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SSD Modifications


Kemps Creek Estate Mod 3 - Lots 1-4


Current Status: More Information Required

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Assessment
  3. Recommendation
  4. Determination

Amendments to the warehouse layouts and access arrangements for Lots 1-4, north of Bakers Lane.

Attachments & Resources

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SSD-9522-MOD-3 Amendment Acceptance

Modification Application (22)

Appendix G_Civil Engineering Report - Drawings (1)
Appendix G_Civil Engineering Report - Drawings (2)
Appendix G_Civil Engineering Report
SSD-9522 MOD 3 - Modification Report
Appendix C_Traffic Assessment
Appendix B_Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix A_Architectural Drawings
Appendix J_Waste Management Plan
Appendix P_Site Suitability Assessment
Appendix E_Landscape Concept Plan
Appendix K_SEPP33 Assessment
Appendix H_Bushfire Assessment
Appendix D_Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix S_CIV Report
Appendix R_Engagement Strategy
Appendix Q_Aeronautical Impact Assessment
Appendix O_Biodiversity Assessment
Appendix N_BCA Assessment
Appendix I_Geotechnical Assessment
Appendix M_Archaeological Report
Appendix L_Air Quality Impact Assessment
Appendix F_Service Infrastructure Assessment

Agency Advice (5)

WaterNSW advice on Mod Report
TfNSW advice on Mod Report
TfNSW advice on RTS
PCC advice on Mod Report
PCC advice on RTS

Amendments (21)

Appendix H_ADR Geotechnical Assessment
SSD-9522 MOD 3 - Amended Development Report
Appendix G_ADR Civil Engineering Report
Appendix G_ADR Civil Engineering Report - Drawings (1)
Appendix G_ADR Civil Engineering Report - Drawings (2)
Appendix B_ADR Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix C_ADR Traffic Assessment
Appendix A_ADR Architectural Drawings
Appendix N_ADR Site Suitability Assessment
Appendix I_ADR Waste Management Plan
Appendix E_ADR Landscape Concept Plan
Appendix D_ADR Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix J_ADR Hazard and Risk Assessment
Appendix L_ADR BCA Assessment
Appendix Q_RFI Response Table (May 2022)
Appendix O_ADR Aeronautical Impact Assessment
Appendix M_ADR Biodiversity Assessment
Appendix P_ADR CIV Report
Appendix F_ADR Service Infrastructure Assessment
Appendix K_ADR Air Quality Impact Assessment
SSD-9522 MOD3_s37 Request to Amend

Additional Information (14)

RFI Request for Additional Information_27052022_095708
Request for Additional Information_11.02.2022
Appendix C2 - Previous SIDRA Modelling Outputs
Appendix C1 - Amended SIDRA Modelling Outputs
Appendix C3 & C4_SIDRA Models
Appendix L_Revised AQIA (v2)
Appendix F_Revised CGIs (1)
Appendix F_Revised CGIs (2)
Appendix B_Revised Visual Impact Assessment (v2)
Appendix A_Revised Architectural Drawings (v2)
Appendix E_Revised Landscape Concept Plan (v2)
Appendix D_Revised Noise Impact Assessment (v2)
Appendix G_Turning Paths Plan
SSD-9522 MOD 3 - RFI Response

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SSD Modifications
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Warehouse or distribution centres
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Contact Planner

David Schwebel