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State Significant Development


Marist Catholic College North Shore

North Sydney

Current Status: Determination

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Demolition of existing buildings and construction of new 5 storey building to accommodate teaching facilities, early learning centre and auditorium. Adaptive reuse of the existing Presbytery.

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SSD-10473 Submissions Report
Appendix S - Archaeological Assessment
Appendix R - Sydney Metro Engagement
Appendix Q - Green Travel Plan
Appendix P - Construction Management Plan
Appendix O - Construction Traffic Management
Appendix N - Heritage Response Letter
Appendix M - Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix L - Landscape Response Letter
Appendix K - Landscape Design Report
Appendix J - Revised Landscape Plans
Appendix I - Transport Response Letter
Appendix H - Transport Impact Assessment
Appendix G - Visual Impact Response Letter
Appendix F - Flood Risk Assessment
Appendix E - Operation Waste Management Plan
Appendix D - BDAR
Appendix C - Noise and Vibration Impact Statement
Appendix B - Architectural Design Statement
Appendix A - Architectural Drawings
Appendix M - Preliminary Staging Plan
Appendix L - Revised Operations Statement
Appendix K - Revised Construction Management Plan
Appendix J - Revised Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix I - Traffic Response Letter
Appendix H - Revised Traffic Impact Assessment
Appendix G - Heritage Response Letter
Appendix F - Revised Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix E - Landscape Response Letter
Appendix D - Revised Landscape Design Report
Appendix C - Revised Landscape Drawings
Appendix B - Revised Arch Design Statement
Appendix A - Revised Architectural Drawings
218786_Submissions Report RTS 2 _FINAL_17June2022

Agency Advice (4)

TfNSW Response for SSD-10473 - Design Amendment
Heritage NSW
EES Response - amendment report - SSD 10473
Marist Catholic College North Shore - SSD-10473

Additional Information (6)

Request for Additional Information - Aug 2022
Letter to Applicant - child care centre issue
218786_MCCNS_Child Care RFI Response_10May2021
Attachment B - Revised Arch Set
RFI letter_Sept 2022
Attachment A - Revised Operations Statement (Aug 2022)

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Nil response attached
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Refer attachment
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
Construction Noise:
Please note during the recent school development works, construction was undertaken on Saturdays and Sundays starting from 7:00 am, and sometimes even earlier with the trades cars making noise in at early morning with their radio noise on and occasionally shouting.
You may agree that for a person working full time during the week, this is not a pleasant way of starting the weekend.
I highly disagree with any type of construction works on weekends.
Traffic and Parking:
two issues with the traffic:
1- construction trades shouldn't be allowed to park on the adjacent streets and Lanes and specifically block the Cassins Avenue for parking use or delivery purposes. this issue repeatedly happened during the recent development.
2- Redirecting school drop-off points and actively using Carlow Street, will add to the current traffic disaster in this street during school drop-off times. even without this proposed change sometimes we get stocked in drop-off traffic in Carlow Street for 15-20 minutes just to be able to exit/enter Cassins Lane.
George Kwok Fai Lee
North Sydney , New South Wales
While I am supporting the creation of better educational facilities, the bulk and size of the proposed development are a major concern due to significant negative impact on the living environment of the neighbourhood. Major concerns require development planning consideration prior to granting approval to proceed include (1) how to manage and minimise the heavy traffic around the Cassins Avenue, West Street, Ridge Street neighbourhood during the morning drop off and afternoon pickup hours; (2) how to minimize impact of construction noise; (3) how to preserve and enhance the greenery currently in the neighbourhood.
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
We are concerned about the substantial redevelopment of Marist Catholic College having a negative impact on the many residential homes in the area. Our concerns relate mainly to the traffic and parking.
There is already limited parking in the adjacent streets between Crows Nest and North Sydney. Many residential cottages rely on street parking and restaurant and business patron have limited options when trying to find parking in the surrounding area.
Whilst we acknowledge there will be an additional 71 parking spaces incorporated into Stage 1 of the building there is also a proposed amphitheatre with a capacity of 1,500 which pesumably will put added pressue on parking.
Should more parking be incorporated into the development ??
The proposed changes to the drop off points onto Carlow Street will also place added pressure on the traffic on Carlow Street which is also very busy for a residential precinct. There is already pressure on the surrounding streets from Crows Nest High School and the intersection between Carlow Street and West Street is at times very dangerous during school hours with the build p of cars entering and leaving Carlow Street. The pedestrian crossing at this intersection if of particular concern. Will traffic lights ben required to ensure pedestrian safety and the safe crossing of vehicles? The existing Ridge Street entry to Marist College is already in a mainly commercial precinct and with the Miller Street access also being continued to operate would combine to continue to work as preferrable drop offs.
Your consideration to our concerns would be appreciated.
Thank you
Nil Response attached
Name Withheld
CROWS NEST , New South Wales
The Marist College College development is far too expansive, in particular:
- The planned changes to the exit/ entrance are a real concern, Carlow and West Streets already experience significant school traffic with Cammeraygal , North Sydney Boys / Girls and Monte and Wenona local traffic. Currently, St Mary's Primary School enters via Ridge and exits in Miller. Retaining a similar plan would be far more considerate to the local residents. Carlow St would be a complete carpark if the entrance and exit were located in the same street.
- 5 storeys is out of character with the area and will change the outlook of this part of Miller st entirely.
- The removal of established trees should be reviewed and disallowed.
- how does 71 car spaces allow for the number required for a school this size?
- Construction should be limited to weekdays and after 8am - there is so much construction in and around Carlow St - we have had a train line dug directly underneath, there are extensive building works in the park with the new beaches link tunnel, there are numerous significant building sites in North Sydney affecting access to supermarkets and parking, existing school noise - it would be nice if some consideration was made to the residents
Sara Lewis
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
Construction noise should not cause undue inconvenience to the community just because this is a school. Previous projects have been completed on weekends and in school holidays to minimise impact for the school children, but this is unfair to local residents. In particular with the amount of construction taking place in this area, and due to increase massively due to the Western Harbour tunnel there needs to be some quiet time for residents as well.
The planned drop off / pick up in Carlow St is pure madness. The street is already blocked in peak school time - as someone who has parting in Tucker St, it's already impossible to access my parking during drop off and pick up times. This has become considerably worse since Covid, where now no one seems to want to get on public transport.
Parking plans do not seem adequate - with a 1500 seat auditorium but only an extra 71 parking spots this does not seem adequate
It is essential that the school commits to the planting of mature trees (not saplings) BOTH during and after construction. Their removal of the very old Canary Pine Tree was a travesty for the environment
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
I am most concerned about the five storey height of the proposed two buildings, the traffic congestion on Carlow Street and the felling of a number of trees . I am also very concerned as to the noise factor these works are going to create .
Trish Stockton
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
This is a substantial development, involving major noise and disruption over many years and including: the destruction of several buildings including terrace houses and the Day Care Centre; the construction of 2 new 5 story buildings, major underground excavation for parking, an amphitheatre for over 1,500 spectators, and the removal of old established trees. To minimise these negative impacts I request the following considerations:

Previous school development work was limited to weekends and school holidays. However, this is a high-density area of working residents now working from home, and we, therefore, ask that the school shares the load with its neighbours by avoiding weekend work when possible, using school times when practical, limiting start times to 9 am, not 7 am and pre-warning the residential community of upcoming works.

The planned change of exit/entrance (and drop-off points) on Carlow Street will channel all school traffic onto this minor 2 lane (+ 2 parking lane) street. Carlow Street already becomes horrendously clogged during peak to and return from work as well as school drop-off times. Is there a plan to manage this traffic at peak times (eg. roundabouts at either end of Carlow Street), and I ask why it is not simpler to use the existing Ridge Street or Miller Street entries.

The plan details that an extra 71 parking spots will be built for the Stage 1. 5 story building, but none for the second stage building which will includes a 1,500 capacity amphitheatre. The area is already under high parking pressure which takes its toll on both local businesses and residents. Is there a plan to manage the need for extra parking?

Tree removal – the reputation of the School has already been damaged by its removal last year of the large, very old, visually splendid Palm Tree used by rosellas and flying foxes. I ask which of the older established trees the school intends to cut-down and request that the loss of wildlife habitat be reduced by the planting of mature trees (not saplings) during construction.

Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
I welcome the redevelopment of the Marist Catholic College and understand the importance of this development for the future generation of our children’s education. However, the plans do indicate some issues that I feel will negatively impact the lifestyle of my community. Namely:

Environment - priority focus should be on the existing and future green space and not as an added afterthought. The removal of the very old mature trees should be limited and where at all possible saved or replaced with mature trees.

Traffic/Parking - as an already high density area of working residents, very high traffic volume and parking problems it’s concerning that only 71 extra school parking spots are planned for.

Construction noise - previous school development works were carried out after hours, weekends and holidays without notification or respite. It would be appreciated to get a pre-warning of upcoming works especially in view of the scale of the development. Thank you.
Anthony Robin Leonard
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
We are concerned about the removal of the mature trees on the current Marist College site.
The School has already damaged its reputation in the neighbourhood by cutting down a huge, very old Canary Island Palm on its grounds last year. The Palm attracted dozens of rosellas and flying foxes too.
The development faces the iconic North Sydney Oval where the North Sydney Council recently added a small forest of mature palms. It also faces the graceful, historic St Leonards Park. Indeed, Carlow Street, and the entire neighbourhood is lucky to be very green. A (let’s face it) large, plain concrete and glass structure will look both out of place and ugly without any covering of trees. especially in the environment I just described.
We know that trees reduce heat, attract birds and other wildlife as well looking attractive. They would also make the school environment cooler, more attractive and pleasant for pupils.
You may have seen the major project being undertaken by the City of Sydney to plant trees in order to reduce heat:

According to the plan it seems that most of the trees – especially the large gum, mature Jacaranda (currently the pride of Carlow Street) and a number of other established trees on the corner of Miller and Carlow Streets are going to be destroyed.
Is it possible to revisit the plan with the objective of trying to save those trees?
If not, can you please replace the trees that you destroy with mature trees (not saplings).

Thank you for considering this
Jan and Rob Leonard
Donna Ravenscroft
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
as per attachment
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
Dear Madam, Sir,

Our key objection regarding submission for Application No SSD-10473 is the underlying driver for it.
The Marist Catholic college North Sydney is planning to undertake the alterations and additions to facilitate a significant expansion of student numbers far beyond the needs of the local area.

The concept of further centralising education services in an already congested area with unequal socially access does not serve the local community or the broader community at large.
If we truly want to develop our city in a sustainable, environmentally conscious and socially just way, creating excessively equipped education service centres with economic and geographical entry barriers in the wealthy centres does not bring us closer to those goals.

The concept of campuses, closer to local communities and more accessible to a broader variety of social strata’s should be given consideration over solidifying and exacerbating social inequity and mobility and congestion challenges.

Beyond the broader undesirability of this initiative, the immediate practical issues with the proposed plans are:
• Significant increase of already congested school traffic in Ridge, West, Carlow and Miller street, initially to facilitate construction and ongoing as an additional fleet of cars on the road to ferry children to and from school, or in the best case an increased number of school buses and further public transport congestion.
• A further decoupling of local communities with their local education services as a result of excessive service centralisation (over 5 large schools within 2-3 city blocks) and prestige and economies-of-scale driven educational service providers .

Neighbourhood objections against this initiative are strong, but already the focus of some is trying to shift the burden out of their street at the cost of other surrounding streets.
Any development should be designed based on the least impact on the traffic flows overall rather than the intensity of activism by residents of a particular street.

Kind regards
Laurens Libeton
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
I object to the project as currently designed. Mainly to the scale and it ignoring the residential environment. If a 3d maquette or model would be created, it will be immediately obvious how much larger the proposed building is than anything in the area (rivalling the stadium). A very significant portion of the proposed building will face a largely heritage protected streetscape with many smaller 1-2 storey residences.

Why does a school need special state approval process. It is my understanding there are generous allowances for schools and spacious lots (up to 4 floors I believe).

Besides the incongruous height, the other aspectof the shape (contiguous) make the development as proposed completely anomalous in the environment where it is proposed. By using less height, setback(s) and separate buildings allowing for visual breaks, most of these concerns/objections should be addressable.

Some points that sting personally and can not go unsaid:
* why is the development positioned as a private organisation helping out the state. I.e. putting forward to provide co-ed private education. It is the state’s responsibility to provide education, not to provide opportunities or assistance to private organisations to do the same.
* why is the development positioned as a transition between cbd of north sydney and the residential of cammeray? The street the work is proposed on (Carlow) is exactly the first real residential street going north from cbd. If this reasoning stands then in years to come there will be a proposal to transition between cbd of north sydney and the residences in Northbridge, then Castlecrag, Middle Cove, etc.
* why was no dialogue sought with the people most impacted by this proposal?

Other concerns (not objections per se, i.e. apply to all/most developments) are of an implementation nature. What will be done to manage building in a residential zone (we are across the road), dust, noise, truck movements, parking, work before/after hours, etc.

I object to the development as currently proposed and to any minor edits that dont adequately address the objections. I.e. a significant other proposal would be required. I do believe a significant development addressing the desire to grow can be balanced with the mixed environment the school finds itself in. Facing stadium on Miller St and the church at the south end would be less sensitive to bulk and unbroken mass whereas the west and north side face real residential zones that deserve more consideration.

A public hearing is, in my opinion, required.
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
Please refer attachment
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
As a resident of an adjacent property to the proposed Marist College development I have concerns about the following:
1. Privacy, the architectural drawings show windows and balconies on the Western elevation that will overlook the residences and gardens of the Carlow St/ Cassins Ave properties which is not the case with the existing structures.
2. Shadow/ light, the new building will impinge on morning light and cast shadows across the residences and gardens of Carlow St/ Cassins Ave properties which is not the case with the existing structures.
3. Traffic & Parking, Carlow St and West St are already in grid-lock on school days (during school zone periods), morning is particularly problematic as you also have residents trying to leave for work as well as the school related traffic. While there are detailed plans for dealing with traffic during the construction period, no satisfactory assessment of the impact of traffic with 800 additional students or a 67% increase in student numbers has been provided to residents. It is almost impossible to turn right into Miller St from Carlow St during the morning peak and is even difficult to turn left as this time, due to students alighting from buses and crossing Miller St to enter the school, even if the school entrance moves to Carlow St, this pedestrian traffic with continue to be an issue, especially with a 67% increase in student numbers.
Carlow St and West St are small local streets with one lane in either direction and parking on both sides of the street. Parking in the area is already at a premium, so removing parking spaces to improve traffic flow does not seem to be a sensible option. Moving the pick up/ drop off entrance and exit to Ridge St which has less residences would seem an alternative solution.
The proposed 1,500 capacity amphitheatre will also increase traffic congestion and create parking issues at times outside of school hours, particularly on the weekend. Currently if there is an event on at St Leonards Park or North Sydney Oval on a weekend, without anything going on at the school, there is traffic congestion and parking problems, if school events are added to this then there is a significant increase on limited existing resources.
4. Increased noise, a 66% increase in student numbers will result in increased student noise especially with the proposed roof top student amenities and balconies which overlook the residences of Carlow St/ Cassins Ave. With more and more people working from home, this does impinge on the ability to successfully work from home.
As a consequence:
1. I oppose the proposed expanded precinct development as it currently stands
2. I request that the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces direct that a public hearing be held in relation to this development
3. I request that independent traffic and parking surveys, analysis and modelling are prepared that go beyond just Carlow St and Cassins Ave and look at the impact of the proposed expanded precinct development on a wider area and for all stages of the proposed development and that the results are shared with local residents and any other interested parties
4. I request that as part of the traffic and parking surveys process that alternative solutions are explored
5. It should be a requirement of the proposed development that existing parking in Carlow St, Cassins Ave and Cassins Lane is retained for now and into the future as proof of the commitment of North Sydney Council to provide suitable amenities to residents and businesses in the adjacent areas, and that they believe the proposed parking solution for Marist College precinct development is adequate, no development should be approved without this
6. I request that the windows and balconies on the West elevation of the precinct development are removed to reduce noise and retain privacy for adjacent residents
7. I request that the roof top amenities of the precinct development are removed to reduce noise and retain privacy for adjacent residents
Andrew Robinson
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
Scale and Design of the proposed 5-storey additions along Carlow St
• From an architectural and aesthetic viewpoint, the proposed five storey additions at the corner of Miller St and Carlow St is sound, functional, and utilitarian; however, it is massive in scale and devoid of any features that acknowledges and affirms its Heritage surroundings. Surely a design that is consistent with the objectives of North Sydney DCP 2013 and “Conservation Area Study for the Holtermann Estate Conservation Area, 1998” is possible. As an example, Wenona College down Miller St and Ridge St has managed over the years to expand and keep it aligned with its surroundings (Commercial along Miller St and Residential along Walker St). If approved, for years to come, the massive scale of the Marist School Development proposal will stand out as an anomaly and incongruous with its immediate surroundings especially along Carlow St. Carlow St is a suburban, quiet oasis amidst an urban CBD and serves to remind the community of its history and heritage and the need for preservation. This 5-storey building addition which will be as tall as St Mary’s Church, and will span from Miller St to #25 Carlow St, will be visually odd and out of place. The design should incorporate features that will enhance Carlow St’s Heritage history.
Noise and privacy
• As the construction will take 4 years to complete, a solution must be found to minimise noise and maintain residents’ privacy. A temporary enclosure similar to that of the construction of Victoria Cross should be a requirement. A lot of residents have been working from home due to the pandemic, and it is likely it will stay this way for some time.

• When the School becomes operational, all glass windows that would be installed in classrooms facing Carlow St ought to be double-glazed for noise reduction and tinted for privacy.
Underground parking
• The underground parking that will be built under Carlow St will span the length and width of Carlow St. It is very possible that with the increase in vehicular traffic and the excavation of soil, structural damages to the nearby residential houses could occur at any time. Which government department(s) will be responsible for remediation and compensation.

Street parking
• Carlow St is a 2-way suburban street that provides parking space to visitors and residents alike. The 5-storey addition of the School will span across an existing 20 public car spaces. What will happen to these car spaces, during construction (interim), and when School is operational (permanent)? As is, it is already difficult to find a parking space both on weekdays and weekends along Carlow St. One possibility is to expands the coverage of Area 21(which Carlow St sits on) for residents.
Air Quality and pollution
• An underground parking with 71 car spaces will emit pollution from car fumes and heat. Where will these harmful elements be funnelled to? Consideration must be provided to the residents of Carlow St.
Traffic congestion
• With a single lane for entry and an exit for the underground car park spanning the length and width of Carlow St, and with the 2 on-site pick-up/drop-off areas, and Carlow St being a 2-way street, traffic congestion will most likely occur with the convergence of vehicles trying to enter/exit the School coming off east (Miller St) and west (West St).

• Is this necessary? there is already the St Leonards Park nearby. The space allocated for a piazza could be used functionally by the School and helps reduce the scale of the additions.
Name Withheld
NORTH SYDNEY , New South Wales
refer attachment


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