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State Significant Infrastructure


Sydney Metro West – The Bays to Sydney CBD

Inner West, City of Sydney

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Application for tunnelling and major civil construction work between The Bays and the Sydney CBD.


Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_03112021_100243

Application (3)

Sydney Metro West BDAR Waiver Determination
Sydney Metro BDAR Waiver Request
Scoping Report

SEARs (1)

Issued SEARs_07072021_091100

CSSI Declaration (1)

CSSI declaration_07072021_091057

EIS (45)

EIS Cover, EIS Certificate, Executive Summary and Table of Contents
EIS Chapter 1 - Introduction
EIS Chapter 2 - Development and alternatives
EIS Chapter 3 - Planning and assessment process
EIS Chapter 4 - Stakeholder and community engagement
EIS Chapter 5 - Project description
EIS Chapter 6 - Transport and traffic
EIS Chapter 7 - Noise and Vibration
EIS Chapter 8 - Non-Aboriginal heritage
EIS Chapter 9 - Aboriginal heritage
EIS Chapter 10 - Property and land use
EIS Chapter 11 - Landscape and visual amenity
EIS Chapter 12 - Business impacts
EIS Chapter 13 - Social impacts
EIS Chapter 14 - Groundwater and ground movement
EIS Chapter 15 - Soils and surface water quality
EIS Chapter 16 - Contamination
EIS Chapter 17 - Hydrology and flooding
EIS Chapter 18 - Biodiversity
EIS Chapter 19 - Air quality
EIS Chapter 20 - Spoil, waste management and resource use
EIS Chapter 21 - Hazards
EIS Chapter 22 - Sustainability, climate change and greenhouse gas
EIS Chapter 23 - Synthesis of the Environmental Impact Statement
EIS Chapter 24 - Environmental risk analysis
EIS Chapter 25 - Project justification and conclusion
EIS Chapter 26 - References and terminology
EIS Appendix A - Environmental assessment requirements
EIS Appendix B - Sydney Metro Overarching Community Communications Strategy
EIS Appendix C - Sydney Metro Construction Environmental Management Framework
EIS Appendix D - Sydney Metro Construction Trafc Management Framework
EIS Appendix E - Sydney Metro Construction Noise and Vibration Standard
EIS Appendix F - Environmental risk analysis results
EIS Appendix G - Cumulative impacts assessment methodology
EIS Technical Paper 1 Transport and traffic
EIS Technical Paper 2 Noise and vibration - Part 1 Main Report
EIS Technical Paper 2 Noise and vibration - Part 2 Appendices
EIS Technical Paper 3 Non-Aboriginal heritage
EIS Technical Paper 4 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report
EIS Technical Paper 5 Landscape and visual
EIS Technical Paper 6 Social Impact Assessment
EIS Technical Paper 7 Hydrogeology
EIS Technical Paper 8 Contamination
EIS Technical Paper 9 Hydrology and flooding - Part 1 Main Report to Appendix B
EIS Technical Paper 9 Hydrology and flooding - Part 2 Appendix C

Response to Submissions (8)

Hunter Street Station ARD
Pyrmont Station construction sites ARDEM
Response to Submissions Report
Appendix A Where to find responses
Appendix B Modelled Intersection Performance
Appendix C Updated Construction Traffic Framework
Appendix D Updated Flood Mapping
Request RTS_20122021_4178248

Agency Advice (6)

Heritage NSW - Aboriginal cultural heritage advice
Heritage NSW - Heritage Council advice
NSW Environment, Energy and Science - Biodiversity Group advice
NSW Environment, Energy and Science - Flooding Group advice
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - Water Group advice
NSW Environment Protection Authority advice

Additional Information (1)

RFI Request for Additional Information_29062021_032216

Determination (3)

Determination – Assessment Report__SSI 19238057
Determination – Instrument of Approval_SSI 19238057
Determination – Notice of Decision_SSI 19238057

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (17)

SMW ETP RFI Request for CPAS
Approval of ETP Phasing Report Ver 1.2
SMW ETP OOHW Protocol Rev 5
ETP Phasing Report Ver 1.2
Approval of SMW ETP CPAS- Pyrmont & Hunter St Rev
SMW ETP Phasing Report v2.0
SMW ETP CPAS- Pyrmont & Hunter St Rev 03
SMW ETP Phasing Report v2.0 Acceptance Letter
SMW ETP Approval CEMPSubplans
SWM ETP Approval Letter CPAS
SWM ETP Spoil Mgt Sub-plan Rev C
SMW ETP Overarch CTMP Rev 2
SMW ETP NVMP Sub-plan Rev D
SMW ETP CPAS - Pyrmont & Hunter St
SMW ETP Heritage Mgt Sub-plan Rev C

Notifications (2)

Approval of Nomination of ER, AA, CCM & IPIAP
Nomination of ER, AA, CCM & IPIAP

Other Documents (2)

Appointment of Experts_14032023_105608
SMW ETP Acceptance Excav Director

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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 submissions
Name Withheld
GREENACRE , New South Wales
Newington/Silverwater has very little public transport. Not adding a stop there would be a giant missed opportunity. Also, there should be a stop between the Bays Station and Five Dock Station
Jayson Blake
PYRMONT , New South Wales
This is a vital infrastructure project that will benefit the residents of Pyrmont, and the broader Sydney community, greatly. Every effort should be made to expedite the approval and completion of this project as soon as possible. I wholeheartedly endorse it and cannot wait to use it.
Brad Pasley
REGENTS PARK , New South Wales
I very much like the construction of more Metro lines, HOWEVER, the proposed positioning of stations makes no sense. There are no connections with heavy rail or other Metro trains. It seems that many stations are 200metres to 1 kilometre to other existing heavy rail stations. Furthermore this line directs commuters along a similar direction to existing heavy rail lines. Please reconsider these signicant issues. I suspect that you are basing these decisions on pork-barreling rather than helping citizens commute between Western Sydney and North/South Sydney. I believe that creating more cross connections between existing train lines will ease the congestion in the Sydney CBD and enable a more distributed Greater Metro Politan network. If you take Seoul metro network and Tokyo metro networks as examples, their systems enable millions of people to commute because they have good, efficent connections between lines. as an example, perhaps connecting Parramatta, Olympic Park, Strathfield, Belmore, Kingsgrove, Hurstville (then perhaps further connections on from there) would be a better way of improving the network.

Could you please consider areas which either (a) need new stations (i.e. Burwoo1d doesn't need a second station within 1km walk of the existing station) (b) ensure integration with existing heavy rail stations (think about customers with disability!) (c) consider how many more people would use the trains if better interconnections were made. (d) NOT build a parrallel line for rich, parramatta river view areas, but improve the living standards of other areas with no trains and poor buses
David Thorp
ROZELLE , New South Wales
Please see the attached three documents, which I've shared with a number of people and entities since project inception in 2015, including Sydney Metro / TfNSW.
- "Sydney Sustainable Housing & Integrated Transport Strategy" (Sydney SHITS!).
The first version of 190615 includes a discussion of a full train network operating plan.
The final version from my web page (currently shut down) includes updated ideas to make use of existing light rail and road infrastructure (especially WestConnex). It includes two place-markers for pictures near the end (before "What next?"), which are in the "poster" file of 25Aug2017. The web page text refers to a number of other attachments and links that I can provide on request.
Hopefully there are still some ideas in here that can be used.
Pyrmont Action Inc
PYRMONT , New South Wales
See attachment
Brookfield Properties
Sydney , New South Wales
See attachment.
Bangyun Wang
ULTIMO , New South Wales
Having Metro available for residents in the Bays area and Pyrmont will provide additional accessibility for people to get to the North and South side of the city. With more apartments complex being built in this are, the residential density has been increase. So the Metro project would alleviate the waiting time and restriction of routes of the current low frequency public transports (bus, ferry, lightrail).
Peter Kelaher
PYRMONT , New South Wales
Congratulations on providing reasonably detailed maps of the scope of this project. This is notably different to the early stages of the West Connex project. My concern is that since this project was conceptualised, the transport needs and habits of the people of Sydney have changed considerably, primarily as a result of COVID. There is a high degree of risk of "white elephants". My concerns in this regard have heightened with recent experience on the existing Metro line. The literal cannon could be fired and not hit too many customers. Similarly, with recent trips on the light rail to Randwick. Locally, I'm very unsure about the need for a Metro Station in Pyrmont. These concerns have been heightened by the construction work that has started in Pyrmont, apparently with very little/no notice to residents, and taking place between 10pm and 4am! I've worked through the Virtual Portal (well done!) but can find no reference to work having commenced. Submissions are still open, so I'm at a loss to understand why this work has begun. There is reference to the challenge of working in densely-populated areas/CBD but only in terms of it taking place 13 storeys underground with work taking place at ground level being acoustically-protected. This apparent "early-work" does not align with goals of community engagement and strong lines of communication. I would be interested in your response. Peter Kelaher
The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust
MOUNT ANNAN , New South Wales
The Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust (the Trust) are responding to the Sydney Metro West Environmental Impact Statement – The Bays and Sydney CBD Stage 2, forming part of the Sydney Metro West Concept and Stage 1 in support of a Critical State Significant Infrastructure under Part 5 Division 5.2 (formally Part 5.1) of the EP&A Act
Name Withheld
Sydney , New South Wales
We’re Caveman Barbers located at Shop 7a, 109 Pitt St Hunter Connection. We have been trading for nearly 5years at this location with a very good foot traffic.
After the recent lockdown, our business is starting to be back to normal.
And now with the news that the arcade will be blocked and no walk through.
Only one way out through Pitt Street. This will definitely stop our business trading completely and will be a loss of income for us by 100% and we expect compensation.
This is our main income.
Looking forward for your quick response.
Michael Lomas
PYRMONT , New South Wales
Overall the Pyrmont Station construction plan looks good. My only concern is where Edward St meets Pyrmont Bridge Rd. A zebra crossing ( Ideally with traffic calming mitigation) is required here. This intersection is already very dangerous with many pedestrians distracted/ blindly stepping off the curb without looking for traffic when travelling east along Pyrmont Bridge Rd. With two significant construction sites and many truck movements during construction this intersection will become even more dangerous for pedestrians who will be even more distracted.

On-site information days for locals (Must have a residential/ business address with a 2009 postcode) at the beginning and/ or during each of the different stages of construction would be ideal and help to keep the community informed/ up to date on the projects progress.
Friends of Ultimo
Ultimo , New South Wales
Please find our submission attached below
Name Withheld
PYRMONT , New South Wales
Action for Public Transport (NSW) Inc.
LINDFIELD , New South Wales
See attached PDF
Sydney Olympic Park Business Association Inc.
TEMPE , New South Wales
The Sydney Olympic Park Business Association fully supports this project.
Sydney Metro West will provide much needed and vital public transport connectivity East to the Sydney CBD and West to Parramatta and Westmead, from the growth area that is Olympic Park, and the rapidly densifying neighboring areas across the Olympic Peninsula.
This commitment by the NSW Government shows a level of confidence in this area that will make Sydney Olympic Park an even more attractive destination for private sector investment, in turn providing quality jobs that people can access easily and increasing productivity.
It is a major opportunity for residential and commercial development and will help create an active and vibrant place all day, every day of the year.
Together with PLR Stage 2 and a bus interchange, the Sydney Metro West station at Olympic Park is the long awaited positive game changer for business large and small, community and visitors. It will also help serve the transport needs of this area as the preeminent major events precinct in NSW, if not Australia.
While it is a NSW Government project, it is our view that the Federal Government has an obligation to contribute to major infrastructure projects of this scale and we encourage the State Government to seek funds to assist deliver this important piece of infrastructure as soon as physically possible.
City of Sydney
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Please see attached letter with the City's comments.
Inner West Council (Sydney Australia)
Ashfield , New South Wales
Inner West Council supports the Metro West project subject to it addressing the issues raised in the attached submission
Charter Hall Holdings Pty. Limited
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Please refer to attached submission for consideration.


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Application Number
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State Significant Infrastructure
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Rail transport facilities
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Inner West, City of Sydney
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