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SSD Modifications


Modification 2 Loreto Kirribilli - External design amendments and installation of a new kiosk substation

North Sydney

Current Status: Determination

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  3. Collate Submissions
  4. Response to Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

Modification of the approved Concept Proposal and Stage 1 works to include design amendments and a kiosk substation fronting Carrabella Street.

Attachments & Resources

Modification Application (11)

Appendix G_View Analysis
Appendix F_Land Plns and Land Masterplan Report
Appendix I_Civil Report and Plans
Appendix B_Substation Drawings
Appendix H_Acoustic Advice
Appendix D_Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix E_Electrical Services Statement
Appendix C_Connection Offer
16205_Loreto_Mod 2_S4.55(1A)_1May2020
Appendix A_Architectural Drawings_Stage 1
Appendix A_Architectural Drawings_Masterplan

Response to Submissions (3)

Request RTS_22062020_095728
Attachment A_Lift Materiality Statement
Loreto Kirribilli Mod 2_RFI_19Aug2020

Determination (4)

SSD 7919 Modification Assessment Report
SSD 7919 MOD 2 - Instrument of Modification
SSD 7919 MOD 2 - Drawings
SSD 7919 MOD 2 - Modification Notice of Decision

Consolidated Consent (1)

SSD 7919 MOD 2 - Consolidated Consent


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Wayne Rees
KIRRIBILLI , New South Wales
I object to the project in totality for reasons of the ever increasing scale and negative impost that Loretto and St Aloysuis have on the local community. Both schools have continued to grow unchecked and now dominate this very small community. Moreover, the schools add nothing to the community rather they simply seek to extract as much value as possible without little or no consideration to the local residents.I attach a paper I submitted to the Planning Hearing in respect to St Aloysuis expansion plans that provided a more detailed explanation of my concerns. Unfortunately, I did have the opportunity to submit my concerns at the Loretto Hearing as I became aware of what was occurring too late.
In respect to the current request for modifications, I object to: -
- the further removal of 9 Trees. This is a 'leafy' suburb that Loretto wishes to replace with its ever increasing 'concrete jungle'.
- The heritage report suggests that there will be no impact in respect to 44 nor 48 Carabella St and a minor impact on 71 Carabella St. That is a matter of opinion. I have lived in Kirribilli for 20+ years and inclusion of such a substation and removal of local flora can only have a detrimental visual impact.
Name Withheld
Kirribilli , New South Wales
I live within 2 houses of Loreto School. I have a professional business which operates from our home. I need to be able to make telephone calls to conduct this business. The noise for this project from December 2019 through to and including March was unacceptably loud. So loud it was not possible to conduct a conversation in the house or make a telephone call without shouting. The house would vibrate with certain excavation activities. New cracks have opened up. No dilapidation report was undertaken on the house before the development occurred. Despite this breach nothing has been done. No further works should be undertaken on this project until noise mitigation measures and remediation of the cracking has been undertaken on the house. The stress levels from the noise resulted in my face to face complaining to the Principal of the School and the project manager. Remarkably while outside the Principal's office I noticed that the noise was significantly less than at the house 2 doors down. Over the period Jan to May I made several complaints to the Department about the noise.
North Sydney Council
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
Hi Kathryne
Council does not have any comments to provide for the proposal.
Kind Regards
Kim Rothe


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