pdf
CWF EA V1 04 Glossary.pdf
B5 Letter to Aerial Ag Association.pdf
CWF EA V1 02 EA Certification.pdf
B4 AirServices email.pdf
CWF EA V1 00 Contents listing.pdf
Appendix A1 CWF DGRs for EIS.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 16.0 Project Justification.pdf
Appendix A4 Letter re DoP accreditation of DGRs.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 14.0 Cumulative impacts.pdf
EA Volume 2 Appendices cover Feb 2006.pdf
CWF EA V1 Chapter 12.0 Safety aspects.pdf
CWF EA Volume 2 Contents List Feb 2006.pdf
Environmental Assessment Exhibition Information.pdf
Fig-6.2 montages 4 & 5.pdf
Fig-6.1 viewfield.pdf
Fig-5.7 Drainage.pdf
Fig-5.6 Slope map.pdf
Fig-5.5 soils.pdf
Fig-5.4 geology.pdf
Fig-5.3 Wind Energy Map.pdf
Fig-5.2 wind data.pdf
Fig-5.1 General Topography.pdf
Fig-3.4- turbine construction.pdf
Fig-3.3 construct site office.pdf
FIG-3.2 substation layout.pdf
Fig-3.1 schem electrical cables.pdf
Fig-1.8 approval process.pdf
Fig-1.7 lga boundaries.pdf
Fig-1.5 Properties.pdf
Fig-1.4-project layout.pdf
Fig-1.3 turbine schematic.pdf
FIG-1.2 locality.pdf
Fig-1.1 location.pdf
EA2 Figure ES2 air photo & layout.pdf
EA2 Figure ES1-project layout.pdf
EA1 Volume 2 Appendices cover Feb 2006.pdf
Appendix H2_ Noise Impact Assessment Report_ Figure ...

Response to Submissions (7)

Submissions Report_Canberra Ornithologists issues.pdf
Submissions Report_Public issues.pdf
Submissions Report_Goulburn Mulwaree Council issues.pdf
Submissions Report_DEC issues.pdf
Submissions Report_Palerang Council issues.pdf
Preferred Project Report.pdf
Submissions Report_CASA issues.pdf

Determination (3)

Consolidated Approval (Mods 1-5).pdf
Director-General's Assessment Report.pdf
Project Approval.pdf

Approved Documents

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Project Details

Application Number
Assessment Type
State Significant Development
Development Type
Electricity Generation - Wind
Local Government Areas
Goulburn Mulwaree, Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional
Determination Date
Last Modified By
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Contact Planner

Neville Osborne