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M7 Motorway (Mod 6 Widening)


Current Status: Determination

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The proposal is to construct and operate an additional lane in both directions within the existing median of the M7 Motorway, from approximately 140 metres south of the Kurrajong Road overhead bridge at Prestons to the M7 Motorway bridge at Richmond

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Approved project
Chapter 3 Need and strategic context
Chapter 4 Proposed modification
Chapter 5 Statutory context
Chapter 6 Consultation
Chapter 7.1 Traffic and transport
Chapter 7.2 Noise and vibration
Chapter 7.3 Air Quality
Chapter 7.4 Hydrology and flooding
Chapter 7.5 Surface water and groundwater
Chapter 7.6a Biodiversity
Chapter 7.6b Biodiversity
Chapter 7.7 Aboriginal heritage
Chapter 7.8 Non-Aboriginal heritage
Chapter 7.9 Land use and property
Chapter 7.10 Landscape, visual and urban
Chapter 7.11a Soils and contamination
Chapter 7.11b Soils and contamination
Chapter 7.12 Social
Chapter 7.13 Sustainability
Chapter 7.14 Climate change
Chapter 7.15 Greenhouse gases
Chapter 7.16 Waste
Chapter 7.17 Hazard and risk
Chapter 7.18 Cumulative impacts
Chapter 8 Conditions of Approval
Chapter 9 Synthesis and conclusion
Chapter 10 References
Appendix A Reference Tables-SEARs and EP&A Reg
Appendix B Compilation of mitigation measures
Appendix C Stakeholder Consultation Summary
Appendix D Traffic and transport
Appendix E1 Noise and vibration
Appendix E2 Noise and vibration
Appendix E3 Noise and vibration
Appendix F Air Quality
Appendix G1 Surface water and flooding
Appendix G2 Surface water and flooding
Appendix G3 Surface water and flooding
Appendix G4 Surface water and flooding
Appendix H1 Biodiversity
Appendix H2 Biodiversity
Appendix H3 Biodiversity
Appendix H4 Biodiversity
Appendix I Aboriginal Heritage
Appendix J Non Aboriginal Heritage
Appendix K Urban design, landscape and visual impact assessment
Appendix L1 Contamination assessment
Appendix L2 Contamination assessment
Appendix L3 Contamination assessment
Appendix M Social
Appendix N Climate Change and Greenhouse gas

Response to Submissions (2)

Submissions Report
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Agency Advice (7)

Environment and Heritage Group - Mod Report Advice
EPA - Mod Report Advice
NSW Health Western Sydney LHD - Mod Report Advice
Heritage NSW - Heritage Council of NSW - Mod Report Advice
Heritage NSW - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage - Mod Report Advice
WaterNSW - Mod Report Advice
DPE Water Group - Mod Report Advice

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Showing 1 - 20 of 33 submissions
Frank Rave
WEST HOXTON , New South Wales
M7 widening is well overdue but please ensure consideration is given to future proofing road upgrade. I would highly recommend a 4 lane not a 3 lane widening.

Current capacity already reached and a third lane will only serve the delivery of M12 and traffic for newly built airport. It will immediately be at full capacity again with a 3rd lane. Strongly suggest going straight to 4 lanes
rosetta arena
Rosetta Arena
Address: 415-425 Wallgrove Rd, Horsley Park 2175
RE: M7 widening modification.
Please consider this submission regarding the repercussions of the M7 widening project. We are in favour of the widening of Wallgrove road, although we have some concerns about the increase in noise that this will create. We have been residents on Wallgrove Road for 35 years and have endured many changes without any objection. The noise has obviously over time due to new infrastructure such as the M7 and other local developments. It is inevitable that the noise will increase further once the widening project is complete, with an increase in traffic. This is a serious issue for those such as myself who live on Wallgrove Road unless plans are made to manage the noise level.
We are requesting serious consideration of this impending issue and the allowance of noise barriers or blocks to be put in place on Wallgrove road to accompany the widening project.
We would appreciate your attention to this matter.

Kind Regards
Rosetta Arena
Bicycle NSW
Sydney , New South Wales
Please find attached a submission which focuses on the concerns of Bicycle NSW and our Members about the impacts of the M7 Widening project on the Westlink M7 shared path. These concerns are set out clearly, with requests for more information and a series of recommendations for the project team. We also wish to highlight that it is very disappointing for the project to have no ambition to leave a legacy of better cycle facilities along and adjacent to the corridor. It is essential that the NSW Government leverages the investment in toll road infrastructure to deliver new and improved active transport facilities that will meet the active transport needs of Western Sydney, now, and into the future.
HORSLEY PARK , New South Wales
I live adjacent to the M7 motorway, approx 450m away. Although I do not object to the widening, as I see the need, we already experience excessive noise from traffic on the M7. The widening will create another 50% worth of extra traffic and the noise level will be unacceptable, unavoidable and intolerable! We feel it is imperative to install noise barriers for the entire stretch of the Motorway which has homes within close proximity which are affected by the noise. Our property sits quite high in relation to the motorway, which is why we get more noise than some. I suggest that a study is done to measure noise levels and the barriers erected accordingly. As you and I are aware, this is a standard practice in other areas and/or motorways.
Brendan Terrett
To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for inviting comment on this project.

My primary concern relates to the inadequacy of the proposal. There simply is not enough capacity provided for future growth along the M7 corridor. As it stands, the M7 is extremely congested in most daylight hours on weekdays. I expect widening to three lanes in each direction to not provide adequate relief to this situation.

As I see it, this is a very good deal for the private motorway operator who will get a few extra years on the toll concession as a result, but a very bad deal for the very unhappy motorists who will have to pay to sit in traffic.

I think widening the motorway to at least four lanes in each direction is necessary to handle the traffic levels which will be generated by this rapidly growing corridor of Sydney, especially with the new Airport.

Based on my observations of the M80 project in Melbourne, which roughly corresponds to the role of the M7 in Sydney (orbital motorway, services airports/outer suburbs), a far more substantial project is warranted than what is proposed here.

Thank you.
Lawrence White
I have lived at my address in Horsley Park since 1995 prior to the original construction of the M7 motorway. At that time I had no experience of the noise levels created by the operation of such a development.
From inception with the M7 I have endured constant road and traffic noise day and night caused primarily by the prevailing southerly winds and at a sound level that impacts my home and property quite severly and affects the previously quiet rural amenity. Whilst I do not object to the current proposal to increase the M7 traffic lanes however i do recognize the volumes of future traffic will increase noise impact on my property further.
As a submission to the Department I would support a "noise assessment" be conducted at my property.
Further i request that "SOUND BARRIER" walls be included in the proposed further development of this M7 motorway, particularly between the Elizabeth Drive and The Horsley Drive section of the proposal to reduce current noise impacts and protect against the increased noise issues of new traffic volumes as outlined.
Not all residents in my area are noise affected..... due to property position along the roadway, local topography differences and physical local barriers such a house positioning.
I am available should the Department wish to make an inspection of my property to ascertain the matters raised in this submission.
Kind Regards
Lawrence White
Bike North
gladesville , New South Wales
please find attached our letter and submission.
David Sellen
HORSLEY PARK , New South Wales
M7 upgrade .
M7 road upgrade,
This upgrade will affect not only the local traffic that has been impacted by all the heavy vehicle traffic bypassing the M7, using Wallgrove Road north to the M4 and south to Elizabeth Drive.
Firstly Wallgrove Rd from M4 to Wonderland Dr to Old Wallgrove Rd and Mini Link Rd, all heavy vehicle traffic in and out of this area blocks local traffic on Wallgrove Rd to no end ,backing up to M4 . The small section of road from Wonderland Dr to Mini Link that is Hannibal St , should have been complete . This missing link which is there in its original form as a road just blocked off stops the heavy vehicles from bypassing Wallgrove Rd and going straight into Old Wallgrove Rd and onto the M7 .Which in turn blocks Wallgrove Rd. From previous history during the construction of the M7 local residents and traffic was back up for long periods, now due to all the extra industrial traffic it will be a night mare as there is no other way around this other then Mamre Rd which is also under road works.
Second, due to the traffic on the M7 it is a parking lot more often then not. During the afternoons most heavy vehicles heading south use Wallgrove Rd to Elizabeth Dr . Again the traffic is heavy and slow with Heavy vehicle pushing their way.
Horsley Pk community has 2 schools on and near the Wallgrove Rd Horsley Dr intersection and a new high school just built bring more local traffic ,with all this heavy vehicle traffic on Wallgrove Rd and possible more likely extra traffic due to M7 road works the speed limit on Wallgrove road from Redmayne Rd to Cobham St should be reduced to 60 Kms.
I would also like to address due to all the traffic being generated by Airport and New Industrial area feeding onto Wallgrove Rd and M7. The completion or upgrade of Archbold Rd ,M4 bridge to on and off east bound feeding into industrial estate onto Lenore Dr ,would also remove most of the heavy vehicle traffic from Wallgrove Rd. This also would intern would take much unwanted heavy vehicle traffic from Erskine Park Rd ,a residential area .

Thank you
David Sellen
David Sellen
HORSLEY PARK , New South Wales
M7 sound barrier.
My submission is in relation to Sound Barrier due to the widening of the M7, I live opposite the equestrian centre and during the construction of the M7, I approached the RTA about sound barriers , road height and road position and was refired to the construction supervisor at Pikes Ln depo in charge of the road construction, he told me I had to deal with Leighton and Abigroup this was nothing short of a nightmare. Was given no info and was told no info available due to design changes and when the sound barrier started for the equestrian centre I was ringing almost daily trying to get info on Sound barrier. I have so much info on the process but to cut short for now when the road was finished the construction supervisor at Pikes Ln came out to meet, and told me if I had spoke to him first at the beginning he could have done something about the sound barrier but at this point in time he had a new construction road the oversee and I had to wait for the review to finish in 12 months time , I did see you was my response and he just left. Many phone calls to receive action to no avail.
Two years later Heggies acoustics consultant, came to tell me that the review was with in their limits. So after a long conversation he finally answered my question about the lack of sound barrier on the Western side of M7. The equestrian centre had a sound barrier running the 1km length of empty paddocks and car parks . The response was they asked for one ,I asked why didn’t we get one as well when we also asked…….. The answer was that there wasn’t enough houses to warrant an sound barrier. I asked about other sound barriers on the M7 like the quakers hill sewage treatment plant.. answer was the its to hide to works and the cost didn’t matter.
As a member of the Horsley Pk Protection Co-operative Ltd before and during this process of the M7 we as directors meet with RTA rep in a public meetings and in office. The Horsley Pk community was give assurances that any New roads would have sound barriers that was their policy.

M7 widening needs a sound barrier on western side of Wallgrove Rd Horsley Pk 2175 from Horsley Dr to Saxony Rd the same length of Equestrian centre before any road works start due to the high road noise and truck exhaust braking at all hours of day and night, this will only increase due to construction . With higher then normal traffic on Wallgrove road now due to the M7 parking lot ,with most trucks and cars using this road to avoid M7 the speed limit on Wallgrove Rd Horsley Dr Village intersection needs to be reduced to 60kph 500 meters both sides of the intersection to slow these heavy vehicles down. Two school one on the corner and the other 50meters up the road, we had one major accident with a truck in the last month on Wallgrove Rd.

David Sellen
Name Withheld
DOUGLAS PARK , New South Wales
I am in full support of the proposed widening of the M7. I hope the proposal includes widening to a minimum of 4 lanes in each direction. The road at the moment is totally inadequate and more attention to the merge and exit lanes is also required. The merge and exit lanes will take up 1 lane, there for we need a minimum of 4 lanes to allow 3 lanes of traffic to flow.
Also there needs to be an overpass exit at the exit feeding Richmond Rd . At the moment the exit feeds into Rooty hill Rd north and causes a backup of traffic on that Rd as well as at the intersection of Richmond Rd. This causes serious delays on Rooty hill Rd north, with traffic banking back for KM’s . My thought is that the overpass should go over Rooty hill Rd north and feed directly onto Richmond Rd heading west which is the direction most of the traffic is heading . The existing exit could there for still feed south bound traffic on Rooty hill Rd north and east bound traffic on Richmond Rd . I hope this proposal is looked at seriously at the moment the M7 is seriously congested often causing delays, effecting productivity and causing stress and anxiety to the general public, Thanks .
CAMWEST Bicycle User Group
Please see the attached submission.
Name Withheld
Support project. Note stopping bays will not be impacted. Currently virtually impossible for heavy vehicles who need a large vehicle gap to re enter motorway in peak hour. Suggest merge lane be included for traffic efficiency. An alternate is to remove stopping bays and provide a single rest area with space for multiple vehicles in either direction (15-20 spaces)
Matthew Rodgers
CURRANS HILL , New South Wales
I’d like to provide my feedback regarding the widening of the M7 Motorway for consideration.

Lighthorse Interchange
• The southbound on ramp from M4 Westbound to Southbound M7, and the Southbound Offramp to Old Wallgrove Road has a duck-n-weave issue. Simply widening an extra lane here will not remove this problem, though will further exacerbate it. This issue is proven on the M5 Westbound between Moorebank Ave and the Hume Highway. Have considerations been given to a dedicated lane from the M4;
o To continue a dedicated lane from the M4 ramps along and merge with the on ramp at Old Wallgrove road making that the primary ramp with 2 lanes entering the M7.
o A mouse hole type arrangement from the M4 ramp to bypass such as the project of the M5 between Heathcote Road and the Hume Highway.
o Duel lanes exiting the M4 Southbound onto M7 rather than single lane.

Horsley Drive Interchange
• The southbound on ramp from Horsley Drive to Southbound M7 creates queuing issues on the mainline. Widening an extra lane here will not remove this problem. Have considerations been given to;
o To extend the acceleration on the on ramp lane to allow heavy vehicles to merge at safer speeds.

M7 Mainline – Northbound - Between Shared Path overbridge north of Cowpasture to Elizabeth Drive
• There is a clear need for 4 lanes northbound in this location due to the steep incline that heavy vehicles must transverse. Have considerations been given to;
o Have a Fourth dedicated ‘Truck Only Lane’ in this area to future proof growth, particularly as the M12 junction is joining at the base of this hill.
o An extra breakdown bay half way up the hill.

M7 on ramp – Northbound – from Hume Motorway to Toll Gantry
• There is a clear need for 2 lanes northbound in this location to continue further than existing arrangements. Currently it has only 1 which has a significant amount of traffic volumes coming from the Hume Motorway and Camden Valley Way. Have considerations been given to;
o Include widening in this area to have 2 dedicated lanes from the Hume Motorway/Camden Valley Way to the toll gantry.
o Extend the current lane 1, which terminates from the ramp to past the toll gantry.

M7 off ramp – Southbound – from M7 to Hume Motorway/M5
• There is a clear need to widen this location due to heavy congestion due the traffic exiting from the M7. Have considerations been given to;
o Widen the M5/Hume Motorway east bound at the M7 junction on ramp to have 4 lanes to Kurrajong Road overpass.
o Extend the already existing acceleration lane from the M7 on the Hume Motorway to Kurrajong Road overpass.

Whole project
• Has ‘Ramp Metering’ and ‘Smart Lane Technology’ been given consideration to control traffic flow and speeds as part of this widening. This has been highly successful on the M4 Motorway.
Shafeel Ali
I think it is essential to connect Middleton drive to Aviation road underneath or above the M7 motorway as part of the widening project.
Currently there is only one entry and exit out of the parkbridge estate in Middleton Grange, and I believe it is not safe for the residents of the estate incase of major emergency like a bushfire. The estate is surrounded by western Sydney parklands.

This road was planned to be connected years ago and yet nothing has happened.

Please consider this connection as part of the overall widening project of the M7 motorway.


Shafeel Ali
Name Withheld
MOOREBANK , New South Wales
All future motorways need to have minimum 3 lanes on both sides.
M4, M5 and now M7 are all needing upgrading 8-10 years
Name Withheld
PRESTONS , New South Wales
The current noise is unbearable so can't handle more.
Speed on motor ways cause fatal accidents and more lanes will encourage speeding.
Samuel Page
Got to be 4 lanes each way
Name Withheld
NORTHMEAD , New South Wales
I am supportive of the M7 widening which is long overdue (the road should have originally been built with 3 lanes each way at a minimum). Rather than continual widening and disruption again in the future, this opportunity should be used to widen the road to 4 lanes each way to avoid the mistakes of the past, particularly between the M4 and M5 interchanges. In addition, the M7 should be widened to at least 3 lanes each way right through to the M2 at Windsor Rd. There is already considerable congestion past the M7/Richmond Rd interchange through to the M2 at Windsor Rd and it would be a mistake to leave this as 2 lanes each way.
Name Withheld
PRESTONS , New South Wales
Too much noise with least police patrol in speeding.
Name Withheld
PRESTONS , New South Wales
Hard to control the noise and air pollution with trucks and big vehicles.


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