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Applicant Resources

How-to or quick reference guides and other resources designed to assist applicants and developers using the NSW Planning Portal.

To help applicants and developers to use the NSW Planning Portal we have compiled a comprehensive collection of resources – including Quick Reference Guides, fact sheets, useful links, and more.

We have prepared quick reference guides to help first-time users and those wishing to gain access to the NSW Planning Portal.

If you have yet to register for an account, or are having problems with registering, then this quick reference guide will help you through the process.

QRG: Registering for the NSW Planning Portal

If you already have a Planning Portal account but need guidance on how to navigate the Portal’s dashboard, then this guide will provide the guidance you need.

QRG: Navigating the NSW Planning Portal Dashboard

Additional information can be requested by your council on the NSW Planning Portal application prior to the application being lodged or at any time during the assessment. View the guide on how to provide additional information to support your application.

QRG: Providing Additional Information

Frequently asked questions about using the NSW Planning Portal are answered on our FAQ page.

Our Applicant services

Organised by service type or topic, these quick reference guides (QRGs), fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) should provide suitable guidance for all applicants.

10.7 Certificates

In council areas where the online 10.7 Planning Certificate Service is available, applicants and councils can work together on requests for 10.7 Planning Certificates through shared digital dashboards.

QRG: Using the Online 10.7 Planning Certificate service 

Cladding Register

The buildings registered on the Cladding Register are not publicly available and, as such, we are unable to advise you if a particular property has been registered.

If you are the owner of the property and you have not completed a registration, please do so. If you are one of the owners of the building, please speak to your Strata Manager or Body Corporate to confirm if a registration has been submitted.

Please view the Cladding Regulation Online Registration System website for additional frequently asked questions.

Complying Development Certificates (CDC)

It’s always best to check with your individual council before you begin a Complying Development certificate application for its requirements.

QRG: Submitting a Complying Development Certificate Application

FAQs: Complying Development Certificates

Concurrence and Referrals

This online service is part of a digital-first planning environment that simplifies and fast tracks the approval process for development applications.

QRG: Online Payments for Concurrence and Referrals

FAQs: Concurrence and Referrals

Construction certificates

In many council areas, you can apply online for a Construction Certificate via the NSW Planning Portal when lodging a development application. Here are some useful resources to help you through the process.

QRG: Submitting an Application for a Construction Certificate

QRG: Submitting a Construction Certificate from an Online DA submission

Development Applications (DAs)

A development application is one of the most frequently used services by applicants on the NSW Planning Portal. Here are some useful quick reference guides (QRG) and resources to help you with your application.

QRG: Submitting a Development Application online

QRG: Deferring Commencement of a Development Application Online

QRG: Withdrawing a Development Application

FAQs: Development Applications

Occupation Certificates (OCs)

The issue of the final OC is the last step in the formal DA and construction process (though there could be ongoing ‘operational’ conditions such as maintaining appropriate noise levels or landscape maintenance).

QRG: Submitting an Application for an Occupation Certificate

Planning Proposals

A planning proposal document can be prepared by a council, a landowner or developer seeking to change the planning controls relating to a particular site, area, locality or local government area, or by a third party on behalf of a landowner or council.

QRG: Submitting a Planning Proposal

QRG: Initiating a Rezoning Review

Principal Certifiers

You can apply for a principal certifier appointment via the NSW Planning Portal using two different methods. Applicants can apply via a stand-alone application (consent application is outside of the Portal) or via an online development (DA) or online complying development certificate (CDC) application.

QRG: Submitting an Application to Appoint a Principal Certifier

Roads Act (Sections 125 and 138)

You can now submit a Section 125 or Section 138 application online, for certain councils, anywhere and anytime with our online services.

QRG: Submitting an Application under Section 125 of the Roads Act

QRG: Submitting an Application under Section 138 of the Roads Act

Section 68 

In some council areas, it’s possible to submit an application under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 online.

QRG: Submitting an Application under Section 68 of the Local Government Act

SEPP applications

Smart Places Acceleration Program

Proposals for the Smart Places Acceleration Program can be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal using the new online form.

QRG: Submitting an Application for the Smart Places Acceleration Program

Spatial Viewer

The ePlanning Spatial Viewer is an enhanced digital mapping service that provides easy-to-use, information-rich maps for every address and lot in NSW.

QRG: Using and navigating the ePlanning Spatial Viewer 

FAQs: ePlanning Spatial Viewer

Special Infrastructure Contributions (SIC)

Subdivision and Subdivision Works Certificates

If these services are not yet available in your local government area, you can apply directly to your local council or search for an accredited certifier on the Building Professionals Board’s Register.

QRG: Applying for a Subdivision Certificate

QRG: Applying for a Subdivision Works Certificate 

Tree Permits

You can request to have a tree pruned, replaced or removed on a private property by submitting a Private Tree Permit application on the NSW Planning Portal.

QRG: Applying for a Private Tree Permit

Developer Resources 

The following resources are designed to help developers to use the NSW Planning Portal. 

Administrator Management

If you are an administrator for your organisation and you are looking to improve the workflow within an organisation or add users to certain workgroups, then we have compiled a collection of guides to help you with these processes.

QRG: Adding and Managing an Organisation’s Users

QRG: Adding a Service to a Workgroup

QRG: Adding an Administrator to an Organisation

QRG: Adding Users to a Service in a Workgroup

QRG: Updating and Editing Organisation Address Details

Strata Building Bond lodgement

Before you lodge the building bond you will need to provide some basic information about your project, including the related determined approval and construction certificate, and contact information for the developer and builder. We recommend that you have this information on hand when completing your application.

We have compiled a series of quick reference guides to help you with this process, these can be found on our Strata Building Bond lodgement page.

Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA)

A new statewide regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation (STRA) has been introduced and we have compiled quick reference guides to help registrants navigate the new STRA register.

Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) property registration

The new STRA framework allows Registrants to register their property and make their registration fee payment via the NSW Planning Portal.

QRG: Registering a Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Property

De-registering your Short Term Rental Accommodation property 

Registrants can manage their properties via the STRA Listings area - this includes de-registering your property.

QRG: De-Registering a Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Property

Managing your Short Term Rental Accommodation listing

The STRA Listings area allows Registrants to manage their STRA property details including the registration status and property details.

QRG: Managing Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Listings

Managing your Short Term Rental Accommodation bookings 

Registrants can enter the bookings for their STRA properties via the STRA Listings area in the NSW Planning.

QRG: Managing Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Bookings

Further assistance

If you require assistance using the Planning Portal, and you were unable to find the answer on these pages, please contact ServiceNSW for assistance.

Call 1300 305 695 or email [email protected].