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Ballina LEP 2012 Integration of Certain Deferred Matters


The overarching objective of the planning proposal is to amend the Ballina LEP 2012 to incorporate certain land identified as Deferred Matter, in line with the Council resolution of 27 April 2017 and the Northern Council's E Zone Review Final Recommendations Report.
It is also proposed to amend clause 41(2) of the Ballina LEP 1987 to reduce the maximum period for which land can be used for a temporary use from 52 days to 14 days.

Documents (12)

Gateway Alteration document
Attachment B - Alteration of Gateway determination - letter to Council
Gateway Alteration document
Attachment A - Alteration of Gateway determination
Gateway determination
Gateway determination - IRD22 4030 Attachment B
Gateway determination report
Attachment Report - Gateway determination report
Gateway letter to council
letter to Council - IRD22 4031 - Attachment C
Affected land parcel details - Table 8 in Appendix 8 of Planning Proposal (to satisfy condition 1d of Gateway)
Appendix 7 of Planning Proposal - C ZoneDM Integration - Methodology Report (February 2023)
BSCPP 21004 - Letter to DPIE requesting Gateway determination
Deferred Matters Integration - Methodology Report (February 2022)
Planning Proposal for agency consultation
BSCPP 21004 - Conservation ZoneDM Integration - Planning Proposal (v3 Exhibition)
Planning Proposal for Gateway determination
BSCPP 21_004 - DM Integration - Planning Proposal (v2 Gateway)_PP-2022-456
Planning Proposal maps
Draft Land Zone Maps


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