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Part3A Modifications


Mod 2 - Hours of Operation

Tweed Shire

Current Status: Determination

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Determination (3)

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Planning Assessment Commission Letter 8.8.2012_MP 07...
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John Watson
Bogangar , New South Wales
Proposed Modification - The basis of these modifications seems to be that they have been accepted by Mullumbimby residents. We would suggest that Cabarita Beach/Bongangar and Mullumbimby are two totally different communities. The Mullumbimby development was in the centre of a much larger town and without resident neighbours. The Cabarita development has residential neighbour DIRECTLY opposite the car park

New Condition G3A - We live directly across the road from this development's car park and are therefore directly affected by increased road noise past our property and entry and exit noises from the development. We do not wish to have our Sundays or Public holidays disturbed by increased noise levels at our property by allowing deliveries between 10am and 12pm( whether that is 12 noon or 12 midnight). We are not interested in allowing a three month trial where the applicant is the recorder of any objections.

New Condition G5A - We do not see the need for us to have increased traffic and entry and exit noise at our property past the original closing times of 5:30pm on Mon to Wed; 9:00pm on Thursday; 5:30pm on Friday; 5:00pm on Sat; and 4:00pm on Sunday.

New Condition G5B and C and D - This condition does not address the noise past our property caused by increased traffic and entry and exit noise past our door. It only addressed the noise in the developments allotment.


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