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State Significant Development


Tomingley Gold Extension Project

Narromine Shire

Current Status: More Information Required

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

To develop an open cut and underground gold mine and associated infrastructure.

Attachments & Resources

Notice of Exhibition (3)

DPE - Notice of Exhibition - 28.02.2022
Applicant Notice - Daily Liberal Public Notice 16.2.22
Applicant Notice - Narromine Star Public Notice 17.2.22

Request for SEARs (1)

Tomingley Gold Extension Project - Scoping Report

SEARs (3)

Tomingley Gold Extension Project - Revised SEARs
Attachment 2 - Conditional Gateway Certificate
Tomingley Gold Extension Project - SEARs

EIS (48)

Cover Page and Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Strategic Context
Section 3 - Project Description
Section 4 - Statutory Context
Section 5 - Engagement
Section 6 - Assessment and Management of Key Environmental Issues
Section 7 - Justification of the Project
Section 8 - References
Section 9 - Glossary of Technical Terms, Acronyms, Symbols and Units
Volume 1 - list of Appendices
Volume 1 - Appendix 1 - SEARs and Gateway Certificate
Volume 1 - Appendix 2 - EIS Requirements and Where Addressed
Volume 1 - Appendix 3 - Analysis of Environmental Risks
Volume 1 - Appendix 4 - Additional Information Supporting the Project Description (mine design, final landform)
Volume 1 - Appendix 5 - Newell Highway Concept Design
Volume 1 - Appendix 6 - Wyoming One Slope Stability Analysis
Volume 1 - Appendix 7 - Open Cut Erodibility Assessment
Volume 1 - Appendix 8 - SAR Open Cut Geotechnical Assessment
Volume 1 - Appendix 9 - SAR North Pit Long Term Slope Stability Analysis
Volume 1 - Appendix 10 - Caloma Eastern Cutback Geochemical Assessment
Volume 1 - Appendix 11 - Tomingley Gold Extension Project Geochemical Assessment
Volume 1 - Appendix 12 - Landform Design – SAR Waste Rock Emplacement
Volume 2 - list of Appendices
Volume 2 - Appendix 13 - RSF2 Design Report
Volume 2 - Appendix 14 - Site Water Balance
Volume 2 - Appendix 15 - Statutory Compliance Table
Volume 2 - Appendix 16 - Community and Stakeholder Engagement Tables
Volume 2 - Appendix 17 - SEPP 33 Risk Screening and Preliminary Hazards Analysis
Volume 2 - Appendix 18 - Compilation of Measures to Mitigate Environmental Impacts
Specialist Report - Cover Page and List of Reports
Specialist Report - Volume 1 - Part 1 - Integrated Transport Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 1 - Part 2 - Lighting and Sky Glow Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 1 - Part 3 - Noise and Blasting Impact Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 1 - Part 4 - Air Quality Impact Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 1 - Part 5 - Surface Water – EIS Technical Report
Specialist Report - Volume 2 - Part 6 - Groundwater Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 2 - Part 7a - Land and Soil Capability Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 2 - Part 7b - Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 2 - Part 8 - Agricultural Impact Statement
Specialist Report - Volume 2 - Part 9 - Biodiversity Development Assessment Report
Specialist Report - Volume 3 - Part 10a - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report
Specialist Report - Volume 3 - Part 10b - Addendum Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report
Specialist Report - Volume 3 - Part 11a - Historic Heritage Assessment Report
Specialist Report - Volume 3 - Part 11b - Addendum Historic Heritage Assessment Report
Specialist Report - Volume 3 - Part 12 - Economic Assessment
Specialist Report - Volume 3 - Part 13 - Social Assessment

Response to Submissions (2)

Request RTS
Submissions Report (May 2022)

Agency Advice (31)

EPA - RFI Advice
DPI Fisheries - EIS advice
DPI Agriculture - EIS advice
DPI Agriculture - Submissions Report advice
Crown Lands - EIS advice
Crown Lands - Submissions Report advice
Crown Lands - Amendment Report advice
Subsidence Advisory - EIS advice
Rural Fire Service - EIS advice
NSW Rural Fire Service - Submissions Report advice
Fire and Rescue NSW - Submissions Report advice
Resources Regulator - EIS advice
Resources Regulator - Submissions Report advice
Heritage Council of NSW (Historic Heritage) - EIS advice
Heritage NSW (Aboriginal Cultural Heritage) - EIS advice
Mining, Exploration & Geoscience - EIS advice
Mining, Exploration & Geoscience - Submissions Report advice
Mining, Exploration and Geoscience - Amendment Report advice
Biodiversity, Conservation and Science - EIS advice
Biodiversity, Conservation and Science - Submissions Report and Amendment Report advice
Dams Safety - EIS advice
Transport for NSW - EIS advice
DPE Water - EIS advice
DPE Water - Submissions Report advice
DPE Water - Amendment Report and Independent groundwater model review advice
Environment Protection Authority - EIS advice
EPA - Submissions Report advice (Part 1)
EPA - Submissions Report advice (Part 2) - iNoise
EPA - Submissions Report advice (Part 3) - Draft Tailings Dam Liner Policy
Narromine Shire Council - Submissions Report advice
Narromine Shire Council - Amendment Report advice

Amendments (2)

Amendment Approval Letter
Amendment Report (May 2022)

Additional Information (16)

Request for Information (RFI) 1 - Siding Spring Observatory Comment
RFI 2 - Independent Groundwater Model Review Request
RFI 2 - TGO Response - Independent Groundwater Model Review
RFI 3 - EPA Additional Information Request
RFI 3 - TGO Response to EPA
RFI 4 - Resources Regulator Additional Information Request
RFI 4 - TGO Response to Resources Regulator
RFI 5 - NSW RFS Additional Information Request
RFI 5 - TGO Response to NSW RFS
RFI 6 - EIS clarifications
RFI 6 - EIS clarifications - Attachment 1
RFI 7 - Noise Assessment
RFI 7 - Noise Assessment Response
RFI 8 - Geotechnical and Erosional stability
RFI 8 - Attachment 1 - Erosion Stability
RFI 8 - Attachment 2 - Geotechnical Stability


Showing 1 - 9 of 9 submissions
Michael Bennett
Dubbo , New South Wales
Judith Bennett
Dubbo , New South Wales
Jon Lamont
TOMINGLEY , New South Wales
WesTrac NSW
TOMAGO , New South Wales
WesTrac NSW supports this project - please refer to our attached letter of support.
Name Withheld
WOOLLAHRA , New South Wales
I am concerned about the lack of focus by Government in the approvals of SSD's and in particular minerals developments. Approvals can take many years in New South Wales much longer than any other States in Australia. This is the principal reason why New South Wales is rated very low in world rankings when it comes to mine development approvals. We can cut the red tape and at the same time maintain the socio-economic and environmental integrity of the approvals and projects. The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) process is a problem. This system has the Government side stepping its responsibilities to an unelected IPC panel of 2 or 3 who have limited experience in the mining sector. With the demise of coal over the coming decades it is extremely important that other minerals come to the forefront in the State's development. How else is Government going to fill this major revenue and jobs gap that is looming?
Alkane is a good Company and Tomingley is a good project. We need more projects like this. With its approval it provides much greater incentives for Alkane to look to the larger Boda project development that also located in New South Wales.
Phil & Toni Clark
Tomingley , New South Wales
Our family has been vocal in our lack of support for this project during the whole process. We will be the closest affected neighbours to the project and have significant concerns that we will continue to raise.
The road that we currently live on and access the Newell Highway daily for commutes to work, shopping and church is the very road that this project extension will be closing so they can proceed. The project does include our road being diverted to a new location, however it was only after numerous emails to our local council and finally a mamber of Alkane that we were even brought into any discussions about this. It took months of zero communication before someone made the decision to even speak to us.
We were part of the eventual consultation however it is difficult to believe that anything we requested or suggested was truly taken into account as we believe wholeheartedly that all decisions had already been made.
We are extremely concerned about the noise impact we will face over the lifetime of this project. Both in the construction phase as well as the actual operation. The area we live in has only a handful of residences, so therefore very little noise. Hundreds of acres between residences. However we can already hear drilling at certain times of the night especially as well as feel the impact underneath our home of blasting.
Our home is approximately 90 years old, I do not wish to have to make repairs unnecessarily to my home due to blast impacts. We do not have the benefit of double brick walls, insulation or double glazed windows to keep the noise impacts as low as possible.
We are very concerned about the potential lack of sleep and how this will affect our mental health for the life of the project.
I have looked at the current Tomingley Gold Porjects website, in particular the listings of complaints from residences with the older mine. The majority of complaints were directly in regard to noise. I can see in my research that most of the solutions from TGP were just to say that the noise levels fell within the rules of operation.
I am concerned that the lack of regard for genuine complaints may be a large factor in the relationship between residents and the operators of the mine.
How can they truly respond and assist with these concerns. Noise monitors have been suggested, however are they checked independently of the mine operations or are they intending to monitor these with their own staff? How can we be assured that the results of monitoring are truly to ensure the lowest impact on our wellbeing and home or will the operators just continue to 'tick boxes'.
It is difficult for us to believe that this Public Exhibition is anything more than just going through the motions. As stated before, we seem to be the last to find things out and this step is happening at the very same time we already can see surveyor flags and vehicles marking out the expected new route of the Kyalite Road entrance to the Newell Highway, as well as marking out the Newell Highway realignment. So the residents in the area, it looks like the mine already has all the approvals. That this project already is on the go, and that regardless of any of our concerns, things will be moving ahead.
We do not want to see gold mines continue to seek development, drilling rights or more on perfectly beautiful agricultural land. The potential to de-value all the surrounding land is also a major concern. Land values play a large part in our equity position with finance institutions.
Thank you for the opportunity to share just a handful of our concerns.
As stated in the beginning, we are against this project moving forward.
Dubbo Regional Council
Dubbo , New South Wales
Thank you for the ‘notice of exhibition’ regarding the Tomingley Gold Extension Project.
The mine is some 25 klms south of the Dubbo LGA boundary and as such, raises no direct concerns, noting that any traffic concerns would be likely addressed by Transport for NSW being located on the Newell Highway.
Parkes Shire Council
PARKES , New South Wales


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