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Neringah Seniors Housing & Hospital


Current Status: Response to Submissions

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Demolition of existing hospital building, site and earthworks, and construction of two 4-5 storey buildings comprising 60 self contained dwellings, 9 residential aged care facility beds, and 18 palliative care beds.

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition

SEARs (1)

Industry Specific SEARs Seniors Housing

EIS (44)

Environmental Impact Statement
Appendix A_Site Compatibility Certificate
Appendix B_Architectural Drawings
Appendix C_Architectural Design Report
Appendix D_Survey
Appendix E_Landowners Consent
Appendix F_Engagement Outcomes Report
Appendix G_Lighting Design Statement
Appendix H_Wind Impact Assessment
Appendix I_Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix J_CPTED Report
Appendix K_Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report
Appendix L_Arboricultural Plans
Appendix M_Landscape Plans
Appendix N_Ecologically Sustainable Development Report
Appendix O_Traffic and Parking Assessment
Appendix P_BDAR Waiver
Appendix Q_Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment
Appendix R_Geotechnical Assessment
Appendix S_Salinity Investigation
Appendix T_Acid Sulfate Soil Assessment
Appendix U_Integrated Water Management Plan
Appendix V_Civil Design Report
Appendix W_Civil Drawings
Appendix X_Flood Risk Assessment
Appendix Y_Preliminary Dangerous Goods Screening
Appendix Z_Detailed Site Investigation
Appendix AA_Sampling, Analysis and Quality Plan
Appendix BB_Remediation Action Plan
Appendix CC_Waste Management Plan
Appendix DD_Hazardous Building Materials Survey
Appendix EE_Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report
Appendix FF_Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix GG_Historical Archaeological Assessment
Appendix HH_Accessibility Design Review Report
Appendix II_Building Code of Australia Compliance Statement
Appendix JJ_Social Impact Assessment
Appendix KK_Infrastructure Requirements & Utility Statement
Appendix LL_Hydraulic Services Report
Appendix MM_Capital Investment Value Statement
Appendix NN_Section 10.7 Planning Certificate
Appendix OO_Archdale Walk Upgrade Plans
Appendix PP_Archdale Walk Access Statement
Appendix QQ_Archdale Walk Upgrade Pre-DA Comments

Response to Submissions (1)

Request RTS Letter

Agency Advice (6)

HNSW ACH EIS (SSD-45121248)
SSD and SSI - Comment letter - EIS_AppId_2342
TfNSW Response for SSD-45121248-EIS
Letter Out - Neringah Seniors - EIS
Ku-ring-Gai Council Objection SSD-45121248 13.03.2023
EHG Advice EIS SSD-45121248


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Ku-ring-gai Council
GORDON , New South Wales
Owners Strata Plan 100500 (14-18 Neringah Ave South Wahroonga
ULTIMO , New South Wales
Key concerns for No 14-18 Neringah Avenue owners relate to the lack of deep soil landscape setbacks to the northern boundary. The bulk of the building setbacks are paved driveway which directly abuts the boundary near the street frontage and the basement entry structure which is sited 1.63m from the side boundary. There is also some concerns relating to removal of street trees (plans inconsistent) and suitability of the carriageway to accommodate more large trucks on the 6.5m wide carriageway (not 10m as stated in the EIS Traffic Report) along an already congested section of the road, particularly during busier school arrival/departure periods.

A detailed submission with relevant photos and plan extracts is attached.
gordon pullin
WAHROONGA , New South Wales
The proposal places a major service driveway (which will involve trucks, ambulances, rubbish disposal vehicles etc) within very close proximity to The Sirius residential apartment block. there will be an enormous amount of disruptive noise-24 hours a day- from this driveway, disturbing the amenity, peace and sleep of all the residents, especially those on the Southern end of that apartment block.
I strongly request that this service entrance be placed at the main entrance to the building, to decrease the intrusion by this extremely close and disruptive access route, when there are clearly less disruptive options available!
Bruce Mowbray
WAHROONGA , New South Wales
Further to my earlier submission about the roadway, I am writing to object to the location of the service drive way and entrance at the northern end of the proposed development. The proposal locates this driveway and carpark lid within the 6m setback from the side boundary and adjacent to our apartment.
The current service driveway is located some 40-50m from the side boundary. This is utilised by garbage trucks throughout the night, and during the day by trucks delivering prepared meals (daily), gas supplies and medical supplies. It is also used by undertakers and other vehicles. Ambulances currently use a driveway south of the service driveway.
The proposal locates this driveway less than 7m from apartments on the southern side of The Sirius building. The noise generated from heavy vehicles using this drive way will impact on the amenity of these properties and potentially reduce their value.
I am asking the planning commission to seek amendment of the plans to co-locate the service entry with the main entry to the carpark.
GORDON , New South Wales
Please see attached Ku-ring-gai Council's objection to SSD-45121238.
Bruce Mowbray
WAHROONGA , New South Wales
Submission: Neringah Seniors Housing & Hospital (SSD – 45121248

As owners and residents of an apartment in ‘The Sirius’ development adjacent to the proposed development my wife and I will overlook and be overlooked by the proposed development.
Although we are not opposed in-principle to the development, seeing it as a valuable and necessary community resource, we are concerned that the development approval minimises the impact on residents of Neringah Ave South.
The main issue of concern is that the northern 50 metres of Neringah Ave South narrows making that part of the street essentially suitable only for one-way traffic. As it currently stands, when two vehicles approach this section of road from opposite directions, one has to wait until the other has traversed that section of the road. This problem is not recognised in the applicant’s supporting documentation.
Further the traffic studies supporting the application are out of date. The changes to the Pacific Highway, completed in December 2022, have impacted and changed traffic flows in Neringah Ave South and adjacent areas.
In particular, installation of traffic lights restricting egress from the Wahroonga Village shopping precinct onto the Pacific Highway have resulted in the traffic within the village being gridlocked at certain times of the day, especially at the commencement and completion of the school day, Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings.
Consequently, vehicular traffic has increased in Neringah Ave South as drivers seek to avoid the section of Coonanbarra Road between the Pacific Highway and Railway Road.
Another concern is the impact of increased heavy vehicle usage during the construction period. This will involve trucks transporting machinery and materials, and those removing soil and fill from excavations.
Neringah Ave South is used also by city workers for commuter parking. Access to these parking spaces will be severely restricted during the construction period as parking is reserved for, or taken up by construction workers.
It is expected also that once the project is completed there will be increased traffic in the street as families visit patients in the enlarged hospital complex.
We are asking that a condition of approval of the hospital redevelopment includes a requirement the northern end of Neringah Ave South to be widened to make it suitable for two-way traffic, prior to the commencement of construction.
Name Withheld
Wahroonga , New South Wales
David Paul Sutherland
Wahroonga , New South Wales
I support the proposal, but there are real problems particularly during the construction period
Name Withheld
WAHROONGA , New South Wales
Wahroonga does not have the facilities to enable additional traffic within this majority residential suburb and currently struggles with traffic generated from Abbotsleigh Jnr to Neringah Hospital which does not have enough onsite parking (which the company charges family and staff to use) therefore there is multiple cars strewn across the streets close to the hospital site and also use of the train commuters and village parking areas. We have several traffic bottlenecks from Woonona Avenue, Neringah Avenue South, Warwilla Avenue, Railway Parade and Coonanbarra Road that sees traffic back up along these roads causing major delays and car accidents. Wahroonga does not have the infrastructure to deal with the influx of the increasing traffic generated by such a development coming to a once peaceful and environmentally friendly suburb with green-scape that is progressively being annihilated by overinflated developments and increase in population. Also access was removed for residents that had for over twenty years, were able to go through the hospital from Woonona Avenue to Neringah Avenue South and down to the village when the last development occurred, this was a community access which assisted residents a quicker way to get to the village but also commuter's, therefore removing addition of cars being driven so another community arrangement gone to suit these evasive developments, losing the community spirit and more focused on making money while stepping over residents who live in this suburb due to the environment and street scape. The current state and size of the hospital seems to fit within Wahroonga but the proposed size, lack of onsite free parking for visitors without inhabiting residential streets, increase of cars to the area, pollution without any resolution is a barbaric move to only appease money making businesses while stepping on the residents of Wahroonga and our once peaceful and green village and environment, there fore I have to voice by sincerest hope that this development does not progress in the current form proposed and consider the impact on the current and future generations that would like to live in this suburb without being thrust in to a cookie cutter, over-populated, polluted, concrete jungle.


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