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Concept DA that meets criteria under the State and Regional Development SEPP

Under assessment

mixed use

Sydney Central City Planning Panel

Concept development application for 21-27 storey mixed-use building incorporating retail, commercial, boarding house and shop-top housing uses. The concept development application seeks approval for building location, footprints and envelope; pedestrian links; pedestrian/vehicular entries; open space and landscaping. Future design competition and detailed development applications would subsequently be required for any works. The boarding house component and 50% of the shop-top housing floor space would be affordable rental housing pursuant to State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009. The application is to be determined by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

Project Details

DA number
Planning panel reference number
Capital investment value
Project Address
33 Marion Street Parramatta 2150,35 Marion Street Parramatta 2150,37 Marion Street Parramatta 2150,39 Marion Street Parramatta 2150,41 Marion Street Parramatta 2150,43 Marion Street Parramatta 2150
Lodgement date
Referral date
Local government
City of Parramatta Council
Type of matter