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209 COPE STREET WATERLOO 2017 NSW Land and Housing Corporation Planning Agreement

Council Of The City Of Sydney

The objective of the Planning Agreement is to secure public benefits in connection with the Planning Proposal for the Land and the redevelopment of the Subject Land in Waterloo South. The parties to the Planning Agreement are New South Wales Land and Housing Corporation, Minister administering the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Council of the City of Sydney. The Planning Agreement will require the following public benefits to be provided: • Land dedications for new road reserves and embellishment works for those road reserves • Embellishment of existing road reserves; • Land dedication and embellishment of approximately 23,600sqm for public open space • Land dedication and embellishment for approximately 2,400sqm of community facilities.

Notified Documents (2)

Explanatory Note
Attachment C- Explanatory Note - Draft Waterloo South Planning Agreement
VPA Applicant signed
Attachment B - Signed Draft VPA - 23.01.23 - Waterloo South

Executed VPA & Other Documents (2)

Executed - Side Deed - Deed of Accession Waterloo Estate Sth
VPA Executed
Executed_Planning agreement - Waterloo Estate South

Project Details

SVPA reference number
Executed date
Developer name
NSW Land and Housing Corporation
Notification start-end date
Notification Location
At any Service NSW centre. To find the centre nearest to you visit the website at Service NSW . Alternatively, you can call 13 77 88.