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SSD Modifications


Mod 2- Amendment to Development Corridor

Hilltops, Upper Lachlan Shire, Yass Valley

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Exhibition
  3. Collate Submissions
  4. Response to Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

To update development corridor and internal access tracks for the project.

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition

Modification Application (1)

Mod 2 Report

Response to Submissions (1)

Response to Submissions

Agency Advice (3)

BCD comments
Heritage Comments
Crown Lands Comments

Determination (3)

SSD-MOD Assessment Report
SSD-MOD Instrument
SSD-MOD Notice of Decision

Consolidated Consent (1)

Consolidated consent


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John McGrath
WOOLGARLO , New South Wales
John McGrath
Black Range Road
Yass NSW 2582
Ph. 0408268173
[email protected] 9th August 2022
I wish to submit an objection against Mod 2 SSD 6693 and future construction by TILT Renewables of 2 additional access points from the Rye Park Dalton Road to their existing project, known as the Rye Park wind farm for the following reason:
1. Has anyone from NSW DPIE done the maths on what TILT Renewables propose to do?
To save 1.020 Kilometres of access road TILT Renewables intend impacting 14.59 Hectares?
Equate that out and that’s 1 Hectare for every 69.91 meters?
This doesn’t sound like an environmentally friendly move to many people?
2. 2 additional access points make for 2 additional potentially extra vehicular impact sites?
3. Considering the local community are seeing from road works already done in public by TILT Renewable’s earth moving contractors Zenviron leading to but not limited to blocked driveways, flooded driveways, and large-scale erosion etc. Leaving the Rye Park community concerned as to what condition the “unseen” earthworks instigated by this TILT Renewable’s earth moving contractors Zenviron will be left in?
4. The Rye Park residents and road users are already heavily impacted by the amount of oversized traffic and increased traffic passes whether it be hold ups at road works or impacted roads bitumen or gravel, that NSW DPIE Compliance Team doesn’t appear to have any control over?
Therefore, I strongly object to TILT Renewable’s being granted Rye Park wind farm Mod 2 SSD 6693.
John McGrath
Upper Lachlan Shire Council
Crookwell , New South Wales
Upper Lachlan Shire Council has no objection to the proposed modification providing conditions of consent remain unaltered.
Yass Valley Council
Yass , New South Wales
Hilltops Council
Young , New South Wales
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Application Number
Main Project
Assessment Type
SSD Modifications
Development Type
Electricity Generation - Wind
Local Government Areas
Hilltops, Upper Lachlan Shire, Yass Valley
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