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SSD Modifications


Modification 2 to New Tweed Valley Hospital - Concept Proposal modifications

Tweed Shire

Current Status: Determination

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  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Exhibition
  3. Collate Submissions
  4. Response to Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

- New building envelopes for a multi-deck car park and temporary building
- Increased hospital beds
- Changes to existing envelopes
- Increase floor area to 65,050 sqm
- Relocation of electrical switching station kiosk
- Revised landscaping

Attachments & Resources

Modification Application (11)

Modification Application_20190927015040
2682-1220 TVH SSD9575 Modification Application V2
Appendix A - Plans and Drawings Part 1
Appendix A - Plans and Drawings Part 3
Appendix E - Visual Impact Assessment Part 1
Appendix E - Visual Impact Assessment Part 2
Appendix E - Visual Impact Assessment Part 3
Appendix A - Plans and Drawings Part 2
Appendix B - Architectural and Urban Design Report
Appendix D - Biodiversity Assessment
Appendix C - Traffic Assessment

Response to Submissions (20)

Request RTS_15112019_115021
TVH SSD2 and Mod 2 Drawing Register
SSD-9575-Mod-2 TVH Modification 2 RTS V3
Appendix F Updated CTPM Sub Plan Part 1
Appendix F Updated CTPM Sub Plan - Part 2
Appendix F - Traffic and Transport Response
Appendix E - Civil and Stormwater Response
Appendix D Updated VIA - Part7
Appendix D Updated VIA - Part6
Appendix D Updated VIA - Part5
Appendix D Updated VIA - Part4
Appendix D Updated VIA - Part3
Appendix D Updated VIA - Part2
Appendix D Updated VIA - Part1
Appendix C Arch and Urban Design Response
Appendix B Stage 1 Works Plans Updated
Appendix B Concept Plans Drawings Pt1 No Change
Appendix B Concept Plans Drawings Pt 3 Updated
Appendix B Concept Plans Drawings Pt 2 No Change
Appendix A Mod 2 Public Subs Coding Frame

Determination (4)

SSD-9575-Mod-2 - Approved Plans
SSD Modification Notice of Decision - template (1)
SSD 9575 MOD 2 Report signed
SSD 9575 MOD 2 Instrument of Modification

Consolidated Consent (1)

SSD 9575 Mod 2 Consolidated Consent


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EPA comments on concept Modification proposal SSD-9575
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Thank you for your referral dated 4 October 2019 inviting comments on MOD 2 from the Heritage
Council of NSW for the above proposal.

The subject site is not listed on the State Heritage Register (SHR), nor is it in the vicinity of any
SHR items. The site also does not contain any known historical archaeological sites. Therefore,
no further heritage comments are required. The Department does not need to refer subsequent
stages of this proposal to the Heritage Council of NSW.

Please note that the Greater Sydney Planning Team within the Climate Change &
Sustainability Division may provide separate comment in relation to Aboriginal cultural

If you have any questions regarding the above advice please contact me using the below details.


Katrina Stankowski

Katrina Stankowski | Senior Team Leader, Regional Heritage Assessments North
Heritage NSW, Department of Premier and Cabinet
Level 6, 10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta, 2150 | Locked Bag 5020, Parramatta, 2124
T: 9873 8569 | [email protected]
Name Withheld
KINGSCLIFF , New South Wales
Tweed Valley Hospital

Gross overdevelopment of a semi-rural area with dramatic negative impacts on a small coastal town that will change it forever. Now amended to be almost 20% larger than the original concept.

Carried out in a series of deceptions including manipulation and addition of selection criteria to achieve an outcome.

Deception continues with visual impact assessments making use of very wide-angle lens to distort and to minimise visual effects. Shots of the proposed hospital from the top of McPhail Avenue and from Oceanview Drive, 400 metres away, are in no way representative of the impact to the human eye of a 9 storey hospital on the scenic plateau. Likewise, the artistic concept illustrations used, particularly of the front of the hospital would allow people to run through fields of flowers before reaching the hospital environs - which are actually not set far back from the main Cudgen Road and which have been moved closer in the revised planning.

Deception from start to finish. The local member assuring people that the design would be incorporated into the slope - couldn’t be further from the truth. The local member assuring people that parking would be free and that it would not impinge on local roads - now a 10 storey parking lot is proposed and who is to pay for this - along with precedent in other NSW hospitals it will be paid parking. As with elsewhere, this will see people parking in neighbourhood streets.

Road modifications are beyond ridiculous. The small roundabout at Turnock Street/Cudgen Road can’t handle two cars negotiating the turn in different lanes without one car inevitably crossing into the other land, and you propose an access road from the hospital on what is a blind corner to make matters worse. Increased traffic on Tweed Coast Road and Cudgen Road will be too much for the intersection at the lights to handle. At peak times and during holidays it already comes to a standstill and your own study states that this intersection already is grossly inefficient.

Deception and weasel words again suggesting that the ground level doesn’t constitute a ‘storey’ and is therefore not included/ignored in the total height in storeys of the development. There is no way the development is ‘visually compatible with existing visual contexts’ and planning approvals have been taken out of the hands of Tweed Shire Council that has consistently opposed the location of this hospital on SS Farmland and because of the impacts it will have on Kingscliff/Cudgen and on the Tweed Heads central business district.

The amended bed numbers (545) will take immediate effect and yet maximum traffic estimates are based on a 391 bed hospital as at 2023 and 499 bed hospital in 2033. Traffic surveys already suggest that the lighted intersection of the Tweed Coast Road and Cudgen Road is not adequate for existing traffic and the study also says that no major upgrade is proposed because of the potential to upgrade the Tweed Coast Road to 4 lanes some time in the future. You would know that this is dependent on Kings Forrest approvals and works beginning there and would be funded by the proponents of Kings Forrest. Also you would know that Kings Forrest was an alternative location for a purpose built hospital with designed infrastructure to cater to the traffic flows and without the disruptions and upheavals that long term residents will be forced to endure now and into the future.

No recognition or compensation is given to the ‘SHED’, a small local business that has existed opposite the site for as long as I have lived here - 20 + years. Disruption to business when passing traffic chooses to take alternative routes to avoid delays and congestion and when lights are installed making it impossible for traffic heading towards Kingscliff to turn into the sheds parking area. The owners had to pay several thousand or more dollars to have a no parking lane added on the hospital side of Cudgen Road but no mention of compensation here. On a smaller scale it is akin to the lack of consideration for businesses that has occurred elsewhere when the state government embarks on massive development that bulldozers the local character, local concerns and the viability and amenity of the locale.

In this case of abominable planning decisions without redress or appeal. I will watch this monstrosity rise from the red soil dust and forever destroy the rural outlook we used to enjoy and the quiet coastal village atmosphere we came here for, many years ago.
Department of Primary Industries
Please find the Department of Primary Industries comments in the attached letter.
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Canberra ,
See attached
Detailed biodiversity comments from the Biodiversity and Conservation Division are attached. We have no issues to raise with this proposal.
Chippendale , New South Wales
Hi Aditi
Thank you for inviting us to review the subject proposal. Please find attached our submission.
Kind regards,
Billy Yung
Grafton , New South Wales
RMS Response letter attached.
Dot Holdom
KINGSCLIFF , New South Wales
Submission on Modification 2 Application State Significant Development #9575 New Tweed Valley Hospital.

My submission is in support of the proposal to modify the Concept Plan (as approved 11/6/19) for the as advertised and exhibited modifications. New building envelopes for a multi-deck car park and temporary building, increased hospital beds, changes to existing envelopes, increase floor area to 65,050 sqm, relocation of electrical switching station kiosk and revised landscaping.

Dot Holdom
Tweed Shire Council
MURWILLUMBAH , New South Wales
Please see attached Tweed Shire Council submission. Please call Denise Galle on (02) 6670 2459 if further information is required.
Name Withheld
CUDGEN , New South Wales
I am writing because I am the owner occupier of a townhouse at xxxxx, Cudgen. My property backs onto Tweed Coast Road and both bedroom windows look towards the hospital site. I am concerned that there has not been a noise and vibration assessment completed for this section of the road. Due to the proximity of the townhouses (xxxxx, Cudgen) to the Tweed Coast Road/Cudgen Road intersection upgrade, I am dissatisfied with the lack of consideration for the potential of increased noise caused by traffic accessing the hospital site.
I am concerned that:
- There will be a substantial increase of traffic along Tweed Coast Road.
- There will be an increased level of noise caused by the multilayered car-park and the backup electrical generator which will be on the western side of the hospital and in sight from both bedroom windows.
- That the helicopter pad will generate noise at night as well as flashing lights.
- That Sirens and flashing lights from emergency vehicles will affect the sleeping conditions at my residence.
I request that a noise impact assessment for the residence of 6 John Robb Way Cudgen be conducted and a sound barrier be installed where the property backs onto the Tweed Coast Road as well as double glazed windows to help mitigate the effects of noise pollution caused by the Tweed Valley Hospital.
Name Withheld
COFFS HARBOUR , New South Wales


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