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Renovator's Checklist

APIs for ePlanning Digital Services

Online Development Application Service API

The Department has developed inbound and outbound APIs to facilitate the flow of DA data between the Online DA Service and a council's IT systems. It is up to individual councils to determine whether they require this API Integration.

The outbound API enables a council to receive the DA data entered by an applicant into the Online DA Service directly into their IT system in real-time. This eliminates the need for double entry of application details into the council IT system.

Councils can then progress the application in their own IT system (conduct completeness checks, request and receive additional information and provide a determination) as the inbound API transfers this data from council to the Online DA Service.

Please scroll down to access each API for the Online DA Service.

View the DA API Integration work flow

View the Online DA - API release notes and roadmap 
DA – API Release Notes

The following enhancements were made to the Online DA Service APIs:

Release Date                  


07 August 2020

Production release of the bugs raised by various vendors as part of the User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Click here for the list of fixed defects.

09 Oct 2020    

Bug Fix release. Click here for the list of fixed defects.

16 December 2020

Integration API December Maintenance Release Notes. Click here for a list of enhancements.

DA – API Roadmap

The following enhancements to the Online DA Service APIs will be made. Please note, these enhancements are subject to change.

Planned Release Date


September 2020

September Bug Fix release - outstanding high and medium non-breaking defects reported by vendors in the ePlanning JIRA system.