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State Significant Development


TOGA Central

City of Sydney

Current Status: More Information Required

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Mixed use hotel, retail and commercial development

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition

Request for SEARs (3)

SSDA Scoping Report_Appendix B_Scoping Summar
SSDA Scoping Report_Appendix A_Preliminary Ar
Scoping Report_December 2021

SEARs (1)

Issued SEARs_17122021_033132

Development Application (1)

Political Donations Disclosure Form - TOGA Central

EIS (56)

Environmental Impact Statement - TOGA Central
Model Cert 2 Lee St 2. HAYMARKET - TOGA Central
Appendix A - SEARs Compliance
Appendix B - Statutory Compliance Assessment
Appendix C - Compliance Assessment
Appendix D - Community Engagement Summary
Appendix E - Survey Plan
Appendix F - Architectural Plans
Appendix G - Urban Design Report
Appendix H - QS Statement
Appendix I - Design Excellence Strategy
Appendix J - Design Competition Report
Appendix K - Design Integrity Statement
Appendix L - Engagement Report
Appendix M - Landscaping and Public Domain Report
Appendix N - Connecting with Country Framework Response
Appendix O - ACHAR (Redacted)
Appendix P - Historical Archaeological Assessment
Appendix Q - Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix R - Sch of Conservation Works (External)
Appendix R - Schedule of Conservation Works (Internal)
Appendix S - Block C Conservation Management Plan
Appendix T - Preliminary Heritage Interpretation Strategy
Appendix U - Structural Report
Appendix V - Air Quality and Odour Impact Statement
Appendix W - Reflectivity Assessment
Appendix X - Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix Y - Pedestrian Wind Assessment
Appendix Z - Social Impact Assessment
Appendix AA - CPTED Assessment
Appendix BB - Arboricultural Impact Assessment
Appendix CC - ESD Report
Appendix DD - Traffic and Transport Assessment
Appendix EE - Pedestrian Modelling Analysis
Appendix FF - BDAR Waiver
Appendix GG - Noise and Vibration Assessment
Appendix HH - Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan
Appendix II - Flood Risk Assessment
Appendix JJ - Geotechnical Report
Appendix KK - Groundwater Modelling Report
Appendix LL - Detailed Site Investigation
Appendix MM - Remediation Action Plan
Appendix NN - Waste Management Plan
Appendix OO - Hazardous Materials Survey
Appendix PP - BCA Assessment Report
Appendix QQ - Accessibility Report
Appendix RR - Fire Engineering Statement
Appendix SS - Hydraulic and Fire Services Report
Appendix TT - Electrical & Communication Services Report
Appendix UU - Rail Infrastructure Assessment
Appendix VV - Preliminary Public Art Strategy
Appendix WW - Aviation Report
Appendix XX - Subdivision Plans (for information)
Appendix YY - Preliminary Construction Management Plan
Appendix ZZ - Physical and 3D Model
Appendix AAA - Mitigation Measures

Response to Submissions (38)

Submissions Report_TOGA Central_20122022
Appendix A_Submissions Register
Appendix B_Updated Mitigation Measures
Appendix C_List of Plans for Approval
Appendix D_Revised Architectural Plans
Appendix E_RTS Design Statement
Appendix F_Design Integrity
Appendix G_Revised Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix H_Response to Built Heritage Submissions
Appendix I_Precinct 3 CMP
Appendix I_Precinct Wide CMP
Appendix J_Updated Block C Conservation Management Plan
Appendix K_Response to Heritage Conservation Submissions
Appendix L_Specification for Heritage Conservation Works
Appendix M_Revised Schedule of Conservation Works
Appendix N_Heritage Interpretation RTS Response Statement
Appendix O_Revised Landscape Plans
Appendix P_Landscape Design Response
Appendix Q_Addendum Wind Statement
Appendix R_Revised Traffic and Transport Assesment
Appendix S_Revised Noise and Vibration Assessment
Appendix T_Revised Aboricultural Impact Assessment
Appendix U_Supplementary Pedestrian Modelling Statement
Appendix V_Addendum Waste Statement
Appendix W_Revised Public Art Plan
Appendix X_Interim Advice Letter
Appendix Y_Revised Remediation Action Plan
Appendix Z_Revised DESI
Appendix AA_Addendum Flood Statement
Appendix BB_Revised HAIA
Appendix CC_Revised ACHAR
Appendix DD_Fire Risk Assessment
Appendix EE_Basement Clarification Statement
Appendix FF_Geotechnical Comment on Proposed Basement
Appendix GG_Revised Civil Plans
Appendix HH_Addendum Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix II_TfNSW Statement on Owners Consent
Appendix JJ_Letter of Support

Agency Advice (20)

HNSW - ACH - TOGA Central - EIS
Sydney Metro - RTS Response
Sydney Trains - RTS Response
HNSW - RTS Response
HNSW(ACH) - RTS Response
DPE Water - TOGA Central - RTS
TfNSW - RTS Response
CoS to DPE - Advice on RtS - Toga Central
Sydney Water - TOGA Central - EIS
Sydney Water - RTS Comments
CoS - Toga Central - EIS
EHG - TOGA Central - EIS
Sydney Metro - TOGA Central - EIS
DPE Water - TOGA Central - EIS
FRNSW - TOGA Central - EIS
TfNSW - TOGA Central - EIS
Sydney Trains - TOGA Central - EIS
EPA - TOGA Central - EIS
Heritage Council - TOGA Central - EIS
NSW Police - RTS Comments

Additional Information (3)

Request for Additional Information_03032023_014356
BSMART-AR-SCH-03000000[3] Area Schedule
Request for Additional Information_21122022_101227


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National Trust of Australia (NSW)
Millers Point , New South Wales
The National Trust (NSW) object to this proposal, in particular the extensive external demolition of the 1913 Parcels Post Building. Our submission is attached.
University of Technology Sydney
Refer attachment
Name Withheld
The development is appropriate as it next to Central - this area should be developed into high rise buildings since it the main transport hub. Railway Square at the moment is a dirty and grim part of the city which I avoid. The redevelopment of the plaza should be of high quality and ensure that the area is clean, safe and improve access to trains, light rail, metro and importantly buses.
Name Withheld
MOSMAN , New South Wales
Henry Deane Plaza is overdue for a total makeover. It is cold and needs to be redeveloped. Redeveloping the plaza next to the new Atlassian headquarters is a fantastic opportunity that should not be missed!
Daniel Borkovic
Being a frequent user of the Henry Deane Plaza and the Central Station precinct, I am all too aware that the plaza and the surrounding buildings are in need of major revitalisation due to their age, condition and the lack of available amenity to service the area. The plaza is currently a high-traffic transit area with no acceptable retail or commercial offering to service the thousands of people who pass through the square on a daily basis. The site sits as a major gateway between the inner west and the city and is therefore in a prime location to create a new modern and vibrant retail and commercial precinct which takes advantage of its proximity to public transport and the nearby UTS campus. This proposed development, when coupled with the adjacent development proposals, has the ability to rejuvenate what is currently a bleak and decrepit area of the city and provide workplaces which will create abundant employment opportunities. It is for the reasons that the current Toga Central proposal has my full support
Name Withheld
PADDINGTON , New South Wales
The TOGA Central project is a positive and progressive contribution to the revitalisation of the southern Sydney CBD and is critical to ensuring that the first sub-precinct within the broader Central Station renewal program is fully completed. I support this important project for the following reasons:

1. The existing Henry Deane Plaza is tired, uninspired and needs to be redeveloped. Leaving the plaza unchanged next to the new Atlassian headquarters would be a lost a opportunity for Sydney to create an important globally recognisable destination similar to the redevelopment of Kings Cross Station in London.
2. The architecture and design by Bates Smart is of the highest quality and appropriate for the prominence of location and will age well over the long-term.
3. The heritage post office building is in poor condition and needs to be reinvigorated. This project will improve access to the building and allows more of the public to enjoy the building through the change of use from hotel to retail.
4. The mixed use building is important to ensure amenity for the large amount of commercial office being delivered. The mix of uses is key to creating a destination which people wish to visit outside of business hours at night and on weekends.
5. With the global success of Australian born tech businesses like Atlassian, Sydney needs a home for tech and innovation that will attract the world's best businesses and talent.
6. Central Station is underutilised and needs to transform from a transit hub into a fully fledged destination in its own right. The new development around Central will allow this to be achieved.
7. The TOGA Central project seems to be providing key pedestrian links and will make the Central surrounds a safer environment for people traveling to UTS.
Name Withheld
ROZELLE , New South Wales
Central has long been overlooked for meaningful development. Central, is far from a destination in people's minds, and is rather an access node for Surry Hills, Darling Quarter and the City. I support this development (and the others around it) being a means to provide revitalisation and connectivity to the area. Developments should be a mixed use to bring a diverse group of users at various times of day and night.

The Station is also in need of development. Our 'Central' station is by far the most unappealing station in the city with nothing to offer from a retail or hospitality angle. Look at Kings Cross or St Pancras in London as prime examples of what a modern transport hub should be.

Sydney has long talked of a Tech-hub but has yet to truly deliver on it. Having Atlassian, UTS and to a degree TAFE located in this hub might actually achieve what has long been attempted.
Gary Horwitz
I am excited and intrigued by the redevelopment of CPS Sydney. Having spent many hours commuting and visiting this part of Sydney, I know personally that it has been a difficult and unrewarding journey for decades.
It is all about change now. How exciting it is to read though the TOGA submission.
In particular, the TOGA submission will enhance and activate Henry Deane Plaza whilst creating a vibrant new public space for commuters and visitors. The transformation of the Heritage Post building into a new meeting place for local workers, visitors and the community will be something truly remarkable. The design and form of the building is sympathetic to it's history, and signals a new frontier evolving for the people of South Sydney. For decades this precinct has disappointed visitors with it's lack of character and public amenity. What the TOGA design & built form delivers is a chance for Central Station to finally have a beacon that signals; "here lies the true heart and soul of South Sydney".
Central Place Sydney
CHIPPENDALE , New South Wales
Extension of time to the exhibition period so that it closes at Close of Business on the 4th October 2022 rather than the 26th September 2022.
Steven Broussos
GREENACRE , New South Wales
Now is the perfect opportunity to build commuter, long term and courier parking for Central station
Phillip , Australian Capital Territory
CASA has reviewed the TOGA Central, 2 & 8A Lee St, Haymarket Aeronautical Impact Assessment of 15-Jul-2022 by Strategic Airspace. CASA has no objections to the proposed project. CASA assessed the building under the Airspace Regulations on 22 August 2022. Copy of CASA assessment enclosed.
Name Withheld
It would be useful to have more new hotels around Central Station.
Jenna Reed Burns
FEDERAL , New South Wales
I feel desperately angry and sad to see yet another example of government mis-management and developer greed that is very quickly destroying the fabric of Sydney. Partially demolishing a heritage building and then allowing an enormous tower to wrap over and above it is just appalling. This would not be allowed in major European cities, where heritage is something to be respected and looked after. By labelling proposals as being 'state significant', heritage can be mercilessly obliterated here in NSW.
City of Sydney
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Duplicate of agency advice.
Central Place Sydney
Chippendale , New South Wales
Submission Attached


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