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State Significant Development


Weigall Sports Complex, Sydney Grammar School.

Woollahra Municipality

Current Status: Determination

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  8. Determination

A new Weigall sports complex for Sydney Grammar School comprising demolition of structures, construction of three-storey and single-storey building. Ancillary works involving landscaping, tree removal, kiosk substation, car parking and signage

Attachments & Resources

Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition - extended

Request for SEARs (3)

Revised SEARs request
Revised SEARs plans
SEARs Request -Appendix B - Woollahra LEP Maps

SEARs (1)

Issued revised SEARs

EIS (39)

Environmental Impact Statement by RUP
Appendix A SEARs (revised)
Appendix C Architectural Design Report by AJ+C
Appendix D Architectural Plans by AJ+C
Appendix E ERA by RUP
Appendix F Operational Managment Plan by SGS
Appendix G Indicative Usage Profile by SGS
Appendix Ha Traffic Impact Assessment by ptc
Appendix Hb Green Travel Plan by ptc
Appendix Hc Construct Traffic Plan by ptc 1
Appendix I ESD Report by Steensen Varming
Appendix J Heritage Assessment by Paul Davies
Appendix K Social Impact Assessment by CSA RUP
Appendix L ACHA by Ecological
Appendix M Noise Assessment by White Noise
Appendix N Lighting Report by Steensen Varming
Appendix Oa PSI by Douglas Partners
Appendix Ob DSI by JBS&G
Appendix Oc RAP by JBS&G
Appendix Od Hazardous Materials by JBS&G
Appendix P Electrical Report by S Varming
Appendix Q Civil Engineering by WSP
Appendix R Flood Report by Enstruct
Appendix S BDAR Waiver by Fraser
Appendix T OEH BDAR Waiver letter
Appendix Ua Construct_Demo WMPP by Waste Audit
Appendix Ub Operational WMP by Waste Audit
Appendix V Construction Mgt Plan by ADCO
Appendix W Planning Certificates
Appendix X Survey by Project Surveyors
Appendix Y Visual Impact Assessment by Urbis
Appendix Z Landscape Report by Aspect
Appendix AA Geotech Report by Douglas Partners
Appendix BB Structural Report by Enstruct
Appendix CC Access Report by Design Confidence
Appendix DD BCA Report by Design Confidence
Appendix EE AIA Tree Report by TreeiQ
Appendix FF Community Consultation by CSA

Response to Submissions (18)

RTS Appendix L - Response to Sydney Water
EIS Appendix Z - Landscape Plans by Aspect
EIS Appendix Qb - Civil Engineering Report by WSP
EIS Appendix Qa - Civil Engineering Plans by WSP
RTS Appendix M - Response to Hakoah submission
RTS Appendix K - Amended ACHA
RTS Appendix J - Advice on lighting
RTS Appendix I - Response to Traffic Submissions
RTS Appendix H - Amended ESD Report
RTS Appendix G - ASSMP
RTS Appendix F - Amended Operational Plan
RTS Appendix E - Addendum to Visual Impact Report
RTS Appendix D - Architectural Plans
RTS Appendix C - RTS Design Report
RTS Appendix B - RtS Table
RTS Appendix A - DPIE Request for RtS
Response to Submissions
Request RTS_21122020_073955

Additional Information (28)

RFI Request for Additional Information_19052021_021540
RFI Request for Additional Information_15072021_061817
RFI Request for Additional Information_29062021_042539
Attachment Survey_Issue A
RFI Views 8Sept2021
RFI Appendix H Traffic Advice by ptc
RFI Appendix J Construction Manage Plan by ADCO
RFI Appendix L Landscape by Aspect
RFI_2 Planning Response by RUP
RFI Appendix F Architectural Plans by AJ+C
RFI_2 Appendix E View Assessmant by Urbis
RFI Appendix B RTS Design Report by AJC
Planning Response to RFI by RUP
RFI Appendix E View Assessmant by Urbis
RFI Appendix K Signage Lighting by Steesen Varming
RFI Appendix I Acoustic by White Noise
RFI Operations Plan of Mangement 20 July 2021
RFI Appendix C Flood Response by enstruct
RFI Traffic and parking advice by ptc 28 July 2021
RFI Appendix G SGS WSC Operations Plan
RFI Planning Response by RUP 28 July 2021
RFI Appendix D Letter from Dr Malpass
RFI Mitigation Measures by RUP 28 July 2021
2 Design amendment diagrams
5 Urbis visual impact advice
3 Letter from Dr Malpass
4 RLA visual impact advice

Recommendation (2)

Weigall - draft conditions of consent
Assessment Report - Weigall

Determination (3)

Approved Plans
Weigall Sports Complex, Sydney Grammar School - Statement of Reasons
Weigall Sports Complex, Sydney Grammar School - Development Consent

Approved Documents

Other Documents (7)

Weigall - B1 Architectural Plans - FINAL
Approval of Design Amendments
Weigall - B1 Letter 31_3_2022
Weigall - B1 Landscape Report 31_3_2022
Weigall - B1 Landscape Plans 31_3_2022
Weigall - B1 Comparion Sheets 31_3_2022
Weigall - B1 Architectural Plans 31_3_2022

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Showing 1 - 20 of 102 submissions
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Thank you for requesting WaterNSW's comments on the EIS for the proposed Weigall Sports Complex (SSD 10421). Please note that as the subject site is not located in close proximity to any WaterNSW land or assets, and as an SSD any flood works or licensing approvals will be assessed by others, the risk to water quality is considered to be low and WaterNSW has no comments or particular requirements.
Andrew Conway
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
I wish to strongly object to item 5.10 in the Parking;Traffic;Civil design;wayfinding.
The Staff Parking response is totally inadequate.All staff working onsite should be parked onsite NOT ON THE SURROUNDING STREETS.
5.10 clause states “contractor is actively discouraged from travelling to site in private cars or carpooling.Totally uninforcible.
A contractor building a residential house in Stephen street has up to 8 cars parked in the street.
There is ample room on site.
Residents who do not have off street parking (and there are many)will be unable to park in the same street where they live unless on site parking is made available.
I went to the information evening at Weigall oval and expressed this, and now appears that my concerns were not considered for this development.
Yours sincerely
Andrew Conway
Name Withheld
EDGECLIFF , New South Wales
I, along with many residents who live in the area, feel that the project will commercialise a suburb that currently attracts residents due to it being a homely neighbourhood. A sports complex and car park facility of this size will no doubt be used for games and make a rare suburb that is close to the city, but not too commercialised a much more busy, noisy area and take away from the value of the properties (made worse by the demolition of the trees in a suburb that is known for having beautiful greenery and parks)
South Young
ULTIMO , New South Wales
Dear Planning NSW,

Thank you for an opportunity to comment.

While my initial thoughts were some reservations relating to potential traffic congestions, noise and lightings in and around its surrounding suburbs, it would appear from the documentation currently on exhibition, that the applicant is proactive and comprehensive in coverage. Based on its associated available and accessible information online, as a local resident in an adjoining LGA (Local Government Area), I am reasonably supportive of this state significant development.

Yours faithfully,
South Young
(City of Sydney Local Resident)
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please find EPA comments attached.
Marie Chiron
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
1-Weigall sport complex should stay as a green open space because this complex is mainly situated in a residential area. This proposed complex will be used differently and will create noise and traffic pollution in the area.
2- Why built another swimming pool when one is built next door. Could the students use the one at the White City site? Philipp Cook & Andrew boy Charlton swimming pool are at a walking distance to the area too.
3-Car park of 102 cars will create noise in the vicinity. Why a car park when the students are driven to the complex by a bus?
4-The opening hours of the complex are unreasonable. It should be from 9.00am to 5.00pm.
5-Great concern of additional buildings built on a flood zone area. Less space for the rain to fall through via permeable floor.
Name Withheld
Rushcutters Bay , New South Wales
The department may wish to list this project with the correct address. The location, postal address is Paddington not Rushcutters Bay.
Kelly Noble
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
With the proposed addition of a 102 car parking space building, traffic calming measures are needed on Boundary St Paddington. There are already thousands of car which use our street daily and considering it is predominantly residential, I suggest a chicane style road management system to slow traffic down.
Simon Cheatham
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
Many local residents/ neighbours have the following concerns regarding this proposal:
1) The development is proposed to take place at the same time as the White City development - simultaneous construction will have a major impact on the area regarding noise, traffic congestion, pedestrian safety and general disruption for a prolonged period of time to a generally peaceful neighbourhood.
2) To have the same entry on Alma St to a 3 storey carpark as the White City development is pure madness. There has been absolutely no independent traffic impact report on this by Sydney Grammar nor White City's Hakoah Club. Why not? Traffic congestion to and from Sydney Grammar and White City is ALREADY an existing issue - now they are proposing to compound it. Entrance/ exit to parking should be via Nield Ave or Vialoux St, why have these streets not been considered? If so, where is the evidence that they have been?
3) The increase in traffic will have a diabolical impact on resident parking in the area. Parking in Lawson St and Alma Street is ALREADY an existing issue - now they are proposing to compound it.
4) Increased traffic in Lawson St, Alma St and nearby feeder Streets will pose a pedestrian safety risk - there are 2 schools in the area, a sports ground, after school precinct and White City complex. Pedestrian safety in Lawson St and Alma Street is ALREADY an existing issue - now they are proposing to compound it.
Simon Wubben
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
The existing facilities are more than adequate for the school and the scale of the proposed project is excessive. The project would result in excessive noise, create further traffic and significantly reduce the natural light in the building and street I live on. Vialoux Avenue is currently a quiet and peaceful street and a large stadium would create a great deal of noise and foot traffic. I wholeheartedly object to this project which is akin to a development by an Ivy League university in the USA. Why do school children need such extravagant facilities and at such a huge cost to the local community.
Megan McEwin
EDGECLIFF , New South Wales
The proposal by Sydney Grammar is lacking is the following ways:
- Traffic Management - it fails to provide a positive traffic management plan to address the increasingly gridlocked traffic on Alma St, Lawson St and Glenmore Road at school drop off and pick up times. Not only has the school not addressed this issue over the many years I have complained both as a resident and a Councillor, these new plans envisage 102 new car parks coming off Alma Street which will exacerbate the problem. The real issue is that Alma Street is a small local street not suited to this volume of traffic. The most appropriate access is via Nield Avenue and any car park should have access and egress from this street to avoid the congestion aforementioned.
- Lack of mass transport solutions for students. As Sydney Grammar is NOT a local school and has a catchment which covers all of Sydney, bus services for the students should be provided to minimise the number of individual car trips that are currently happening to this school and causing the traffic congestion mentioned above. Quite apart from the noise, pollution and carbon emissions result from this inefficient system, it is without any consideration to the local residents who must suffer this noise, pollution and traffic congestion. Other private schools with wide catchment areas do provide bus services for their pupils. I am at a loss as to why Sydney Grammar has not done the same. This is an opportunity for the Planning Authority to finally solve this once and for all by imposing on Sydney Grammar an obligation to move its pupils and minimise individual trips.
- Lack of provision for the Paddington Greenway - the Paddington Greenway is a key active transport initiative which has been adopted by the NSW Government is its active transport strategy. The Paddington Greenway is a bike/pedestrian path that will run above a Sydney Water drainage asset, which cuts through the Sydney Grammar Weigall sports field. The proposed plans do not indicate how the proposed development will interact and coexist with the Paddington Greenway, including access to the Greenway from Alma street for residents on the northern border of the site. Discussions to date with the school indicate that they do not welcome any community access on their land, even when there is no one using the playing fields (95% of the time). Their staff regularly chastise and chase residents from the sports fields.
- Community Benefit - there is no commitment to sharing these sports fields with the local community. As an organisation that receives government funding, it is beholden on them to give something back. As before mentioned, not only do they not welcome the local community or schools to use their land, they actively threaten anyone who comes near. As a Councillor, we were conducting a site visit and were standing on Sydney Water land when Sydney Grammar staff threatened to call the police unless we left immediately, even after we identified ourselves as doing Council business. This is not the actions of a school seeking to support its local community. Unless community access is made a condition of consent , no such access will be voluntarily given.
- Loss of amenity to the residents in public housing. The public housing on Lawson Street will have both views and light blocked by the proposed building on the Northern side of the site. To my knowledge, no attempt has been made by the school to directly consult with the public housing residents, yet another indication of the low regard the school has for the residents affected by the development.
Given the many shortcomings with the proposed development, major changes and/or conditions are required to resolve the above issues. I welcome an opportunity to provide further input.
City of Sydney
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Please see attached.
lynda chalmers
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
My objection is based on the positioning of this project with its proximity to our common fence. Certainly the overall size is excessive in the current suggested position.
The immediate thought is the wasteful destruction of tennis courts and basketball courts, all in good condition. Glimpses thru the existing well established trees, of the kids playing, teachers cajoling, hearing raised young voices squealing in delight or frustration, all this will be lost and replaced with a large building, a car park entrance complete with the fumes and dirt that comes with it, plus the noise of cars coming and going whenever. The 24/7 security lights will be a further intrusion. A pleasant link to the community and for those housebound tenants, their only link to the outside world, will be replacex with a car park entrance and a 4 storey building.
Why can't the car park entrance be in a straight line -if at all - from Neild Avenue? Making a 90 degree turn seems unnecessary and only adds noise etc to us.
My building is L shaped, the small wing in Vialoux Ave, the larger wing in Lawson. This is one building with numbering for both streets. It is 5 storey only for one flat on the lowest part of the hill in Vialoux Ave and otherwise, it is 4 storey in Lawson St. It is incorrect to say it is 5 storey.
What is currently a pleasant flow of air will be transformed to noise, dust and fumes directly in line with our washing lines. It is a small and only patch of green available to us and there is nowhere else to put these clothes lines. I choose not to use a clothes dryer.

The 2year anticipated building works will be a nightmare happening right on our door. We have had the experience of extensive construction on Neild Ave and on Vialoux Ave. The fine for working outside authorised hours were laughed at then, leaving the expectation of it happening again.
To escape the disruption, there are buses but they come with availability and fitness issues. The Glenmore Rd route means getting up and down the steep hill of Goodhope St. The Bayswater Rd route means walking past the construction site or adding another block to avoid it. Neither of these options suit those with age/health issues. Indeed Neild Ave will be unsafe.
The obvious option is the bus starting from outside 25 Lawson St. But this is one bus per weekday, 9.17am, going to Bondi Junction. There is no return service which again means navigating Goodhope Street. This once a weekday service is under constant threat of complete cancellation and often forgotten when the regular driver is away or on holidays. The sense of being trapped by this will be confronting and exacerbated with constant noise dust etc etc.
Managing parking, traffic, during this build will be unavoidably difficult and will add further stress on the area.

I ask that full and fair consideration be given to an alternative position for this building. The current suggestion brings immense stress which could simply be avoided by building on the opposite end of the playing field. There is a building there which rather suggests it is not an impossible site.

I hope an outcome can be achieved with satisfaction on all sides. This is more than a building, it is a long term relationship which has existed peacefully to date. Perhaps also an example of compromise to the students who are, generally speaking, living a privileged lifesgyle.
Name Withheld
ELIZABETH BAY , New South Wales
I support the development application, especially given the additional car parking space on Site. If anything, I believe the car park should be extended.
Name Withheld
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
The existing sports courts represents the step down from the midcentury flats on Lawson street to the green space in Weigall Oval and finally to the open and public area on Rushcutters Bay. The encroachment of built form that’s out of scale has already been felt across the street in Neild Avenue.
The loss of the trees on the site is critically important - these are virtually the last trees on the site (excepting a few Pepper trees overhanging the Neild Ave wall.)
The East-West orientation of the new development severely limits the solar access and the amenity of the flats on Lawson Street, especially in winter. It also limits views of nature.
The noise of the pool will be bad for the locals on Neild Avenue and possibly Lawson St, depending on detailing.

This new development is unnecessary, already the sports facilities of the Boys Grammar are far superior to all the other schools nearby.
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please find attached EES response
Name Withheld
POTTS POINT , New South Wales
I object to this project because I do not believe that it should be regarded as a SSD. Unless this project is to be a public facilities with shared use it should not be considered a SSD and it should be resubmitted for a council approved DA process.
Name Withheld
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
I object to this project's untenably close proximity to 8 Vialoux Ave. The negative impacts in terms of light and space on 8 Vialoux Ave cannot be overstated.
The proposed height of the development far exceeds the height of number 8, and is entirely unreasonable.
In addition, I have significant noise concerns. Indoor swimming pools are echo chambers, as are indoor basketball courts. The stop start of whistles and other such brutal sounds will be enormously detrimental to the established atmosphere of Vialoux Ave.
I am also concerned about the noise of school drop off. Already, the traffic and generated from drop off and pick up at Grammar Preparatory school is at times untenable in Vialoux Ave. This will only increase in correspondence with the increased usage of the site under this proposed development.
The Avenue cul de sac is a haven for native magpies and other animals. This is rare in a residential street so close to the city, and is something that should be protected. The construction phase in particular will be a disaster for the families of magpies which raise their families in the cul de sac.
Raphael Lanfant
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
While this project is positive for the students of the SGS, I have the following concerns, as a resident of Lawson Street:
#1- Location of building 2: the car park is only accessible via Alma street, a small local street that will already be highly used for another major project, the Hakoah Club / White City. With 2 major projects (east-side + west-side) channeling all their traffic through the same small local, this will create a significant increase in traffic, noise and pollution for all local residents, in an area of Paddington that is not designed to support more car activity.
Furthermore, the SGS has other options to locate the car park, and reduce the amount of traffic going in / out, such as accessing the car park from Neild Avenue (initial project proposal) or Vialoux Street. On that note, it seems that the residents of Neild Avenue managed to convince the WSC project team to relocate the car park to Alma street and not support the increase in traffic on their end of the site. I am not sure why residents of Alma/Lawson streets should accept this outcome when the WSC project had originally designed a car park from Neild Avenue, a much larger and more convenient road.
>> Suggestion: relocate the access to the car park away from Alma street.

#2- Traffic peak on week-ends: this project will significantly increase traffic during 28 Saturdays (14 winter and 14 summer week ends). These sporting events will generate peak traffic on small streets in Paddington. Again, using Alma street to channel all the back and forth traffic is not appropriate, in the context of a small local street that will already be impacted by the Hakoah Club traffic increase on week-ends.
>> Suggestion: relocate the access to the car park away from Alma street.

#3- Access from other other schools and organizations: similarly, opening the access of the WGS to other organizations (beyond SGS students) will simply increase the pressure on existing infrastructure and will generate more use of the car park for Lawson street and Alma street.
>> Suggestion: limit the access to other organizations to week-days only.

#4 - Extended/proposed hours: the project suggests some proposed extended days and hours to evenings every day, including Sundays. This will make the use of the sporting facilities potentially non-stop. Again, this will create more traffic, more noise and parking back and forth around small local streets in Paddington.
>> Suggestion: not extended / proposed hours, only base line schedule - ending on Saturdays 3pm.
Catherine Mandible
POTTS POINT , New South Wales
The area that has been proposed for the development is a heavily utilised area by not only the surrounding community but stretching too Woolloomooloo and Darlinghurst. It is a beautiful tree filled area providing recreational walks, sports facilities and as well as childcare facilities for parents. To in effect "flatten" the area and replace it with a three storey sports building structure and a carpark is a proposal that focuses the area use on one specific group to the complete detriment of the community residents.
The effect of ease of access by residents, possible loss of light and view by surrounding residences should be considered.
The planned proposal appears to ignore the over building of an area.
The school having put forward this plan obviously wants to extend its own facilities, but does not appear to aware of the areas current servicing to residents or perhaps needs to be made aware.


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