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Amendments to the EP&A Regulation 2000

13 August 2021

Development Applications

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations allows an applicant, at the discretion of the consent authority, to amend a development or modification application at any point up until the consent authority provides a determination of that application.

Applications that were NOT lodged on the NSW Planning Portal

For applications before the NSW Land and Environment Court, that were lodged before the NSW Planning Portal mandate commenced, you will need to complete the NSW Planning Portal form and upload your amended development or modification application to meet your court requirements. You will receive a notification from the NSW Planning Portal that your amended application has been received.

Complete the form to amend your application 

Applications that were lodged on the NSW Planning Portal

Amended plans may submitted to the consent authority using the ‘additional information’ request under the ‘actions’ tab in your live development or modification application case. You will be able to provide a detailed summary of the proposed amendment and upload the amended plans by selecting ‘other’ from the drop-down tab.

The consent authority will have the discretion to agree or not agree to the amendment to your application.

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