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State Significant Development


Budawang School for Specific Purposes

Shoalhaven City

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Construction and operation of the Budawang School for Specific Purposes

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Second refferal response - SSD8845345
20210818 TfNSW response
EPA Response to RTS for Budawang School
HNSW ACH - SSD-8845345 Budawang School RTS
SSD 8845345 - RTS HC 23Aug2021

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AUTH - 220427 - Budawang SSP - SSDA B10

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Independent Environmental Audit Report v3
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Budawang B4 Cover Letter
AUTH - 220811 - Budawang SSP SSDA - A19c
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Richard Carpenter
CROOBYAR , New South Wales
Hi To Whom it may concern.
I would like to see the rest of the development which is planned for the site as the development application is clearly on and with in the DOE grounds.
I do not know another project that council or another governing body has past unless there is a complete site plan with all of the future builds drawn and along with diagrams for volume of sewer needed, the amount of power which the whole site will need, along with the traffic management plans for all future traffic.The traffic plan as is does not take into account the high volume of kids which will be coming out onto the road area to catch buses, there isn't a bus plus off area completely indpended of the main road.also where the busses will be parking it will impact on the vision of cars exiting the site. none of this has been addressed.

I agree that the Budawang school needs a place to go and so do ALL THE OTHER KIDS IN THE AREA. We need to see a complete future proposal for this site or this half cocked project needs to be stopped as we do not know what is going to be planned for the rest of the site.

The DOE have said the site will be for a future school so we need to see it on the plans.
It Seems as though the Government work with one set of rules and we have to work with another.
This Project is clearly Stage 1 of a development on a site which is owned by the DOE. We need to see the other stages and what impact they have on the community.
Melanie Doyle
TERMEIL , New South Wales
I am concerned that the application for the development of the Budawang School does not consider the whole site. Stage 1 of the site is for the Budawang School which will have less than 100 staff and students, whereas stage 2 is designate for local educational needs and the expansion of local schools. Final details have stalled but it is clear that the large majority of the site will facilitate many students in the future. This could be up to 600+ students. Consequently the entry for stage 2 and its associated traffic, needs to be considered when designing the traffic management of stage 1.
Name Withheld
WOODSTOCK , New South Wales
I think that this site should also be used for a new hospital which is desperately needed, especially as the existing emergency heliport is situated next door.
Christopher Ebbeck
TERMEIL , New South Wales
Not enough is being done to manage the overcrowding of the public school system in the Ulladulla region. There is a major overcrowding problem at both primary and public schools in Ulladulla and Milton and this proposal will not fix this issue. Please review a and make changes that will help our communities prosper in the future.
Endeavour Energy
HUNTINGWOOD , New South Wales
Please refer to the attachment.
Marg Smith
ULLADULLA , New South Wales
Budawang School for Specific Purposes and Milton Middle School, require upgrade of roadway and crossings to ensure our children can be safely dropped off and picked up from school, by means of private cars along with Public Buses and buses for Special Needs Students. Crossings allowing for adequate safe crossings f o r children in wheelchairs etc. This multi use crossing, and roadway needs to very well sign posted, and safe bus stop, f o r buses only areas for children needs to have it's own separate bay, f or safety, along with safety area for children to wait for each bus to ensure our special needs children are well cared for. Foot paths and centre road fencing to discourage middle school children from crossing anywhere, except at designated crossing areas only. Also stops others doing U-turns, Safety must be of utmost importance. 400-800 middle school children must be considered when road upgrades etc are undertaken. School Crossing MUST BE high profile for traffic in the vicinity, to allow time to slow and keep children safe.
Noni Price
MILTON , New South Wales
To the planning officials,

I would like to express my concerns regarding the site of Budawang School at Milton.
When the site was purchased, amid much fanfare, it was promoted as being the saviour for the current overcrowding issue at Ulladulla High School. Since then, any planning work has promoted Budawang, not Ulladulla High School. I fully support Budawang School moving to this site, but the community needs to have an action plan for Ulladulla High School to be added at this early stage; so that the proposal includes both schools.

I would like to see that Ulladulla High School needs are added back into the proposal, with the whole site be regarded as one project: with a Stage 1 - Budawang and Stage 2- UHS Milton Campus in all future planning. We need to be prepared for the big picture from the very start and I am concerned that this is not happening at the moment.

I have had 3 sons attend UHS, and now I have grandchildren approaching high school years, and overcrowding has been an issue for the last 30 years or more. And it is not going to change, as the feeder primary schools are increasing in size. Milton Public School had to increase to 6 Kinder classes this year to cater for the numbers. The school numbers are increasing in the primary schools, not decreasing. Anecdotally, I am seeing many young adults returning to the district to bring up their own families, and the building boom in town supports this. And as such, the current high school situation is not going to decrease in numbers, only increase.

Because of the huge overcrowding issues in both Ulladulla and Milton Primary Schools, I believe it is necessary for the consideration of the overcrowding of all schools that the Milton Campus be developed as a middle school. The proposal to opening its doors to years 5 to 8 will take the pressure off all the schools.

At present the consideration for the former SAS site is only showing consideration for Budawang, with no mention of the proposed High School extension. The High School extension needs to be included at every stage of the development application. One part of the proposal for the UHS Milton Campus must meet the requirements of the pedestrian and vehicle access, so the driveway that is combined with the Budawang School is designed safely and effectively for the possible needs of the UHS Milton Campus, which for years 5 to 8 could be 800 students and teachers. This is what this site was also purchased for.

We need to make sure that future planning assessment, and any such developments would need to consider the impacts of the increased cumulative school capacity proposed and include appropriate access, parking and drop-off / pick-up arrangements for 2 campuses- both Budawang and Ulladulla High School.

The RMS as well as the Education Department and local council bodies need to work together on this planning, so we do it right from the start. All school children in the Milton Ulladulla area are important, and we need to ensure their safety from Day 1 of the new site being opened.

I thank you for your consideration of my concerns, as well as the concerns of the Ulladulla schools community.

Yours sincerely,

Noni Price
Moo Dath
ULLADULLA , New South Wales
I want the site to be used as stated for purpose for Budawang but also want the planned UHS design to be finalised before building starts. This is so important to right the first time and also imperative to begin the process as soon as possible as all our school are overflowing.
Janice Gregory
NARRAWALLEE , New South Wales
I support the plans for Budawang School, Croobyar Rd Milton.
Traffic comments: The decision re bus movements should be considered not only on potential 80 Budawang pupils but on possibly several hundred using the site when a decision is made re other school site use. A bus should be able to drive in the gates and go to a turning bay to set down Budawang pupils. Time could be needed to assist students from the bus. There should also be allowance made to drive further into the site to set down other future students. Merely having a bay on Croobyar Rd and having students walk through the Budawang area, I believe is insufficient safety.

Hydrotherapy Pool: As it has been mentioned that this will be available to the public, will there be access to this directly from Croobyar Rd? Supervision of the pool needs clarification.

Building: It appears some existing buildings will be demolished. Any reusable equipment in those buildings eg desks, bookshelves, boards, books should be place in another building, not thrown out.

Trees: Trees look great on the diagrams but I realise it will be some years before the trees will reach this shade height.

While I support the project for Budawang School as being an urgent, necessary improvement for our education system, I also support discussions with Ulladulla High School as possible use of the site for years 7 and 8. The land in Garside Rd should be utilised as planned many years ago for a primary school for those in Narrawallee, Mollymook and Mollymook Beach. Last Census, 2016, showed 189 children in 0 - 4 group. This year, they will be in 5 - 9 group. The use of that land for a small school would save buses and parents driving to Milton and Ulladulla where both schools are stretched.
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
Hi Caleb
Please see comments attached.
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
see attached letter. Further referrals to the Heritage Council not needed.
Name Withheld
ULLADULLA , New South Wales
The remainder of the school should be used as a University campus to reduce loosing our school leavers. Giving them local options and attracting University students to our area.
Having degrees in Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and Physio therapy etc would allow the University students to utilise Budawang for practical work.
This would also draw families to the area. It would bring more, much needed, therapists to the region.

Budawang students and staff, as well as all special education departments in our region and families, would benefit from access to student therapists.

Put and keep this site as a centre of excellence for special needs education and educators.

Along with solar power install or allow for cutting edge interactive technology abilities to future proof the needs and growth of the diversity of abilities we continue to see.
Ulladull High School P&C
BURRILL LAKE , New South Wales
The UHS Parents and Citizen's Association (P&C) supports the development of Budawang School at Croobyar Rd or another locally owned DET site as a matter of urgency. We consider that the front portion of Croobyar Rd or land at Garside Rd would be equally suitable venues for the Budawang School.

HOWEVER: UHS parents strenuously disagree with the shelving of the remainder of the educational precinct project that should see the balance of the Croobyar Rd site developed immediately for the benefit of the some 1200 high school students in the immediate area.

Current President of the UHS P&C Matt Knight and current Vice President Mel Doyle were involved in the public advocacy that led to Minister for Education Rob Stokes announcing the purchase of the site. This was in response to overcrowding in local public primary and high schools.

Ms Doyle and Mr Knight attended the early consultation meetings held at UHS since the purchase. Those meetings were held with the stated intention of forming an action plan for the development of Croobyar Rd as an education precinct that would meet the needs of the entire community and address overcrowding.

When the goal posts were moved and the project became Budawang specific Mel and Matt repeatedly raised these concerns inside the consultation process including the Project Reference Group. 

They were then removed from the PRG so it could continue on its Budawang specific brief.

The UHS parents are connected to over 1200 local young people. We represent the diverse community of the Southern Shoalhaven and are responsible for the vibrancy of the economy, including the delivery of aged care, health, tourism, construction, education, law enforcement, local government, and all the other sectors that make the south coast what it is today.

As parents we expect inclusive educational excellence for the young people of our region. All of them, not a select few, no matter how deserving.

To have the bulk of such a suitable pre built educational facility lying dormant is completely unacceptable given our very high aspirations for our children, whether in mainstream secondary studies, trade skills, or further tertiary academic endeavours.

We object to the shifting priorities, the dishonest consultation process, and being locked out of a wonderful facility when we should be given access to participate in the site’s suitable development as a thriving education precinct.

The P&C is particularly concerned at the poor traffic analysis for the site.

We share RMS concerns that the modelling is being run on the small student and staff volumes associated with Budawang alone, which will see an inadequate driveway and parking arrangement that effectively prevents further development at the rear of the site.

We expect the Site Plan to adequately factor in imminent development of the entire site for much larger student volumes so that it is not bottlenecked for decades to come.

We call for DET to provide RMS with adequate traffic models for the site reflecting it’s future as an education precinct including potential use as a secondary and tertiary facility for up to 1000 students plus the relevant staff numbers, or at the very least up to around 600 which was what the site previously housed during its peak as an independent school.

This precinct can and should be able to serve the needs of Budawang, at the same time as our secondary students and creating a centre for educational excellence that benefits the entire region.

A decision to do anything less with this site fails to understand the rapidly changing demographic needs of the south coast, and is more than a lost opportunity, it is cynical cost cutting and it lacks vision.

As stated we do not object to Budawang’s need for suitable premises.

The UHS P&C objects to the “divide and conquer” tactics that have been engaged in by the DET. We object to being shut out of the consultation process for site development and we object to being told there is no business or use case for the site for our region’s secondary students.

We will continue to fight for this issue. We believe the spotlight is on the south coast at this moment in history. We want to become a regional centre for excellence and we want DET to take immediate steps to prepare the Croobyar Rd site as an education precinct. The site clearly requires wholistic planning to achieve this.
gabrielle curry
LITTLE FOREST , New South Wales
An upgraded Budawang school is well overdue and much needed. As the existing site is a rented site, building a new school on DET will be very cost effective in the long term and economically responsible.
The Old SAS site was originally purchased to cope with growing needs of all public schools in the area. The proposed development must NOT preclude further development of the site for a school of 400 - 700 students. Please consider the pick up and drop off bay and staff parking, if a school of this size (440-700 students) also used the site - this must be considered. If a new school cannot be accommodated on the existing plans, I believe that this new school should be built on the Garside road DET site.
Although planning has indicated that all public schools in the area are fit for purpose, UHS has 8 demountables, the last 2 being placed on the school oval. The schools are full because of the growth of Special Education classes, which are not factored into your formula for assessing school infrastructure. Ulladulla High has 11 Special Education classes - it is not because of the closure of the private school, who for many years had very few students and closed around 2016. UHS has limited space, a hall that only fits half the school, no storage areas (shipping containers being used), an agriculture site that is so crowded it nearly breaches animal welfare, no ability to develop Hospitality facilities (the growth industry in town), little room for a Robotics course ( as we are national leaders) . The SAS site was a trade training college, prior to its closure, and has the bones to offer subjects that UHS will never be able to offer. Itis close to the showground for Primary Industries and close to Aged care and preschools.
I like the idea of the new Budawang having a pool, however, former staff have said that their visits to the local leisure centre are a great excursion and meant that students got out their familiar environment. Staff were worried that the students would be restricted to being at the site all the time.
Please ensure the reminder of the site is considered for the long term future of public education.
I am a teacher of 32 years at Ulladulla High School and I know that the existing site no longer fit for purpose.
Boral Resources (Country) Pty Ltd
North Ryde , New South Wales
The proposal may need to consider potential operational landuse conflict associated with Boral's nearby concrete batching plant operations.
Cathy Stewart
MILTON , New South Wales
While I welcome BSSP to Milton, I object to elements of the proposed school, as detailed in my attached submission.
Name Withheld
TOMERONG , New South Wales
My objection to this development is based on an inadequate and misleading social impact assessment.

On page 136 of the Environmental Impact Statement, under 'Health and Wellbeing', Mecone claim that "The proposal will provide a fit for purpose school which will provide improved resources to achieve optimal learning outcomes and mitigate safety and wellbeing risks". There are a number of issues with this statement:

1. There is overwhelming evidence that optimal learning outcomes are achieved in mainstream inclusive education settings rather than segregated settings. This is true for both students with and without a disability. See, for example, "Towards inclusive education: A necessary process of transformation", an evidence review by Dr Kathy Cologon from Macquarie University that provides an extensive systematic literature review of inclusive education . It examines evidence across six decades and incorporates more than 400 research papers, relevant treaties and reports. Key findings include:
- There is no evidence base to support segregated education in any form, including in special schools, units or classrooms.
- There is no child or young person too complex or ‘disabled’ to be included in general ‘mainstream’ education settings.
- The research shows the benefits of inclusion in ‘mainstream’ education for students with disability, including:
- better academic and vocational outcomes than their peers in non-inclusive settings
- greater social interaction, resulting in more opportunities to establish and maintain friendships
- increased independent communication and speech and language development, in turn supporting greater inclusion and active participation
- a sense of belonging and a self-concept of not just being a receiver of help but also a giver of help
- access to a broader range of play and learning activities, which can stimulate physical development and enhance children’s experiences
- Inclusive education also benefits students without disability, teachers and educators, and the wider community.
2. Segregated education, which is what the proposed Budawang School for Specific Purposes will provide, is a breach of Australia’s international human rights obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD). Article 24 of this convention talks about the "full inclusion" of people with disability and states that parties to the treaty "shall ensure an inclusive education system at all levels" and that "persons with disabilities are not excluded from the general education system on the basis of disability". Budawang SSP will do exactly that. People with disability have a right to equal access to education and to an inclusive education. Building segregated educational settings in no way promotes, protects or respects this right.
3. The right of children with disability to attend their local government schools is a right protected by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. The protection and realisation of this right is severely hampered when funding is directed towards segregated settings rather than to providing the same levels of support within mainstream educational settings. It also makes it harder for the parent of a child with a disability to advocate for their son or daughter to attend the local mainstream school due to the increased pressure from educational authorities to attend a segregated setting.
4. The Disability Standards for Education (2005) established under the DDA Act and which the NSW Department of Education purport to support state that Australian students with disability should enjoy the same opportunities and choices in their education as students without disability.
5. In regards to risks to the safety and wellbeing of children with a disability, again the evidence from years of government inquiries, royal commissions, research reports and media articles overwhelmingly conclude that segregated institutional settings are not safe for people with a disability. There is a higher risk of violence, abuse and neglect to occur in segregated settings.

It is clear that Mecone's statement is not based on any evidence and displays an embarrassing lack of knowledge on issues related to people with a disability. The evidence actually points to the opposite being true.

The development of Budawang SSP should not be allowed to proceed due to the negative social impacts the development of this segregated educational setting will have on children with a disability in the southern Shoalhaven for years to come. Instead, the funding should be repurposed to provide the same level of support within local mainstream schools as well as increased training for teachers on inclusive educational practices.

Thank you.
Heritage NSW – Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH)
QUEANBEYAN , New South Wales
Heritage NSW comments on Aboriginal cultural heritage matters attached.
Shoalhaven City Council
Nowra , New South Wales
Refer attached submission
Transport for NSW
Wollongong , New South Wales
Please find attached the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) response in relation to State Significant Development 8845345.




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