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State Significant Infrastructure


The Northern Road Upgrade - Glenmore Park to Bringelly

Liverpool City, Penrith

Current Status: Determination

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  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Consolidated Approval

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Application (2)

The Northern Road Upgrade - Stages 3 and 4 - SSI App...
The Northern Road Upgrade SSI Application amendment ...


20160309 Amended SEARs - The Northern Road Upgrade.pdf
SEARs 28 July 2015.pdf

EIS (70)

Volume 2_Appendix B_TNR_Amended SEARs.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_2.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_1.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_6.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix G_TNR_Traffic and Transport Assess...
Volume 5_Appendix S_TNR_EIS team.pdf
Volume 3_Appendix I_TNR_Biodiversity Assessment.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K2_TNR_Hydrology and flooding.pdf
Volume 1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Imp...
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume 2_Appendix C_TNR_ EIS Guidelines.pdf
Volume 5_Appendix O_TNR_Landscape Character and Visu...
Volume 3_Appendix J_TNR_Socio-economic assessment.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K1_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_2.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K1_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_4.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_7.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix E_TNR_Commonwealth EIS Guidelines ...
Volume 2_Appendix C_TNR_EIS Guidelines.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K1_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_3.pdf
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_4.pdf
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume 2_Appendix G_TNR_Traffic and Transport Assess...
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume 5_Appendix N_TNR_Non-Aboriginal heritage asse...
Volume 5_Appendix Q1_TNR_Climate change risk assessm...
Volume 5_Appendix O_TNR_Urban Design and Landscape_1...
Volume 2_Appendix F_TNR_Persons contacted.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix L_Soils, water and contamination a...
Volume 4_Appendix L_Soils, water and contamination a...
Volume 4_Appendix L_Soils, water and contamination a...
Volume 4_Appendix L_Soils, water and contamination a...
Volume 4_Appendix K2_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_2.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K2_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_1.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K1_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_5.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K1_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_6.pdf
Volume 3_Appendix J_TNR_Socio-economic assessment_3.pdf
Volume 3_Appendix I_TNR_Biodiversity Assessment_1.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_5.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_8.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration_3.pdf
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume 4_Appendix L_Soils, water and contamination a...
Volume 4_Appendix K1_TNR_Hydrology and flooding.pdf
Volume 1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Imp...
Volume 2_Appendix G_TNR_Traffic and Transport Assess...
Volume 5_Appendix N_TNR_Non-Aboriginal heritage asse...
Volume 5_Appendix R_TNR_Draft Community Involvement ...
Volume 5_Appendix O_TNR_Urban Design and Landscape_3...
Volume 3_Appendix J_TNR_Socio-economic assessment_4.pdf
Volume 5_Appendix O_TNR_Urban Design and Landscape_2...
Volume 3_Appendix J_TNR_Socio-economic assessment_2.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix L_Soils, water and contamination a...
Volume 3_Appendix J_TNR_Socio-economic assessment_1.pdf
Volume 4_Appendix K1_TNR_Hydrology and flooding_1.pdf
Volume 3_Appendix I_TNR_Biodiversity Assessment_2.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix D_TNR_EP&A Checklist.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix A_TNR_Environmental record of the ...
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume1_The Northern Road Upgrade_Environmental Impa...
Volume 4_Appendix M_TNR_Cultural Heritage Assessment...
Volume 5_Appendix P_TNR_Air Quality.pdf
Volume 2_Appendix H_TNR_Noise and Vibration.pdf
Volume 5_Appendix N_TNR_Non-Aboriginal heritage asse...
Volume 5_Appendix Q2_TNR_Greenhouse gas assessment.pdf
Volume 5_Appendix T_TNR_Environment Policy Statement...
Volume 4_Appendix L_Soils, water and contamination a...

Response to Submissions (16)

SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix D_WCAG_slow_Part4.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix C_WCAG_01.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix B_WCAG_01.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix A_WCAG_01.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix D_WCAG_slow_Part2.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix C_WCAG_slow_Part1.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix B_WCAG_slow.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix A_WCAG_slow.pdf
SPIR_Vol 1_CH5-end_slow.pdf
SPIR_Vol 1_CH4_slow.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix D_WCAG_slow_Part3.pdf
SPIR_Vol 1_CH1-3_slow.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix D_WCAG_slow_Part1.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix C_WCAG_slow_Part2.pdf
SPIR_Vol 2_Appendix D_WCAG_01.pdf
SPIR_Vol 1_Main_WCAG_01.pdf

Determination (2)

The Northern Road Upgrade Project - Secretary's Envi...
The Northern Road Upgrade - Infrastructure Approval

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (13)

E2 Biodiversity Offset Strategy (rev 7, 6 Nov 2019)l
SPIR letter
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_14122021_013037
Approval of Plan Strategy or Study_18112022_111125
E4 Credit Retirement Reports - Letter dated 29 Aug
Aboriginal Heritage reports request for extension
E2 Biodiversity Offsets Strategy (rev 7, 6 Nov 2019) - Approval Letter 9 Apr 2020
Acknowledgement - condition E20
D2 Parklands EMP (rev 5, 19 Jan 22) - App 2 July
TNR6_Salvage Report
TNR5_Salvage Report
TNR4_Salvage Report
Letter to DPE Aboriginal Heritage reports

Reports (1)

TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_March 2021

Other Documents (18)

TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_Nov2020
TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_Jan 2021
TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_Dec2020
TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_Feb 2021
TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_Oct2020
TNR456 - ER Monthly Report - April 20212021
TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_May 2021
TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_Aug_2021
TNR456_ER Monthly Rpt_June 2021
E3 BOP extension to 8 Oct 2021 - Approval Letter 8 Mar 2021
Extension letter request - EMS Final
Condition D9 - PS agreement to alternate timeframe
E3 BOP extension to 8 Sep 2022 - Approval Letter 8 Sep 2021
Extension letter request
Extension letter request - CoA D9
Extension letter request _ DPIE signed
Acknowledgement under condition E59A

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Turtles Rescues New South Wales
Valley Heights , New South Wales
In regards to the Northern Road upgrade, it shows that a number of rural dams will be dewatered & backfilled to make way for the roadworks.Eastern Long neck turtles inhabit these dams in huge numbers.We would like to see that these protected animals are captured & relocated to avoid any unnecessary loss of life or injury to them.
Jacqueline Edwards
Buxton , New South Wales
I am not opposing the upgrade, I am just concerned for the hundreds, if not thousands of Eastern Long-necked turtles (chelodina longicollis) that live in the dams that the proposed upgrades will be filling in. There is no mention of the impact on turtles anywhere and I think it is pretty disgusting that they will just be bulldozed into the ground to die. I am asking that the dams are searched and as many turtles as possible removed before the dams are filled in.
Name Withheld
East Kurrajong , New South Wales
I request that those planning the clearing of land for this new road be aware of the many turtles, frogs, water dragons, etc that rely on dams for shelter, food and water. I have personally rescued many turtles that were displaced by the filling in of dams when new roads and housing estates replaced farmland in Schofields, NSW.
It's shameful how these species seem to be ignored when land clearing for new roads and housing developments are approved.
Those clearing the land and filling in dams should be accountable for saving and relocating the many species who lose their habitat and in turn, their lives.
Name Withheld
Silverdale , New South Wales
As a resident of the local area for my entire life, I am extremely concerned for the wildlife that have their habitats in the area to be developed. In particular, the animals that live in the dams such as the Eastern Longneck Turtles and various frog species, which I know with 100% certainty have their homes here. I have witnessed first hand these types of animals being overlooked when dams have been filled in, in other development sites close by. This has resulted in the cruel and unnecessary
deaths of countless animals, that simply don't have the means to escape. I request that thorough investigations take place to determine the existence of turtles and frogs in the dams belonging to this site, and an appropriate rescue group be given the opportunity to rescue and relocate these animals.
Christine Shaw
South Penrith , New South Wales
I wish to submit a complaint about the upgrade of Northern Road to accommodate Badgerys Creek Airport. I have just seen information stating that the upgrade will take Northern Road right through the centre of an endorsed Wildlife corridor. This corridor is in place for all animals - endangered or otherwise and now you plan to put a major highway through the centre. Is there any infrastructure in place to protect the animals or is this project determined to kill and destroy everything in its path? Seems that the concerns of local residents against a non-curfew airport has fallen on deaf ears and now you wish to decimate the animal population as well. I also take great offense to the information meetings for residents to see the full impact of this disgraceful proposal. Holding the meetings in school holidays shows that the government has something to hide, to also hold them on saturday when families are out for children's sport is also sneaky. The meeting held in middle week of school holidays on a wednesday is also stupid as any resident that was still at work would not have got home before 7pm to listen and ask questions regarding this disasterous plan. I am very angry that the government continues on this path of making sure no resident gets the full facts about this proposal, the EIS was completely flawed and it was illegal for the powers that be to change the figures when it was on public display when it was proven by protest groups that the figures did not add up and now to muscle into the endorsed wildlife corridor is another step of illegal behaviour
Sonia Bennett
1 Nevis Crescent, Seven Hills, + , New South Wales
I am deeply concerned about the flora and fauna of the Cumberland plains woodlands because there is so little left. We must make corridors to help flora and fauna in this region. I have a deep love and appreciation of our threatened eco-system. My main concern is for the small delicate plants which are disappering very fast. This is our heritage and we should not destroy it. Also our feathered friends will have a very hard time if that disgusting juggernaut of an airport ever gets built, lets hope our silly, gullible and greedy politicians and their crook mates of the business lobby don't get their way. We have a right to shame all of them. Fauna will need underground tunnells to travel under the road and bridges above the road. The cutting down of two important trees is vandalism, don't do it, just because its n the way of your road. All trees are vulnerable in western Sydney, especially Eucalyptus molacanna which has been struggling. Sonia Bennett. Botanical artist/identifier, singer/songwriter/composer.
Division of Resources and Geoscience
Maitland , New South Wales
Thank you for the opportunity to provide advice on: The Northern Road Upgrade - Notice of Public Exhibition June 2017, within the Penrith and Liverpool LGAs.

The New South Wales Department of Planning & Environment, Division of Resources and Geoscience, Geological Survey of New South Wales (GSNSW) has reviewed the subject area in conjunction with advice previously supplied relating to the Draft EIS (our ref: OUT16/47611). GSNSW has no further comments at this stage. The proposal is unlikely to restrict exploration activities in the vicinity of the Northern Road Upgrade.

Queries regarding the above information, and future requests for advice in relation to this matter, should be directed to the GSNSW Land Use team at [email protected]

Kind Regards

Ian Stones
Mulgoa , New South Wales
Our property is situated on the corner of the Northern Road and Longview Road which is also where we run a small business from. Currently the northern road is 2 meters higher than the frontage of our property we have been told that this will be higher. Between the road and our house the ground dips down a further few meters like a big sound bowl. We feel definitely that with the increase in height of the road will increase traffic noise. We have lived here for over 30years and have noticed a dramatic increase in traffic noise over the last few years. With the road changes around including the extension of Vineyard road and with the extra traffic going on Longview we do not believe Longview in it's current condition will handle the extra traffic safely. Our main concern is that one of our two driveways is not usable due to poor drainage so therefore we would like to know what are the plans concerning Longview. Thank you.

Name Withheld
Wollongong , New South Wales
What will happen to wildlife in the area. Turtles, frogs, eels etc and other wildlife that rely on dams, creeks and swamps to survive and are secretive animal. If it's breeding season for wildlife will trees with hollowss be left so the young survive.Is there a team that go through before machinery to give the all clear. How will I know if this happens or is it all profit and forget about anything else?
Sandra Newham
Mulgoa , New South Wales

Sandra Newham Submission

Submission: Northern Road Stage 3 EIS
As a long-time resident of Mulgoa and the Penrith area it is of great concern to witness the destruction of much of the important critically endangered Cumberland Woodlands which represents essential habitat and connectivity for many endangered and critically endangered wildlife.

Failure of EIS
With the upgrade of Northern Road there needs to be a carefully considered, measured and appropriate response to the needs of the wildlife who will be facing further loss of habitat AND certain impossibility of safely traversing the major highway that Northern Rd will become, to continue their journey through the wildlife corridor. Connectivity is critical for the survival of our wildlife. The EIS fails to accurately address the number of wildlife who currently do so, and will continue to, cross the Northern Rd. This failure puts at risk not only precious wildlife but also the lives of the people who will be using the Northern Rd.

I urge the planning authorities to consider and plan carefully so that both wildlife and humans are catered for. In this day and age with so much reference material available regarding habitat and connectivity there is no excuse for `half measures'. This is a great opportunity to create a win-win situation for both wildlife and humans, providing underpasses where wildlife can safely traverse and helping to avoid the danger to the families using Northern Road.

I support the submission of Peter Ridgeway and his recommendations, including:

* Retain the mature remnant trees near the Glenmore Park roundabout at Orchard Hills - a key part of our local character and full of wildlife hollows.
* Keep the Orchard Hills stretch of road rural in character! Avoid lighting and landscaping along the Defence Establishment Orchard Hills boundary and instead keep the Cumberland Plain Woodland verges
* Provide underpasses for wildlife including the Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Kind regards
Sandra Newham
Vanessa Keyzer
BULLABURRA , New South Wales
I have been driving down the Northern Rd for many years between my home in the blue mountains to visit family living down south. I am concerned about the impact the Northern Rd upgrade will have on local flora and fauna. An eight lane road will become an impassable barrier for the majority of native fauna in the area. There is good science to show that small birds such as wrens will not cross such a large road. Even mobile species such as kangaroos will be very hard pressed to safely cross such an expanse. This means the upgrade may actually separate whole populations of native animals. Installing well designed and placed fauna underpasses will mean animals can still get to other areas of habitat safely whilst also protecting road users from impacts with wildlife. Underpasses will also benefit other species such as echidnas and if designed properly will even be used by arboreal fauna such as possums and sugar gliders.

Seeing wild kangaroos is one of the joys of travelling down the Northern Road. Appopriate fauna underpasses means that this will still be a possibilty and the upgrade period will be the only opportunity to ensure this outcome.

I also hope you will aim to retain as many mature trees as possible. Trees such as the ones near the Glenmore Park roundabout at Orchard Hills are not only beautiful but are also full of wildlife hollows which are uncommon on the Cumerbland Plain and necessary for breeding and roosting habitat of many native mammals, birds, frogs and lizards.

Street lighting can also impact on native fauna. Minimising street lighing in rural areas and around the Defence site will help retain the character of the area whilst minimising this impact on nocturnal fauna species. This has been done on parts of the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains and means you can still see stars in sections even though you are on a major road.

I also hope you will use local native flora species in any roadside plantings. This will not only creat habitat including stepping stones for birds species to cross the road but will also mean hardy natural looking road verges, also helping retain local character and reducing roadside maintenance.

I understand the necessity of the road upgrade and hope you will take this opportunity to significantly minimise impacts to local wildlife, retain mature trees and keep local character.
Name Withheld
Seven hills , New South Wales
I would like to express my concern for the Turtles and other wildlife located in dams along the proposed route.
Julie Sheppard
Razorback , New South Wales
As I drive this road regularly, I am extremely concerned that its upgrade should be done in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. This must include best practice fauna movement infrastructure such as underpasses of a sufficient height (3m) to allow free passage of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.
Retention of significant hollow-bearing old trees must also be achieved where possible in such a way that the tree's survival is enhanced.
Such a road upgrade will utterly change the landscape of the area and I dread the prospect of seeing it happen. Preservation of as many of the precious Cumberland Plain Woodland features as possible is essential and indeed expected of planners in 2017.
LUDDENHAM , New South Wales
1 - The most important factor is the loss off rural aspect of my back yard no concerns have been demonstrated to alleviate privacy and security leaving my shed with less than 3 metres to my proposed boundary fence. This would of been a good before and after photograph example which could of been submitted in your EIS but to damaging to publish I presume.

2 - Pollution living next door to a busy highway and a construction site will increase despite of cleaner emissions please note we are on tank water collected by house and shed roofs.The dam on my property is laden with nutrients washed down from the dairy farm which irrigates from their effluent dams. The road grime that will wash of the proposed road will only make matters worst and must be protected to ensure the cattle have reasonable drinking water.

3 - Severed land, will be travelling a distance of 16 kms return trip to access land that is only 70 odd metres away, how is compensation going to be worked out for not providing and under pass my valuer was at loss when I asked this question. Safety and expense is the big Question here.

4 - Septic Tank and Absorption trench will be interfered with when Acquisition takes place a environmental consultant needs to be engaged to design new system, this will no doubt raise more questions of loss of usable land.

5 - Noise will be a big factor and I know this will be measured when the road is completed and compensation work out.

6 - Street lighting and pedestrian / bicycle lane lighting unsure how bad this will illuminate the back yard.
NSW Department of Industry, Lands and Forestry
Dangar , New South Wales
The NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has submitted a State Significant Infrastructure application for The Northern Road Upgrade Project.

Therefore, Department of Industry - Lands & Forestry has no comments at this stage of the proposed Project.

Thank you.


Mohammed H Rahman
NSW Rural Fire Service
Granville , New South Wales
As attached.
Mike Freelander MP
Campbelltown , New South Wales
Find submission attached
Parramatta , New South Wales
Letter uploaded
Peter Ridgeway
Penrith , New South Wales
Please see submission attached.
Carlo Ranieri
Glenmore Park , New South Wales
See attached letter


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