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Development Assessment

Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner Scheme

The REAP Scheme provides environmental assessment quality assurance for State significant projects.


The Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (REAP) Scheme is part of the Rapid Assessment Framework, a suite of system improvements designed to increase the efficiency and quality of major project assessments.

The REAP Scheme provides environmental assessment quality assurance for State significant projects and supports informed and appropriate decision making during the assessment process.

The Scheme introduces new quality assurance measures that ensure registered practitioners are involved in the preparation and finalisation of environmental impact statements (EIS) submitted to the Department.

What is a REAP?

A REAP is a suitably skilled, qualified and experienced practitioner who has been registered or certified under an accredited REAP scheme.

The professional schemes that are currently identified as accredited Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner Schemes are administered by:

Practitioners wishing to become a REAP should contact or visit the websites of these organisations to apply.

REAP declaration requirements

REAPs will be required to make a declaration that an EIS submitted with a State significant project meets certain standards in relation to compliance, completeness, accuracy and legibility.

The declaration requirements are set out in the EP&A Regulation and the Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner Guidelines.

The guidelines also provide information on the overall REAP Scheme, the role of REAPs in the EIS process, the accreditation framework, and the criteria for REAP schemes and REAPs.

Although practitioners can currently apply to be registered or certified as a REAP, the regulatory provisions relating to declarations will not commence until 1 July 2022. This will allow time for a sufficient number of practitioners to become REAPs prior to these requirements commencing.

Additional information

For more information, including commencement dates and transitional arrangements, please refer to the planning circular (PS 21-005) and frequently asked questions.

For organisations that wish to apply for accreditation of a professional scheme as a REAP scheme, please email the project team directly at [email protected]