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SSI Modifications


Mod 1 - Bankstown Station

Canterbury-Bankstown, Inner West

Current Status: Determination

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Revised station design for Bankstown Station. Includes the provision of a new north-south connection across the rail corridor between Appian Way and Restwell Street.

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Response to Submissions

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jiachen xu
BANKSTOWN , New South Wales
I personally supporting this great project and i am looking forward to seeing the New Southwest Bankstown Metro Line operating well in 2024
BELMORE , New South Wales
Belmore 2192 rejects the project as Belmore2192 does not support the SW Metro.
Restore Inner West Line & Save T3 Bankstown Line
Lidcombe , New South Wales
The proposal to redesign Bankstown Station as part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest is the NSW Government acting in defiance of the Legislative Council Inquiry into the Sydenham to Bankstown conversion. The Inquiry report released on 9 April 2020 explicitly recommends that the Sydney Metro Southwest (Sydenham to Bankstown) project not proceed. The Parliamentary Inquiry also noted that the case for converting for Sydenham to Bankstown has not been properly made.

This proposal for Bankstown Station is also another missed opportunity to address community questions about future transport services for the west of Bankstown especially with the proposed extension of Metro Southwest to Liverpool. Simply put the design of Bankstown Station is incompatible with Sydney Trains (heavy rail) services and the Metro to Liverpool.

The NSW Government should explain its proposal to extend the Metro from Bankstown to Liverpool, and announce which properties will be acquired for the route. Unless the proposal is to acquire thousands of homes through Bankstown, Condell Park, Georges, Hall, Chipping Norton, Liverpool for an above ground Metro line, it's very likely that the Metro would be underground with a tunnel dive site west of Bankstown Station (likely resulting in the demolition of the Bankstown Arts Centre).

As Transport for NSW and Sydney Metro have ruled out the construction of an underground Bankstown Metro Station, the issue of how Bankstown can have both Sydney Trains (heavy rail) and Metro services to Liverpool in future must be answered. There is also the longer term question of allocating (underground) space for the Parramatta to Kogarah via Bankstown line.

The proposed overbridge between Appian Way and Restwell Street fails to adequately allow for future expansion of the station in housing 4 platforms (2 islands side by side). A 4 platformed Bankstown Station (in a widened rail corridor) would be required for Sydney Trains (heavy rail) to stop at the station and for Sydney Metro services to stop at the station before proceeding underground towards Liverpool. A Sydenham Station style cross platform track plan at Bankstown Station would be needed if Metro were to continue to Liverpool from Bankstown.

While north-south connectivity is enhanced in the Bankstown CBD, the proposal for an overbridge between Appian Way and Restwell Street is not future focused enough and would appear to be creating obstacles for future expansion of Bankstown Station. If the NSW Government is actually committed to providing Sydney Trains (heavy rail) services for commuters to Bankstown from Lidcombe, Berala, Regents Park, Sefton, Chester Hill, Leightonfield, Villawood, Carramar, Cabramatta, Warwick Farm, Liverpool, Birrong and Yagoona then the Department of Planning/Transport for NSW should first explain how it plans to extend the Metro from Bankstown to Liverpool.

The NSW Government is urged to prioritise investment in upgrading digital signalling across the Sydney Trains (heavy rail) Network instead of converting Sydenham to Bankstown into Metro Southwest, and to restore the Inner West Line (City to Liverpool via Regents Park and City to Bankstown via Regents Park).
Eagle Partners
DRUMMOYNE , New South Wales

f – MetroBtown5-20
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
via Major Projects website -*/!STANDARD?pzPostData=808329158

Dear Sir,
Submission No – SUB – 11529

In the Sydney press of 21 May 2020, a Sydney Metro display advertisement invited public submissions on a proposal to modify the design of an already-approved upgrade of Bankstown railway station to “Metro” standards. The closing date for submissions was 4 June 2020. This submission is in response to that advertisement.

1 – We query why it is planned to diverge the Metro tracks at their western end AT THIS POINT IN TIME. (The possible need to diverge the tracks for the extension of Metro at some future time is acknowledged). Keeping the tracks close together would provide a solution to Item 2....

2 – The circulation space for passengers at the western end of the Metro platforms appears to be grossly inadequate, at about 4 metres wide, for the contra-flowing streams of passengers leaving a just-terminated Metro train, and those persons attempting to approach the same train for boarding. Keeping the tracks close together would solve this problem by enabling a substantial widening of each Metro platform.

3 – In order to minimise travel times for Metro passengers, provision should be made for Metro passengers to enter and exit both Metro platforms at their eastern end. (Initial promotions for Sydney Metro, circa 2011, made much of the need to minimise door-to-door travel times in order to make Metro attractive. That ideal seems to have slipped off the policy agenda.)

4 – Passenger transfer between Metro and Sydney Trains' services would be greatly enhanced by the provision of a gate-free, “paid-area” over- or under-pass between the Metro platforms and Sydney Trains' platforms. It could substantially reduce pedestrian congestion in the public space connecting The Appian Way and Restwell Street

We have made no declarable political donation in the past 2 years.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Eadie
Eagle Partners
21 St Georges Cres.
Drummoyne, NSW, 2047.

26 May 2020.
Aaron Lynch
HEATHCOTE , New South Wales
I strongly support this project, it is crucial to the development of this city and the evolution of transport in this country. we cant wait to continue to work on and alongside the government on this project.
Mathew Hounsell
ULTIMO , New South Wales
Submission to Sydney Metro - Sydenham to Bankstown - Mod 1 - Bankstown Station
Regarding the Revised station design for Bankstown Station. Includes the provision of a new north-south connection across the rail corridor between Appian Way and Restwell Street. From Mathew Hounsell - June 2020
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Transport Analyst and Planner. I was asked to address the NSW Legislative Council to Transport & Customer Service Committee Inquiry regarding the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro Conversion. I have worked extensively on projects with Sydney Trains including on the Responsive Passenger Information System designed for customer congestion management at Town Hall and other important interchange stations.

I will be brief, as I only saw this proposed change on the day submissions closed.

Firstly, the proposed bike parking area is too small. The northern commuter car park only has space for 50 cars, a tiny fraction of possible demand. Central Bankstown is too be redeveloped as Transit-Oriented Developments. Therefore, 40 car spaces should be retained for disabled passengers, and the space on the west of the driveway should be converted to secure covered bike parking. This would significantly increase the station’s passenger catchment.

Secondly, the proposed design risks negative interactions due to key features of passenger behaviour in Sydney. This design will ensure that there is crowding and congestion at the ticket gates. Sydney residents locate themselves on trains to minimise walking distance. Thus, the front carriages of arriving trains and metros will fill with passengers. In addition, at other stations on the network, passengers will move to board the front carriages causing congestion. This is not a theoretical problem; it is a practical problem that constantly causes delays across the Sydney Trains network. This is a fundamental of station design, and it is confounding to see that in NSW this fundamental is still ignored.

In addition, there the revised design shown no emergency exit at the edges of the station, even though those were shown in the original design.

Since passengers minimise their walking distance and most passengers in Sydney walk less than 800 metres. One entrance in the middle of the station would unduly limit the station’s passenger catchment.

Therefore, to 1) reduce crowding, congestion, and delays, 2) improve fire and life safety, and 3) increase patronage; I would recommend the instillation of exits on the eastern end of the metro station. These eastern exits would allow quick exit in the event of an emergency. These eastern exits would spread passengers more evenly on the trains. These eastern exits would attract passengers from further afield and connect all passengers quickly to more locations. These eastern exits might allow some bus stops to be relocated to improve network efficiency.

Since the owners of Bankstown Central, Canterbury-Bankstown Council, and the Department of Planning are all planning to redevelop and increase the density of Bankstown Central and surrounding commercial properties ,the developers may be interested in contributing to the cost of these exits for increased foot-traffic.
Similarly, an exit onto Bankstown City Plaza from the Train platform would increase safety, reduce congestion, and increase the catchment area.

Please see the attached diagram. If the project team would like me to explain this in further detail, please contact me.

Mathew Hounsell
Sydney Water
Parramatta , New South Wales
City of Canterbury Bankstown Council
Bankstown , New South Wales


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