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State Significant Development


Vickery Mine Extension

Narrabri Shire, Gunnedah Shire

Current Status: Determination

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Extension of the approved Vickery Coal Mine, including a coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP), train load-out facility and rail spur line (see attached Environmental Impact Statement).

Attachments & Resources

Request for SEARs (1)

Scoping Report


01. Vickery Extension Project - Revised SEARs - July 2018
02. Vickery Extension Project - Revised SEARs - July 2018 -
03. Vickery Extension Project - Revised SEARs - July 2018 -
04. Vickery Extension Project - SEARs Attachment 2 - Agency
05. Vickery Extension Project - Suppementary SEARs - Common

EIS (45)

Declaration about preparation of EIS
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Project Description
Section 3 Consulation and Community Initiatives
Section 4 Environmental Assessment
Section 5 Rehabilitation Strategy
Section 6 Planning Framework and Project Justification
Section 7 Summary of Management, Mitigation, Monitori
Section 8 References
Section 9 Abbreviations, Acronyms and Glossary
Attachment 1 Secretary's Environmental Assessment Req
Attachment 2 Matters of National Environmental Signif
Attachment 3 Development Application Area and Real Pr
Attachment 4 Peer Review Letters
Attachment 5 Planning Instruments Addendum
Attachment 6 Aquifer Interference Policy Consideratio
Attachment 7 Capital Investment Value Estimate Report
Attachment 8 Community Information
Attachment 9 Site Verification Certificate
Appendix A Groundwater Assessment _Part 1_
Appendix A Groundwater Assessment _Part 2_
Appendix B Surface Water Assessment
Appendix C Flood Assessment
Appendix D Noise and Blasting Assessment
Appendix E Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Assessment
Appendix F BARBOS Part 1
Appendix F BARBOS Part 2
Appendix F BARBOS Part 3
Appendix G ACHA Part 1
Appendix G ACHA Part 2
Appendix G ACHA Part 3
Appendix H Agricultural Impact Statement
Appendix I Road Transport Assessment
Appendix J Economic Assessment
Appendix K Historic Heritage Assessment
Appendix L Visual Assessment
Appendix M Geochemistry Assessment
Appendix N Aquatic Ecology Assessment
Appendix O Environmental Risk Assessment
Appendix P Preliminary Hazard Analysis
Appendix Q Land Contamination Assessment _Part 1
Appendix Q Land Contamination Assessment _Part 2
Appendix R_ Social Impact Assessment

IPC Hearings (11)

IPC Vickery Extension Project - Issues Report
20190430 Vickery Extension Project - Issues Report
Cover letter to IPC
Request for Public Hearing - Minister
Letter to IPC Extension - Hearing Report - Vickery Extensi
Preliminary Issues Report
Preliminary Issues Report - Appendix D - IESC Advice
Preliminary Issues Report - Appendix E1 - Flooding
Preliminary Issues Report - Appendix E2 - Groundwater
Preliminary Issues Report - Appendix E3 - Surface Water
Preliminary Issues Report - Appendix E4 - Economic

Response to Submissions (2)

Vickery Extension Project Submissions Report
Request RTS_08052019_014933

Amendments (1)

VEP - Amendment Report (Sep 2019)

Recommendation (47)

Vickery Extension Project Assessment Report
Vickery Extension Project - Recommended Conditions
Vickery Extension Project - IPC Letter
Appendix G1-1_BCD
Appendix G1-2_DPI
Appendix G1-3_DPIE - CLs
Appendix G1-4_DPIE Water
Appendix G1-5_DRG
Appendix G1-6 _EPA
Appendix G1-7_Heritage
Appendix G1-8_NSW Health
Appendix G1-9_Resources Regulator
Appendix G1-10_RFS
Appendix G1-11_RMS
Appendix G2-1_DPIE Water Group
Appendix G2-2_RR
Appendix G2-3_Cwth Ltr - Scope 3 GHGEs
Appendix G3-1_GSC Ltr to WH - accept VPA
Appendix G3-2_NSC Ltr to WH - reconsider VPA
Appendix G3-3_NSC Ltr - objection
Appendix G4-1_Advice from Economic Expert
Appendix G4-2_Advice from GW Expert - addendum
Appendix G4-3_Advice from Surface Water Expert
Appendix G4-4_Advice from GW Expert - emplacement
Appendix G4-5_Advice from Flood Expert
Appendix G5-1_Landowner David Watt - Water
Appendix G5-2_Ken Crawford review of Sub Rpt
Appendix G5-3_Ken Crawford (KLC Enviro) Submission
Appendix G6-1_WH Letter to NSC - VPA Offer
Appendix G6-2_WH Letter to NSC - Re. objection
Appendix G6-3_WH Ltr Re. Squirrel G - BARBOS amend
Appendix G6-4_WH HydroSim advice - GW analysis
Appendix G6-5_WH Ltr - Re. DOI Water
Appendix G6-6_WH Ltr - Re. existing GW Bore
Appendix G6-7_WH - Re. Fleet
Appendix G6-8_WH - Re. Water modelling & supply
Appendix G6-9_WH - Re. Economic expert advice
Appendix G6-10_WH - Coal Quality & GHGE Policy
Appendix G6-11_WH - Re. Rail spur & GW flow
Appendix G6-12_WH - Draft KPoM
Appendix G6-13_WH - Re. DPIE Water aquifer & rail
Appendix G6-14_WH - Re. Production constraints
Appendix G6-15_WH - Re. Revised Koala SEPP
Appendix G6-16_WH - Re. Light impact report
Appendix G6-17_WH - Re. Light Impact Assessment
Appendix G6-18_WH - Scope 3 GHGE peer review
Appendix I - BCD Advice on Commonwealth Matters

Determination (3)

Vickery Extension Project Notice of Determination
Vickery Extension Project - Development Consent
Vickery Extension Project - Statement of Reasons

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (22)

Noise Management Plan
Bushfire Management Plan
Blast Management Plan
Staged EMP Submission approval
Appointment of Experts - Groundwater
Request Staged EMP submission
Appointment of Experts
Environmental Management Strategy - Approval Letter
Environmental Management Strategy
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_17012022_105606
Blast Management Plan - Approval Letter
Air Quality Management Plan
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_18102021_070507
WHC_PLN_VCM_Waste Management Plan
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_09092021_060936
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_11102021_044301
Koala Management Plan
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_24092021_075617
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_21012022_053434
Historic Heritage Management Plan
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_09032022_063522

Note: Only documents approved by the Department after November 2019 will be published above. Any documents approved before this time can be viewed on the Applicant's website.


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Note: Only enforcements and inspections undertaken by the Department from March 2020 will be shown above.


Showing 1 - 20 of 575 submissions
Craig Brackenbury
Shell Cove , New South Wales
I support the extension project. It will create approximately 440 extra
construction jobs and 200 operational job in a regional area.
Name Withheld
GUNNEDAH , New South Wales
I support the project and the continued growth of Whitehaven Coal in the
Peter McLoughlin
Singleton , New South Wales
i am happy to see this proceed and provide employment for the local area
peter jewell
Queenscliff , Victoria
The science stacks up, the project is worthy of approval. The objectors
are not specific to this project rather are 'anti-coal'. This form of
energy is reliable and cheap. The efficiency of the 'burn' is such
that there are low emissions. The Department can have confidence that
the rehabilitation of the area will be first class. Whitehaven have
the runs on the board. Please make a reasoned decision on this
application that considers the very many merits of the project.
Name Withheld
Melbourne , Victoria
I am supportive of Whitehaven's revised Vickery development plan. This is
an important project for Australia to contribute to the reduction in
global emissions of CO2 caused by the burning of poorer quality coals
than the high quality coal from the Vickery resource. Every additional
tonne of high quality Vickery coal that can be produced will result in
less consumption of poor quality coal from places like Indonesia.

In addition - this project will add jobs and economic benefits for the
Australian economy.
Brian Williams
Gunnedah , New South Wales
Fully support the project
QUIRINDI , New South Wales
I support this project
D & T Burns Pty Ltd
Singleton , New South Wales
This means more jobs growth and a stronger future for the generations to
Joshua Abberton
Baulkham Hills , New South Wales
I support the Vickey project and the local as well as state jobs it will
create. Not so say the injection of money into the local community
businesses. I have worked closely with Whitehaven over the years and
they are a great organisation and Australian employer.
tony mitchell
st ives , New South Wales
vickery should go ahead as coal is the cheapest energy source we have got
which does not require huge government subsidies as do renewables.
Scott Knights
Cooks Hill , New South Wales
I believe Vickery is a very important project from a number of
perspectives. Being deeply involved in the coal markets it is very
apparent that the highest quality thermal coal and semi soft coking
coal which will be produced at Vickery will be in high and growing
demand as key customers seek to improve the efficiency and
environmental performance of their power plants and steel mills. These
customers are concerned about where they will source their ongoing
coal needs and Vickery is seen as a key part of securing future
supply. There is very strong customer stakeholder support for this
Jack Campbell
Narrabri , New South Wales
The project will be great for surrounding communities as well as state
and federal economies.
Namoi WasteCorp Pty Ltd
Narrabri , New South Wales
The project will be fantastic for local, state and federal economies.
Jesse Hicks
Tamworth , New South Wales
I believe that farming has had a more significant effect on global
warming and has destroyed this country. There are very few trees left
and for that matter Koalas. Higher saline soils due to deforestation.

The resource industry is a necessity if we wish to hold on to our
current lifestyles, i.e. cars, power, phones etc. The economy will not
survive on farming alone.

New coal technology for power generation will only bring down the cost
of power. While I am all for renewables, at the moment they are to
expensive and don't make the cut.
Name Withheld
Gunnedah , New South Wales
I strongly believe that the Vickery mine will be a massive boost to the
town of Gunnedah and its surrounding towns. It will provide the region
with a substantial amount of jobs and growth opportunities for the
towns people and local businesses.
Rick Chorley
Gunnedah , New South Wales
I support the WHC Vickery project in order to provide longevity for jobs,
community development and sustainability. With precedence set in the
surrounding areas and WHC's high standards of mining responsibilities,
this will be a great outcome for the area and indeed local community.
Name Withheld
Gunnedah , New South Wales
I say yes to The new mine, There has already been a mine there before
with no problems. And what it will do fore the area.
Maggie Raguenes
Gunnedah , New South Wales
To: EIS Exhibition - Vickery Extension Project

As a Gunnedah resident, I can only see advantages to this project for
the following reasons:
* More jobs in the area, 500 during construction, 450 during mining
for 20 years,
* More income to be spent in local businesses,
* If we have more people in the area, we can ensure that the hospital
and schools stay open,
* Moving the Whitehaven Gunnedah CHPP to Vickery will remove the
haulage trucks from the highway.
Yours sincerely,
Maggie Raguenes
Name Withheld
Quirindi , New South Wales
To Whom it may concern

As the director of a family owned company that employs 6 staff and 1
contractor our business has enjoyed good growth due to working across
all sectors including rural, mining, government and industry and its
off shoot work.

We currently work for the mines in our region and interstate .
Through exposure to the mining industry and its rigorous processes the
level of professionalism that our company has developed around OHS,
Environmental awareness and HR has allowed our company to grow. The
result of this is we now work in many sectors as we now have the
processes and the capacity required to submit and win work at this

Our company is still experiencing growth during the worst drought in
living memory and our mining work is keeping us afloat during these
tough times.

Our experience is through coexistence diversification and
understanding with all industry it fosters growth as the sectors go
through different cycles .

I also takes the position that the rigorous processes and compliance
required for approval is paramount.
The protection of the environment is crucial and I believe Whitehaven
fully understand this and have demonstrated this in many ways. In
particular by moving the mine boundary back in order to further
protect the river. This demonstrates they are communicating with their
community and taking on board concerns.

Our Company enjoys a great relationship with the mining sector and
have always found them there to help us grow in many ways with access
to training supporting us with good payment terms this allows us to
grow with limited exposure to risk.

The economic benefits Mining can bring to a region can not be under
estimated not only with work created but the support injected directly
into the community Eg: sponsorship, training, community projects
industry forums and collaboration with local governments just to name
a few.

The above comments are just some of the many reasons that we support
the Vickery Extension.
Wayne Reilly
Eight Mile Plains , Queensland
In my small business, Safety Insights Pty Ltd (,
I'am sole director and consultant. I provide consulting services in
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) to Whitehaven Coal
Limited (WHC), including audits of their systems, activities and
related results to determine conformance with WHC's own standards and
HSE laws.

The primary purpose of WHC engaging me to do this work is always to
continuously improve their performance in HSEQ. Testimony to WHC's
commitment to best practices in these areas is engaging an independent
expert such as myself, usually at a higher cost for the higher quality
and objectivity of my advice to them.

In my experience and detailed understanding of WHC's HSEQ systems,
functions and performance; WHC demonstrates good practices in
leadership and diligence with regard to their workers health and
safety and commitment to their environmental obligations.

In addition, WHC is supporting many small businesses like mine, both
in the local area and interstate. In fact, if not for the continued
work with WHC, my business would really struggle to survive, given the
current downturn in infrastructure development, expansion, sustaining
capital works and operations in Heavy industry in Australia,
particularly in mining.

I fully support WHC in its expansion of this project and can attest to
the fact that they have earned their social licence to operate, which
I could not say for many companies I have experienced in my long


Project Details

Application Number
EPBC ID Number
Assessment Type
State Significant Development
Development Type
Coal Mining
Local Government Areas
Narrabri Shire, Gunnedah Shire
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Philip Nevill