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State Significant Development


Kambala Sport, Wellbeing and Senior Learning Precinct

Woollahra Municipality

Current Status: Determination

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

The redevelopment of the sports precinct of the Kambala School, inclusive of a concept approval for the partial demolition of buildings and development approval for the excavation of the existing sports field and construction of facilities.

Attachments & Resources

Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_28102020_072913

EIS (42)

Environmental Impact Statement
Appendix A - Architectural Plans
Appendix B - Design Report
Appendix C - SEARs Compliance
Appendix E - Landscape Plans
Appendix F - Landscape Design Report
Appendix G - Construction Management Plan
Appendix H - View Analysis
Appendix I - View Impact Assessment
Appendix J - Transport Impact Assessment
Appendix K - ESD Report
Appendix L - Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix M - Historical Archaeological Assessment
Appendix N - Conservation Management Plan
Appendix O - Social Impact Assessment
Appendix P - Aboriginal CHAR
Appendix Q - Noise and Vibration Report
Appendix R - Detailed Site Investigation
Appendix S - Infrastructure Management Plan
Appendix T - Integrated Water Management Plan
Appendix U - Stormwater Management Plan
Appendix V - BDAR Assessment
Appendix W - Civil Drawings
Appendix X - Construction & Demo Waste Plan
Appendix Y - Operational Waste Management Plan
Appendix Z - Engagement and Comms Strategy
Appendix AA - Engagement Outcomes Report
Appendix BB - Survey
Appendix CC -CPTED Report
Appendix DD - Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plan
Appendix EE - Arboricultural Impact Report
Appendix FF - Accessibility Report
Appendix GG1 - Geotech Report - PSM3759-002L
Appendix GG2 - Geotech Report - PSM3759-005L
Appendix HH - Schematic Structural Design Report
Appendix II - Construction Traffic Management Plan
Appendix JJ -Hazardous Building Materials Survey
Appendix KK - BCA Capability Statement
Appendix LL - Clause 4.6 Variation
Appendix MM - External Lighting Strategy
Appendix NN - Remediation Action Plan
Appendix D -Capital Investment Value

Response to Submissions (21)

Request RTS_01122020_111557
Appendix I_Revised Architectural Plans
Appendix L_Addendum Traffic Response
Appendix P_Remediation Action Plan
Appendix O_Detailed Site Investigation
Appendix M_Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment
Appendix N_Historical Archaeological Assessment
Appendix L_Traffic Response
Appendix M_Unexpected Finds Procedure
Appendix K_Revised Construction Management Plan
Appendix J_Education SEPP changes
Kambala SSDA_Response to Submissions Letter
Appendix G_Landscape Design Report
Appendix F_Civil Engineering Stormwater
Appendix D _Visual Impact Addendum
Appendix H_Landscape Plans
Appendix B _TfNSW Civil Engineering Response
Appendix E_Revised Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix F_Civil Engineering
Appendix A_Response to Submissions Table
Appendix C_Uses and Hours of Operation

Additional Information (4)

RFI - employment
RFI Request for Additional Information_24052021_023711

Determination (4)

SSD-10385 - Kambala School - Approved plans
Signed Instrument - Kambala
Final signed Assessment Report Kambala
Final Notice Of Decision Kambala

Approved Documents

There are no post approval documents available

Note: Only documents approved by the Department after November 2019 will be published above. Any documents approved before this time can be viewed on the Applicant's website.


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Sydney , New South Wales
Dear Rita,
Please find attached the EPA's response to the request for comments on the EIS for the Kambala Sport, Wellbeing and Senior Learning Precinct (SSD 10385).
Kind regards,
Mark Hanemann
Biodiversity and Conservation Division
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please find attached EES response
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
see attached letter
kathy miller
ROSE BAY , New South Wales
1. while this development is happening, the school/ council/roads authority should widen the top of Bayview hill road. This is a narrow road at the top and with the load of traffic during school drop off/pick up, one cannot get down the road as cars are parked on the right and cars lining up, block the entrance to the houses beyond this point.
2. I object to 70 extra pupils with the accompanying 70 extra cars to the area.
Kambala Old Girls Union
ANNANDALE , New South Wales
See attached file.
Jane Robinson
VAUCLUSE , New South Wales
Thank you for the recent information given on the new sports precinct for Kambala School for Girls in Rose Bay. As a near neighbour, former pupil and a former teacher, I would like to give my support for the future plans. The students would benefit from a gymnasium and the extra classrooms and I do not believe that these plans will be detrimental to the community in any way.
South Head Anglican Parish - St. Michael's Vaucluse
VAUCLUSE , New South Wales
As the rector of the local Anglican Church - and also as a close neighbour I fully support this project for the following reasons:

1. It will advance the aims and values of the school and therefore benefit the wider community
2. The development will, in my opinion, be very much in keeping with the built and natural local structures; indeed it will enhance the area.
James Whitehead
WATERLOO , New South Wales
RE: SSD-10385 Kambala Sport, Wellbeing and Senior Learning Precinct

I refer to the above development application on exhibition and wish to make a submission in support of the application.

I support this project on the following grounds:

• It will provide greatly needed sporting facilities for the school
• The design enables improved green space to be achieved on the site
• The sensitive design will provide an enhanced heritage curtilage around the treasured Tivoli building
• It will enable views and outlook to the harbour to be maintained, which the previous scheme that was approved on the site did not achieve
ZETLAND , New South Wales
Please see attachment
Kambala Parents Association
Vaulcuse , New South Wales
Please see attached letter
John Comino
VAUCLUSE , New South Wales
Letter attached
Nicolas Jarvis
ROSE BAY , New South Wales
My family has lived opposite Kambala school for over 19 years in fact we are probably the closest house to the school as we are directly opposite it on New South Head Road. We are very concerned about the impact of the development on our amenity particularly the impact of the new sports centre proposed for the existing oval. In particular we are concerned at the proposed installation of tennis courts on the roof of the centre and particularly bright tennis court floodlights.
We have had problems over a number of years of lights on the existing tennis courts being left on at night, often long after any sporting activity has ceased sometimes all night. I now have to text or ring the security people at the school to turn the lights off some of which face towards our house. This is quite disturbing as it impacts our harbour view and is unnecessary and in fact reflects an uncaring attitude towards neighbours. I do not see why as long term residents we should have to put up with it. The creation of a new sports centre directly opposite our home can only exacerbate the problem. Following the receipt of a circular from the school's planning advisors I made contact with them to request further information other than the illegible drawing. The consultant I spoke to (Laura?) undertook to send me elevations from our location / across New South Head Road towards the proposed development. I received nothing and I would comment that the community consultation and communications from this company has been woeful - one double sided A4 pamphlet only the whole time!
We are also concerned that large trees planted on the embankment continue to grow up and block our view. We note from the arborist plan that none of the trees currently impacting our view are proposed to be removed or pruned - we would ask that this be reconsidered with replacement by smaller trees. This has been a matter of concern for some time.I should note we have had at least a good rapport with the school's general manager Anthony on this topic. I am happy to be contacted to discuss our concerns, yours sincerely, Nicolas Jarvis
Heritage NSW – Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH)
QUEANBEYAN , New South Wales
Heritage NSW comments for Aboriginal cultural heritage matters attached.
Department of Transport
Haymarket , New South Wales
See attached.
Woollahra Muncipal Council
Double Bay , New South Wales
Please see attached.
Sydney Water
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please see attached.


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