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Draft Far West Regional Plan 2041

Exhibition is closed and the draft plan is now under consideration.

The public exhibition for the draft Far West Regional Plan 2041 is now closed.  

The draft plan was on exhibition from 6 October 2022 to 21 November 2022.

The exhibition was a key part of the draft plan’s first 5-yearly review to reset priorities and extend the plan’s reach to 2041. 

The Department thanks everyone who took the time and effort to participate in an online information session and provided feedback on the plan and the Far West region.

The draft plan is the 20-year strategic blueprint to guide and support communities in the Far West Region as they adapt to meet future challenges.

The plan will ensure the ongoing liveability and sustainability of local communities. It will help the region become more prosperous and plan for housing, jobs, infrastructure, a healthy environment and connected communities.

The first Far West Regional Plan – which looked forward to 2036– was released in 2017. The Department of Planning and Environment reviews and updates regional plans every 5 years to make sure they are relevant for the next 20 years. 

We have consulted with councils, agencies, and other stakeholders over the past 12 months to build on the first plan and extend it to 2041.

A prosperous, vibrant future for the Far West

The Far West is NSW’s largest region and one of the most geographically and environmentally diverse. The next 20 years will be an exciting period of change.

The draft plan’s 20-year vision is that the region’s communities will be able to adapt to change, supported by a diverse economy, the right infrastructure and an exceptional natural environment.

Key parts of the plan are helping local councils to deliver the planning system and local Aboriginal land councils achieve their aspirations for their land.

The draft plan supports the region’s natural environment. The draft plan aims to protect and harness it to support ongoing prosperity and to improve communities’ ability to adapt to a changing climate and withstand and recover from natural hazards.

As the future of energy is renewable, the draft plan supports NSW’s transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

The Department will now closely consider how the submissions and feedback will be incorporated into the final plan.

More Information

Download the draft Far West Regional Plan 2041 below.

For more information, contact the regional plan team:
Western Region, Department of Planning and Environment, PO Box 58, DUBBO NSW 2830



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