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SSD Modifications


MOD 1 - Removing Turbines & Increase Turbine Dimensions

Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Monaro Regional

Current Status: More Information Required

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Due to a recent amendment to State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 the consent authority for this project is now the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces. The Minister has delegated determination of the project to the Department.

Reducing the overall number of turbines, and increasing dimensions of the Yandra cluster turbines, including a tip height increase from 152 m to 200 m.

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Boco Rock Wind MOD 1 - Environmental Assessment

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Additional Information - 7 Aug 2020
DPIE letter to CWP - 7 July 2021.
Request for Information - Biodiversity - 07 July 2021
DPIE letter to CWP - 3 Sept 2021.
Amendment Report July 2020


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Mick Findlay
Middlingbank , New South Wales
In the past 18 months I purchased a property near Nimmitabel which has
wind towers located on the property and in close proximity to the

The closest of these towers is located 900 metres from the main house.
Whilst the proposed towers will not be as close to the main house as
the current towers, the majority of the proposed towers will be in
full view.

The current modification proposal is based on larger towers but a
significantly reduced number than was originally approved. In my
opinion this will improve the visual impact of the project.

As a landholder who will be significantly impacted from a visual
perspective, I fully support the proposed modification.
Richard McIntyre
moorooduc , Victoria
The current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is around 400ppm
and rising. This is more than 100ppm greater than at any other time
over the last 800,000 years (determined from Antarctic ice cores).
This is a major medium to long term threat to the future of human kind
on this planet through climate change.
The most important response to this situation is to stop pumping
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The continuing development of
renewable electrical energy facilities is a vital part of this.
The proposed wind farm is not only contributing to this but will help
the local community with jobs and financial inputs.
Susan Petersen
Jindabyne , New South Wales
I live in Jindabyne and work in Cooma. I support the wind farm as I
believe it has brought many benefits to the region with more jobs and
funding for community groups. I drive past the wind farm quite often
on my way to the coast and really enjoy the look of them as it shows
the region to be very progressive and forward thinking. I am
supportive of renewable energy in all forms.
Name Withheld
Mount Hunter , New South Wales
I think that this wind farm is exactly what the area needs. I believe the
wind farm will benefit the local community and promote jobs in the
These jobs could also include apprenticeships/opportunities for
younger people

Renewable energy should be promoted
Brad Jachmann
, New South Wales
Stage 2 will be incredible for the local community in terms of community
funding and support. The wind farm next employees resident
technicians, it trains up locals and gives back to the community.
My biggest concern is employment in the area for the youth. The
expansion means more jobs for locals. The wind industry growth is so
large that they're taking all the labour in their local areas and
beyond. This means this project will be built by locals for locals.
Please approve this project.
Sam Herbert
1 , New South Wales
I am writing in support of the boco rock 2 development.
The positives include more permanent jobs in the area.
Provideing support to the local community.
Regards Sam
Luke Williams
Kalbar , Queensland
Hi I currently work for fieldcore as a travel technician. I have been
working on and off and living in your community 3 weeks out of ever
month for the last 6 months. I eat at your restaurants, shop in your
community, and use your local corporate cars to be picked up from
Canberra or Cooma airport. A lot of the work is done in the off peak
period so we stay in accommodation that would normally be empty. I
wish my community had the opportunity to have any power generation
industry around as we have a large unemployment issue.

Kind regards

Luke Williams
Katrina Taylor
Berridale , New South Wales
My family have had great fun going out to the wind farm and taking photos
with the wind turbines. We live in Berridale and my partner's family
lives in Bombala, so we are very familiar with the current wind farm.
I believe it is a positive change to build fewer but larger turbines.
I talk about the importance of renewable energy including solar and
wind farms with my children and it is great for them to be able to see
a renewable energy project first hand. I also think it is great that
the new turbines will add more money to the community fund which has
already helped so many people in the local community.
Name Withheld
Middlingbank , New South Wales
As a young adult, I speak on behalf of future Monaro residents who have
been disheartened by the collective ignorance of the major political
parties, in denying climate change. Current local and national
governments are continuing to marginalize the segment of the
population who will be most greatly impacted by the current
investments in energy. Our generation is the future of this region,
however our say is not valued. It is imperative to proactively invest
in renewable energy infrastructure and establish a sustainable energy
network to ensure the viability of this region a before the coal runs
out. We must not prioritize the wishes of a small minority who will
not be impacted by their own lack of foresight.
Name Withheld
BERRIDALE , New South Wales
I am in favour of Boco Rock Windfarm because of the future need for green
energy. It brings jobs and prosperity to our region.
Name Withheld
BERRIDALE , New South Wales
I support Boco Rock Windfarm as it is an extremely important part of
Australias Green Energy for the future of our country and the world
Name Withheld
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
Based on our experience over the last 5-6 years of stage 1, we strongly
recommend the following:
Tourism: Given the interest in the wind farm, both locally and in the
wider community, we would like to see a viewing platform incorporated
into stage 2. This was part of the 2010 Statement of Commitments given
by the proponent "Consideration of a parking or stopping bay if
required". Incorporation of a viewing platform would minimise
trespassing on local landowners private property, and thus
compromising the farmers bio security plans, by those wanting to get a
closer view of the turbines. A viewing platform should also minimise
any future potential road accidents by all road users by encouraging
those who wish to take photos to exit their vehicles at a designated
location . A garbage bin located at the viewing platform should also
encourage tourists to dispose of their McDonald wrappers and coffee
cups in a more appropriate manner.
To further enhance the tourist experience, and to generate further
foot traffic for the local business in the village of Nimmitabel, the
"spare" blade (the blade that was damaged during in stage 1
construction phase) should be located in an appropriate place in
Nimmitabel (Lake Williams) along with an information cube.

Traffic & Transport: We feel the Council missed an excellent
opportunity during Stage 1 to have Springfield Road sealed and
upgraded by the proponents. In a submission by the Council to the
development proposal it was requested:
"Council would insist on Springfield Road being sealed from the
current end of the sealed formation to a point past the intersection
of Avon Lake Road to maintain all weather access, and beyond if
traffic demand requires."
Perhaps this missed opportunity was because of the amalgamation, and
at sign-off, there was not an elected Mayor in place. But let's not
miss this opportunity this time. Given the drought conditions at
present, with no change in sight, no one needs more dust being
generated by a lot of additional traffic for 12 months or more.
The additional traffic, the narrow road, no centre line, and the haste
in which all road users travel, Springfield Road in its current
condition is an accident waiting to happen.
Christine Haylock
Springfield , New South Wales
We are one of the landholders within the Yandra cluster. As larger, more
efficient turbines have been developed since stage 1 was constructed,
it makes sense to use these in building stage 2. Overall there will be
less turbines but they will be taller - more visual impact, but right
next door to the current windfarm, so in an area already used in this
Turbines would give us an added income stream on our farm, which helps
to further develop the farm and also to manage periods of drought. The
benefits to us are obvious.
The benefit of developing this site is in the current windfarm already
being in place. 20 more turbines, even if they are taller, will not
have as much impact as a separate, new development would have on the
surrounding area.
From our property we already see many of the current turbines. Land
use around those turbines is now back to normal and those farms
function around them. Windpower is a form of power generation that
coexists with other land use, with disturbance mostly during
construction and little during the years of generation.
Sidney Downie
Cooma , New South Wales
I object to the proposal to change the current approval to erecting 300m
wind towers. The visual impact of 135m towers is bad enough in our
otherwise pristine environment but, even though fewer, 300m towers
would be more offensive to the eye. This is especially so along a
major tourist route, being much more individually obtrusive and
visible from a considerably greater distance.
Indi Herbert
FISHER , Australian Capital Territory
Renewable energy never runs out, wind is the fastest growing energy
source in the world and we need to ensure that we reach those
benchmarks. It is extremely important that future planning is based
around renewables. This Boco Rock Wind Farm is already a proven
success and contributes to reducing the of carbon emissions, it is
perfectly complimentary for the Snowy Mountains to inspire a greener
future alongside the Snowy Scheme. It is cost effective source of
power once it is established, the local land owners receive a source
of income and the project employs many staff, locals included.
Name Withheld
Jindabyne , New South Wales
Green Energy is the way of the future, this is a must to be able to put a
stop to the coal industry that is ruining this earth and the future of
this planet for generations to come. Yes to wind farms.
John Bowe
Cooma , New South Wales
I am fairly ambivalent on whether we need windfarms on the Monaro, be
they 135m or 200m high. There are many more issues much more important
to me in the local area. We do need to rationalise our nation power
generation & wind generation will always play a part in this. If
Monaro needs to play a larger role in this I would leave up to the
Isabel Harrington
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I believe in wind power and am happy that we have this previous
installation being added to. With regard to the Community Enhancement
Fund which will be generated by these additional towers I strongly
believe this monies should be spend within the Nimmitabel Community
for necessary facilities in our town. In the previous installation the
Nimmitabel Community did not benefit in any way during the
installation phase.
John Harrington
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I support the new submission for higher towers as it will generate more
electricity, more efficiently. I believe that property owners who are
in sight of the new wind towers will be compensated and this pleases
Susan Bailey
COOMA , New South Wales
I would like to support the next stage of the Boco Rock Wind Farm. The
existing facility has been a great boost to the region, providing
employment as well as support for community projects and initiatives.
This has helped to enrich our town, as the government funding in these
areas has reduced over the past years. I also support the project for
environmental reasons and am proud that our region is supporting
renewable energy sources. I am aware that some people think they are
unsightly; I don't agree, they look alot better than miles of
electricity towers and wires. They also have much less impact than a
coal-fired power station, which ruins the landscape in so many ways.


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