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State Significant Development


The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1

City of Sydney

Current Status: Determination

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Concept development application for the New Fish Market and Stage 1 comprising of demolition and repairs to the existing sea wall.

Consolidated Consent

Consolidated Consent


Request for SEARs (3)

SEARs Cover Letter
Request for SEARs Sydney Fish Market SSD Concept DA

SEARs (1)

SSD 8924 SEARs

EIS (41)

New Sydney Fish Market Concept and Early Works DA Environm
A3 Vol - Appendix 1 - Concept Drawings
A3 Vol - Appendix 2 - Concept Design Report_Part1
A3 Vol - Appendix 2 - Concept Design Report_Part2
A3 Vol - Appendix 2 - Concept Design Report_Part3
A3 Vol - Appendix 2 - Concept Design Report_Part4
A3 Vol - Appendix 2 - Concept Design Report_Part5
A3 Vol - Appendix 2 - Concept Design Report_Part6
A3 Vol - Appendix 3 - Demolition Plan
A3 Vol - Appendix 4 - Site Survey
A3 Vol - Appendix 5 - Plans of Subdivision
A3 Vol - Appendix 6 - Landscape Character and Visual Impact
Appendix 1 - Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirem
Appendix 2 - Design Excellence Strategy
Appendix 3 - Geotechnical Report
Appendix 4 - Environmental Site Assessment
Appendix 5 - Remediation Action Plan
Appendix 6 - Acid Sulphate Soil Management Plan
Appendix 7 - Biodiversity Development Assessment Report
Appendix 8 - Marine Ecology Assessment
Appendix 9 - Navigation Impact Assessment
Appendix 10 - Structural, Civil & Maritime Design Report
Appendix 11 - Transport Impact Assessment
Appendix 12 - Flooding and Water Quality Assessment_Part1
Appendix 12 - Flooding and Water Quality Assessment_Part2
Appendix 13 - Construction Environmental Management Plan
Appendix 14 - Utilities and Infrastructure Report
Appendix 15 - Waste Management Plan
Appendix 16 - Construction Staging Report
Appendix 17 - Services Demolition and Removal Report
Appendix 18 - Air Quality Report
Appendix 19 - Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix 20 - Hazardous Materials Management Plan
Appendix 21 - Ecologically Sustainable Development Report
Appendix 22 - Part 1 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessme
Appendix 22 - Part 2 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessme
Appendix 22 - Part 3 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessme
Appendix 23 - Heritage Impact Statement App A
Appendix 23 - Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix 24 - Maritime Structures Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix 25 - Wind Impact Assessment

Response to Submissions (9)

Appendix 7 Arboricultural Impact Assessment
Appendix 3 Signage and Wayfinding Strategy
Appendix 5 Amended Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment
Proponent's RtS
Appendix 2 Heritage Interpretation Strategy
Appendix 4 Preliminary Loading Management Plan
Appendix 6 Additional Transport Assessment
Appendix 8 Preliminary Public Art Strategy
Appendix 1 Building Footprint and Public Domain Accessible Areas

Agency Advice (11)

CoS Advice on RRtS
CoS Advice on RtS
TfNSW and RMS Advice on RtS (SSD 8924)
EPA Advice on RtS (SSD 8924)
TfNSW SEARs Response
EPA SEARs Response
OEH SEARs response
OEH_ Heritage SEARs response
RMS SEARs response
Port Authority SEARs response
Sydney Water SEARs response

Amendments (1)

Scoping Meeting Request_20190304035905

Additional Information (3)

Microbat Management Plan
Updated Biodiversity Development Assessment Report
Response to RFI Sydney Fish Market SSDA 8924 8925

Determination (4)

Stamped Plans SSD-8924
Notice Of Decision SSD-8924
Instrument of Determination SSD-8924
Assessment Report SSD-8924

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Stevan Pejic
PYRMONT , New South Wales
A request to provide clarity as to what will be happening with the existing fish market upon completion of the new project.
Upon submission of the funding business case to NSW Treasury, will the project be funded from the potential sale of land encompassing the fish markets which is currently owned by Government Property, namely;
LOT 2/DO126720, LOT 1/DP74155, LOT 1/DP 835351, LOT 1/DP734622, LOT 2/827434 ( please refer to attached screenshot)
If so, I strongly object for any residential, hotel or any type future accommodation development to occur on the aforementioned lots.
My suggestion is for these lands be handed over City of Sydney Council and rezoned E2 or E3 as a Environmental protection or management zone.
Patrick Medley
BIRCHGROVE , New South Wales
The tragedy is that we have probably the best harbour in the world, but that the opportunity for recreational boat users to actually use the harbour, beyond motoring or sailing around it, are very limited. We have very few places in Sydney where boat owners can tie up at the foreshore and enjoy a meal or a drink at foreshore facilities and even make a day of it. Please do not repeat this mistake in the redesign of the Fish Markets - make sure there are plenty of wharf areas and foreshore where boats can tie up for a duration and enjoy the markets. This not only brings more customers to the Markets, but also creates a true nautical atmosphere. Just look at so many towns and cities in Europe where boats can moor up in the centre and enjoy the local attractions, at the same time as creating an attraction in themselves.
Name Withheld
GLEBE , New South Wales
I would like to propose the construction of a light weight pedestrian bridge between Blackwattle bay foreshore walk and the new fish market promenade to achieve a better integration between them. Please see attached sketch (Pedestrian Bridge Proposal.pdf) for better understanding of the proposal.
Mirko Gozzo
PYRMONT , New South Wales
Dear NSW Governament,
I'm writing to show my support to the redevelopment of the fish market; this will greatly improve the quality of the bay area and make Pyrmont a even more attractive place to live.
With no doubts I think in the long term this project will be beneficial but today I'd like to write about the short term pains and in particular about traffic.
As someone living in Pyrmont who regularly uses the Anzac bridge to go to Five Dock, Haberfield, Leichhard and Stratfield I can share how painful is to "get out" of Pyrmont.
As you can see in the drawing I made, there are several flows that all lead to the Anzac bridge. The most painful I believe it's the one coming from Harris Street because you need to cross the road and 9 out of 10, if you don't go when the light has just gone red, you cannot cross that intersection (number 1 on the map)
The second big flow is coming from Wattle Street. All the city South traffic is going through there (number 2 on the map)
Bridge Road is pretty quiet to be honest and I fear that this redevelopment will bring loads of trucks and car on a already stressed road. (number 3)
I don't know if that's something you can do but perhaps having a deeper look at the flow of Pyrmont and the Anzac bridge to see if there is anything that can be done to easy the traffic would be awesome. Also, I would recommend to "force" truck working on the New Fish market to avoid the Anzac Bridge and use the Paramatta Road side through Bridge Road.
All the best and well done!
Mirko Gozzo
Name Withheld
SURRY HILLS , New South Wales
Looks like a good bit of infrastructure, hopefully it is well used.
A group of concerned owners and residents
GLEBE , New South Wales
I represent the owners/residents of units 2-8, 83 Darghan street, and the owners and residents of 104 Darghan street.

We support the Development Application for a new Fish Market at Glebe in general.

However, the EIS fails to consider the impact of a loss of view and the consequential loss of asset value for the above residents.

In particular, the 'Western corridor view' does not consider the significant impact of the proposed development at a height of RL 25 on the much larger footprint of the new fish market building.

The EIS is misleading in portraying a 3 storey building when in fact the height of the proposed development is more typical of a 6-7 storey building.

It is also worth noting the LEP in this western region has a maximum height of 15m above ground level and this proposal exceeds the LEP in the western corner by almost 10m (recognising that the development is not strictly bound by the LEP but should still consider this).

We acknowledge that the existing Hanson concrete structure is RL 30 - but it is a very much smaller footprint than the much larger proposed fish market building.

In summary we request:
1. That the development take into account the significant loss of view on the western corridor imposed on a number of residents.
2. The final building proposal eliminates any loss of view from the residents in the western corridor.
Name Withheld
BALMAIN , New South Wales
The proposal should be re-notified with a correct description of the proposal and its site.
The applicant erroneously described the project as a "New Sydney Fish Market'. This implies that its program is similar to that of the current 'Sydney Fish Market'. It is not. The current Sydney Fish Market is for the most part a seafood wholesale and distribution facility, with a minority of area used for the retail of seafood, tourist facilities. The proposal is a new retail outlet with a minority of area used for the wholesale and distribution of seafood.
Further, the applicant describes the land on which the development application relates as comprising Lots 3 -5 in DP 1064339, part of Lot 107 in DP 1076596, part of Lot 1 inDP835794, part of Lot 3 in DP1018801 and Bridge Road and its intersections with Wattle Street and Wentworth Park Road. The applicant does not include in this description the proposed reclamation of Sydney Harbour's Blackwattle Bay.
Name Withheld
Glebe , New South Wales
I would like to see that you have sufficiently considered traffic management, as the new Fish Market will bring a LOT of new cars into the area. Already a roundabout or traffic lights are vital at the juncture of Wentworth Park Road and St John's Road; these have been needed for 20 years. It's only due to the great good sense and care of drivers that there are not a lot of accidents there.
Secondly, I would like to see details of the landscaping of Blackwattle Bay and Bridge Road. Bridge Road carries a huge amount of traffic and cannot be closed off. One or more pedestrian bridges would be the answer.
Thirdly, the ferry servicing the Fish Market should be fully integrated with other ferry services and with the Opal card system. The present trial is barely satisfactory. The ferry should have a regular timetable - if you want to add on-demand, that's fine, but does not replace the usefulness of a regular service.
Name Withheld
ULTIMO , New South Wales
Dear Honourable Decision Makers,
As a long time local resident in the Ultimo-Pyrmont Precinct, I have seen the local area evolving over the last three decades. I am reasonably in favour of this wonderful major initiative - The New Sydney Fish Market. To minimise any forth coming less positive projected 10/30 years traffic growth scenarios of congestions concerns in the local area, including its proposed frontage roads, and other local roads such as Wattle / Jones St / Wentworth Rd / William Henry St / Bay St, objectively, it would be highly encouraging for a condition in the proposed development approval ( Stages 1 & 2 ) to ensure a suitably qualified Traffic Impacts Assessment Report, covering SIDRA traffic modelling of selected local road intersections are carried out, with realistic population/traffic growth projections of 10 or more years, to minimise any potential traffic congestion/s in the local area - in particular, access and road safety matters. During peak periods, Bridge Rd / Wattle / Wentworth Rd / William Henry St / Bay Street, Pyrmont-Ultimo, are routinely congested - bumper to bumper, and with appropriate local intersections upgrades, it would likely achieve reasonable positive outcomes, et al. Thank you in anticipation. Good work !
Name Withheld
GLEBE , New South Wales
I am a contractor at Hanson construction materials and have worked here at Blackwattle Bay since 2004.
The closure of this plant would mean significant loss of income for me personally as this would mean moving to another plant location outside of the city whereby travel times for my deliveries would be magnified hence reducing my workload. My pay is directly related to the amount of work I do, hemce why this closure would be detrimental to my capacity to earn my income.

On another note this would also mean that Hanson would have to engage more vehicles to do the same amount of work, which would contribute to ever increasing traffic to and from the city.
Team Develop
ELIZABETH BAY , New South Wales
I love the concept and idea in action of the re development of the Bays Precinct of Sydney.
The new Fish Market and Meto Rail Line are brilliant initiatives.
The Fish Market plan by 3XN Architects is world class. This will make this area of Blackwattle Bay a go to destination for Sydney Siders and Visitors.
This precinct has the potential now to be a second Darling Harbour for all.

Recommendations for the the Fish Market area.

1. A Ferry service to the Fish Market area linking the existing nearby Ferry route of Circular Quay to Darling Harbour.

The Bays Precinct recommendations
1. A Helicopter or vertical take off aircraft facility. This can be for rapid transport for People in the general area needing urgent medical assistance. Also for the lifting and delivery of machinery that could be in difficult to access locations in the Bays Precinct or nearby locations.
2. Find a useful purpose for the Glebe Island Silos instead of concrete manufacturing. There's constantly an air pollution problem with concrete dust in this area.
3. Residential and Commercial Development on the foreshore of the Bays Precinct.
4. Outstanding Landscape Architectural development including Parkland and useful outdoor spaces including bike tracks for our community.

I'd love to have more involvement with this great development for the Bays Precinct.
Feel free to contact me so I can be of any service for the Government with this development as a dynamic Consultant.
Thank you,
Name Withheld
I object to the development of the New Sydney Fish Market project. I am employed by Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd, employed as the Plant Manager at the Blackwattle Bay Concrete Batching Plant located at 1A Bridge Road, Glebe NSW 2037. I object to the development of the New Sydney Fish Market for the following reasons:
• The development may limit employment opportunities and create vulnerability to myself and others at Hanson;
• The removal of the concrete batch plant will result in increases to the travel time for agitator trucks to deliver to the Sydney CBD and Inner West. This will impact my ability to service our customers.
• The removal of the concrete batch plant will adversely impact the road network as agitator trucks are required to transport wet concrete greater distances, causing more congestion and adding unproductive hours to my and other road users day.
• I currently supply concrete to support planned development for the Sydney CBD and Inner West over the next twenty years. The demolition of the site without its proposed replacement in operation at Glebe Island (SSD 8554), could result in an unreliable supply of concrete to current and future construction demands.
Name Withheld
ORCHARD HILLS , New South Wales
I have worked at the Blackwattle Bay plant for 34 years ,if it closes my future employment is uncertain.Finding other work especially at my age would be difficult.This also applies to some of my fellow workers.This plant has supplied a signiicant amount of concrete to the Sydney market.Its closure would incur concrete trucks travelling further distances from other plants to service our customers e.g. Westconnex, increasing traffic on roads and reducing reliability of delivery to such customers.
Name Withheld
GLEBE , New South Wales
I support the project.

I live in Glebe, and i walk to the fish market almost every week.

Please advise what steps will be taken to deal with the following issues ...
(a) smells emanating from the fish market and adversely affecting local residents, and
(b) the presence of birds, notably ibis and seagulls, adversely affecting the use and enjoyment of people using the dining areas at the fish market.
Declan M
GLEBE , New South Wales
This project is yet another of the state governments blatant ignorance of local concerns and consultation. This size of a development for Sydney is not needed - especially in this already over developed region. Restructure and work on the already existing fish markets!
This is harmful and damaging to the already decimated populations of Sydney residents. The state government consistently makes no effort to actually value citizens of the state and continuously push and price lower socio-economic groups/families/impoverished peoples out of the city of Sydney i.e. the citizens of Millers Point. The long term impacts of this project will be felt for generations and this is yet another example of why I am ashamed to say I live in a country that does not care for the needs of its citizens.
daniel kalajiovski
BEXLEY , New South Wales
I have worked with hanson for 7 years i love where i work and the people i work with. With the downturn in the market im afraid if the fish market proceeds i may be made redundant and forced to look for another job which will put financial strain on my family and i.
Hylda Rolfe
WATSONS BAY , New South Wales
Please see attachment
HOMEBUSH , New South Wales
Anthony Chow
Parramatta ,
Antonio Guedes
Parramatta ,


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