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Rezoning review


Planning Proposal - 143 Stoney Creek Road, Beverly Hills

Georges River

Documents (10)

Completed declaration form RR
RR-2022-26 Panel Declarations
DPE Briefing Report Package - RR-2022-26
Record of decision
RR-2022-26 Record of Decision FINAL
Contamination / remediation action plan
Appendix D - Detailed Site Investigation
Draft Development Control Plan
Draft GRDCP-2021-Part10.2-Precincts
Draft Planning Proposal
Planning Proposal - 143 Stoney Creek Road, Beverly Hills (amended July 2022)
Flood risk management report
Appendix B - Flood and risk impact assessment
Owner's consent
Cambridge Unit Developments Pty Ltd - Owners Consent
Traffic report
Appendix C - Traffic assessment
Urban design and built form assessment
Appendix A - Concept of a Residential Flat Development

Activity Details

Reference Number
Related Planning Proposal Reference number
Reason for request
Council has failed to indicate its support 90 days after the submission of a Planning proposal
Lodgement date
143 Stoney Creek Road Beverly Hills 2209