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Kings Park Metal Recovery and Recycling Facility Expansion


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To increase the capacity of the Kings Park Metal Recovery to receive and process up to 600,000 tonnes per annum from 350,000 tonnes per annum.

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_01102020_083006

Request for SEARs (1)

Kings Park SSD Scoping Report 20191121

SEARs (3)

Issued SEARs Cover Letter_19122019_024131
Issued SEARs_19122019_024125
SSD 10396 - Agency input SEARs

EIS (17)

Kings Park Expansion SSD EIS_17092020_Final2
Kings Park Expansion SSD EIS_17092020_Final

Response to Submissions (13)

SSD-10396_RtS_DPIE Response
Request RTS_30102020_034435
RTS Department's Issues - Kings Park SSD 10396
App H - Updated Water Managment Assessment
App C - Supp. Noise and Vibration Impact Asse
App A - Supp. Flood Assessment Figures
App D - Supp. Air Quality Assessment Informat
App G - Revised Stockpile Plan
App F - Revised Key Elements Figure
App I - Preliminary Hazards Analysis
App E - TAPM Validation
App B - Supp. Traffic Assessment Information
RtS Main Body

Agency Advice (14)

Letter Out - Kings Park Metal - RTS
Letter Out - Kings Park Metal - Additional Info Advice
Response letter DPE - SSD-10396 Request for advice
Signed letter - SSD-10396
SSD 10396 EPA Comments on Revised Addendum NIA
EPA Comment Air and Noise
EPA Advice - Sell and Parker Expansion SSD 10396
EPA Advice Air Feb 22
20210818 - TfNSW Response - SYD19_01534_04
Sydney Water AMENDED SSD-10396
EES - comments RTS Jan 22
EES response - RTS - SSD 10396
Council comments RTS Jan 22

Additional Information (30)

Kings Park RFI#2_G - Air Quality
365487.20 Final Stockpile Plan
Kings Park RFI#2_A - Noise
Reject response to RFI
Kings Park RFI#2 - Main Response Report
Kings Park RFI#2_D - Employee Travel Plan
EPA Advice Air Feb 22
Kings Park RFI#2_B - Noise Management Plan
RFI Request for Additional Information_08032022_040110
Kings Park RFI#2_I - Mitigation Measures
Kings Park RFI#2_J - Non-Combustible Metals
RFI Letter Feb 22
Kings Park RFI#2_K - Acoustic Fence Comparison
Kings Park RFI#2_C - Swept Path
Kings Park RFI#2_E - Site Plan & Fence
Kings Park RFI#2_F - Visual Impact Assessment
Kings Park RFI#2_H - Air Quality Management Plan
RFI Attachment Feb 22
RFI Request
Revised RTS Annexure J - SW Correspondence
Additional RTS Annexure B - Revised Addendum NIA
Additional RTS Annexure I - Air Quality Management Plan
Additional RTS Annexure H - Noise Management Plan
Additional RTS Annexure A - Revised Air Quality Impact Assessment
Additional RTS Annexure C - Updated Site Plan 2 December 2021
Revised RTS Annexure K - Building Evacuation Plans
Revised RTS Annexure G - Viewpoint Photos
Revised RTS Annexure F - Supplementary Traffic Information
Revised RTS Annexure E - Stockpile Plan
Revised RTS Kings Park Expansion SSD-10396 Response to RFI


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Name Withheld
KINGS LANGLEY , New South Wales
Re: SSD-10396
The noise from the Kings Park Metal Recovery and recycling facility currently disrupts my right to quiet enjoyment of my home and I object to the increased capacity as it will significantly increase the amount of noise distress that we are subjected to in our home.
Name Withheld
KINGS LANGLEY , New South Wales
Short version is that the current level of huge crashing sounds in processing 350,0000 tonnes is already annoying enough! Noteworthy that my address is over 1,500 metres from the address of the recyclers, in a straight line, so how must it be for those within 1,000 metres or less?
I am in favour of recycling but not at the expense of the quiet repose one should expect in what is an residential area in proximity to an already inappropriate installation.
Name Withheld
LALOR PARK , New South Wales
As per the attached objection filed by a neighboring company for a earlier expansion application under “ SD 5041 PROPOSED EXPANSION OF KINGS PARK METAL RECYCLING FACILITY LOT 5 DP 7086, 23 - 45 TATTERSALL ROAD KINGS PARK (

1) Looks like site had previous concern re
• Poor air quality – including dust, vapours and odours that may contain unknown and harmful substances
• Noise and vibration – from the operation of the shredder that is not enclosed or adequately buffered
• Hazard – including a major explosion and fire in May 2010, and objects projected onto PNP land
• Poorly managed traffic and parking of heavy vehicles – including illegal parking and queuing on the street
• Failure to comply with previous conditions of consent and apparent lack of monitoring and enforcement.

Have they been addressed and complied? Any evidence ?

2) Ref page 7 of the above objection, looks like there has been an inconsistency of the receipt and processing capacity approvals in the past
“In February 2010 the EPA issued a licence for 500 000 tonnes per annum, presumably based on the installation of a motor on the shredder in late 2009 capable of processing 400,000 tonnes per annum. The license amount was revised to 100 000 tonnes per annum in April 2010. “
We see your letter mentioned “ existing infrastructure at the site has the capacity to accommodate the increased throughput from 350,000t to 600,000t. Does it refers to porcesing capacity. If so how come they manage to install a motor having a additional capacity almost a double the capacity of currently approved limit? When it was installed? Is proper approvals in place and if so, on what basis those approvals were granted? Is it a method used to avoid/ bypass the required local/ state controls in place? Without making mush flash, you install the machinery having double the approved capacity. Then wait and apply for expansion quoting you already has the capacity and no additional infrastructure required?
3) Generally it’s good to see how the applicant has been in complaint with local /state government/ environment laws and how many volitions / accidents on site. We see applicant having multiple site across the state. Good to see other locations the tack record as well.
Based on above observations , I object
Name Withheld
BLACKTOWN , New South Wales
The reason for my objection is even after reading the noise study I don't agree that the site doesn't produced excessive noise and the stated hours of operation don't seem to match to the early morning noise that often travels to a block or two east of Sunnyholt Road. Having lived here for 17 years that site has become louder and I don't see how the increase to 600,000 tonnes per annum of output won't require extended operating hours or the site generating more excessive noise very early in the morning than it currently does.
Piero Aramini
KINGS LANGLEY , New South Wales
I live in Kings Langley and currently this plant is already very noisey and affects my time to relax outside in my own backyard.
It starts at the crack of dawn and goes till late after-noon and over the week-end 6am as well !
In fact I was going to write to council about it and now I receive this mail about doubling it's capacity,
There is a Kings Langlet families facebook page and there have been posts on it about the noise comiong from this plant
We have a right to enjoy our home without putting up with this stressful noise
Please take this as my objections to the level of noise this plant will increase too that will impact the suburb and it's peacful aspect
Name Withheld
KINGS LANGLEY , New South Wales
While I do not object to the company increasing production I do have concerns about the noise that will come with the increased machine usage.

Although no additional hours, machinery or infrastructure are required to increase productivity, it stands to reason that if the machinery they have will be working at a far greater capacity than they are now, more noise will be produced.

We live approximately 1.5kms from the site in Kings Langley. Since the start of the pandemic I have been working from home on a near full-time basis and some days the noise is so loud I feel like it is next door. Some days we can still hear noise up to 9pm in the evening.

I would like to see the company take further measures to reduce the noise emissions from the site, particularly as more and more companies enable their staff to work from home more often, as mine has. While I do not have the expectation of no industrial noise given our proximity to an industrial area, hearing loud banging all day and sometimes into the evenings is not pleasant.

Kind regards
Name Withheld
BLACKTOWN , New South Wales
my concern is the noise will increase along with the pollution at night, it is bad now, what will it be like when the capacity is doubled. I have to close my windows at night to sleep as the facility stops work at 9.30 and starts at 7am and it sounds as if it is in the room with me, plus a fine black powder is on my windowsill in the morning if the window is open. Weekends are terrible for visitors, they cant believe this has been allowed to go on but now it will be worse. Please do not allow this expansion to proceed.
Neighbours complain about the noise but unfortunately I doubt they will be bothered to make a formal complaint.
Name Withheld
KINGS PARK , New South Wales
We have enough of industries in our area. What we need for our future children is green and healthy environment. We are lack of Park land and leisure facilities in our neighborhood.
Andrew Jedniuk
BLACKTOWN , New South Wales
As a long standing resident of the area I strongly object to the expansion of this proposal. The noise and hours of operation that this facility creates contributes to excessive environmental impacts to the adjacent residential zoning which is expected to be further desegregated by this propsal.
On most mornings and nights the noise of metals being dropped during their processing can currently be heard over 1.5km away and cause residents in my house to wake from sleep, requiring windows and doors to remain shut and concerns of the increase to this facility are greatly concerning.
The existing hours of operation identified in section 1.2.1 of the EIS identify a restriction of 'Oxy-acetylene cutting' to occur between 9am to 3pm and 'All other activities to occur' between 6am to 9pm, I would like to see the 'other activities' described in detail and a restriction on the noise generating activities such as dropping of metals and other environmental disturbances reduced to the same operating band as the 'Oxy-acetylene cutting'. It is also my belief that these hours of operation are already being breached and dropping of metals can be heard in advance of 6am or past 9pm on the occasion.
Traffic flows along Sunnyholt Road are already LoS F during both the AM and PM peaks with no plans in the near future to improve network capacity. It is noted that most traffic appear to access the facility from the south (ie Prospect Hwy) which is also heavily congested in lieu of the closer M7 motorway. The almost doubling of the processing of materials will add additional strain on the network which is one of the main arterial roads leading to essential services such as Blacktown Hospital, public transport hubs, motorway networks and the higher education precincts (TAFE NSW and planned University).
In my opinion the location of a 'heavy industrial facility' processing the volumes they are proposing is now considered inappropriate and should be moved significantly away from areas that has high density residential developments.
Name Withheld
KINGS PARK , New South Wales
I would like thw committee to consider the impact of the road around the facility. Heavy vehicles have already potholed Vardys road between Sunnyholt road and Tattersall road used by the heavy vehicles to access the site. While Sunnyholt road is created for heavy vehicles Vardys road was never intended for such heavy traffic. Right now this section of road is already badly damaged. Throwing a bit of tar and gravel won't solve the problem. As you are considering increasing the heavy traffic you must make that section of road able to withstand the weight. Right now Vardys road is mainly for residential traffic. Damage to cars by residents who must use that section must be factored in. I expect that section of road be upgraded because the facility is already having an negative impact on that section.

Please consider that.
Name Withheld
KINGS PARK , New South Wales
I object due to the increased pollution the upgrade will cause and decrease in air quality
Name Withheld
DOONSIDE , New South Wales
Careful consideration needs to occur for this upgrade with particular notice on the following:

- local residence within a 5km radius especially if there is an explosion or fire.
- noise and air quality need to be looked at given air quality may be lower given Covid has more people working from home.
- regular monitoring and penalties need to occur if breaching environmental standards.
- any extra council or state government fees (e.g. section 94 or equivalent) should be put back into the local community within the 5km radius.
connie deiri
BLACKTOWN , New South Wales
To whom it may concern,
With the already current operating hours......whether its early morning and/or late evening the travelling sound from the facility is already an annoyance. The disturbing part is that we can hear the sound of the operating facility from inside our home!
To then increase its proposed (almost) doubling capacity of 600,000 tones(this is a BIG number ),it then gives the opportunity for facility to stretch its opening times, to then it be facilitated with more noisy operating machinery and whatever is additionally required for the expansion..... It would be deemed unfair with the constant travelling of sound almost around the clock.

My other concern is the potential impact of devaluing the area and my home. In event this gets approved and it may be just through a lack of objections submissions:-
Is this facility going to compensate the residents for the noise impact or any other environmental impact that will be contributed to our area ?....or are they going to profit at our expense ?
Does the owner of the facility live in our area to understand, to why I the resident have such concerns with the expansion of the facility ?..... or does the owner live far away enough that they are not being affected at all ....and has no consideration for the local residents.

I am all for expansion and growth of any type business, however as a governing body (NSW Government ) it is your duty to the residents of our local area that your diligence is equally completed so there is a fair and reasonable outcome for both sides.

Many Thanks
Name Withheld
KINGS LANGLEY , New South Wales
I don't agree with the Kings Park Metal Recovery and Recycling Facility to increase the amount of scrap metal per tonne to 600,000. I live locally in Kings Langley and it is already so loud and noisy with the already 350,000 tonne. I would actually prefer if they didn't have this scrap metal place at all so close to residual homes. The noise is way to loud for a residual suburb to put up with. The loud banging noise is unacceptable as it is so I definately would not like them to double the amount they are doing.
Thanks for your time.
Steves Auto Group
KINGS PARK , New South Wales
We would like to object to the proposed project.
Our trade is automotive and vehicle detailing and protections. We are already concern about the heavy metal pollution's already in the air that this facility sends out. It is damaging to our area due to the overpopulation of air pollution and fine metal fragments in the air,on our premises and on our cars. It is damaging to our business which is detailing cars. By leaving our customers car outside, they become completely covered in metal fragments which is damaging.
expanding the facility will also bring more heavy trucks into our area, creating more road congestion and it is pollution to our our health.
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please find attached EES comments in response
Name Withheld
BLACKTOWN , New South Wales
Noise level from the site is already impacting our area. Further development would increase this noise.
KINGS PARK , New South Wales
We have a lot of red metal dust and debris that floats through on our cars and through our showrooms. If this site is expanded there will be more debris, noise and large trucks up and down Sunnyholt Road. The site creates a lot of pollution for this light industrial, residential area. We believe consideration to moving to a large heavy industrial area. Thank you
Name Withheld
BLACKTOWN , New South Wales
My family is a commercial property owner on Forge St directly behind the plan.
I have worked at this address for almost 20 years.
I have experience daily the extreme noise levels from the property. The giant crane is visible as it lifts and drops tonnes of metal scrap throughout the day and early evening sometimes.
It also creates a lot of dust which is visible sometimes with metal particles.
As it is a lot of old building materials or car parts who is to know if it is mixed with asbestos or other forms of harmful dust.
Myself my staff and other people who have worked on the street have issues with health usually sinus irrations.
The film of dust is was usually visible on the cars parked on our side (south side) of the creek.
A barrier fence was commenced many years ago i guess to mask this.
If this was its purpose (i am assuming) it would do little to combat the noise and dust.
In addition I have attached photos showing it was never completed.
(Wont submit with photos attached I can supply these on request).
Overrall it appears it is a work site that would be better located in a remote area for heavy Industrial inhabitants.
Our light industrial area is across the creek and residential housing is hundreds of meters away on Sunnyholt Rd.
At the very least testing for dust and noise should be conducted when the site and its cranes are in full operation.
This is why I feel the site should not be allowed to expand and it should actually be forced to a more suitable location.

My contact /account details are attached to this submission with NSW Govt Planning.
Name Withheld
LALOR PARK , New South Wales
Expansion of the facility will only increase the processing capacity of this company. With increased capacity will come increased noise pollution. I already hear the facility operating now and I don't wish to hear any extra noise. The noise disturbs my personal downtime from work and opportunity to sleep in on a Saturday morning.


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