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State Significant Development


Hills Showground Station Precinct

The Hills Shire

Current Status: Determination

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Concept proposal for a mixed-use precinct adjacent to the Hills Showground Station, including maximum gross floor area for residential and non-residential land uses, building envelopes, parking rates, principal subdivision and public open space

Consolidated Consent

Consolidated Consent


SEARs (2)

Issued SEARs_09102019_060401
Issued SEARs Cover Letter_09102019_060400

EIS (34)

Appendix V - Stakeholder Engagement Report
Appendix Z - Urban Design Guidelines V2
Environmental Impact Statement FINAL
Appendix P - Registered Plan of Subdivision Plan
Appendix AA - Urban Design Report V2
Appendix G THDCP Assessment V2
Appendix Y - Utilities Servicing Impact Assessment
Appendix X - Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment
Appendix W - Survey Plan
Appendix U - SEPP65 ADG Compliance Table
Appendix T - Staging Plan
Appendix S - Retail Demand and Impact Assessment
Appendix R - Soils and Contamination Report
Appendix Q - Plan of Subdivision (Draft) Lots 50 & 56 DP 12
Appendix O - Plans for Approval
Appendix N - Noise and Vibration Assessment
Appendix M - Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy
Appendix L - Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Heritage Impact
Appendix K - Geotechnical Assessment
Appendix J - Ecologically Sustainable Development Report
Appendix I - Design Excellence Strategy Report
Appendix H - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Appendix F - Civil Engineering Due Diligence Report
Appendix E - Clause 4.6 report
Appendix D - Capital Investment Value Report
Appendix D - Capital Investment Value Report (Hills Showgro
Appendix D - Capital Investment Value Report (Hills Showgro
Appendix D - Capital Investment Value Report (Doran Drive P
Appendix C - Biodiversity Development Assessment Report
Appendix B - Air Quality Assessment
Appendix AD - Design Verification Statement
Appendix AC - Wind Environment Statement
Appendix AB - Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix A - Secretary Environmental Assessment Requirement

Response to Submissions (19)

Response to Submissions Report
Appendix Q - Social Infrastructure Assessment
Appendix P - Wind Impact Assessment
Appendix O - Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix N - Traffic Assessment
Appendix M - Subdivision Plan (draft)
Appendix L - IWCM Strategy
Appendix K - ESD Requirements Tool
Appendix K - ESD Cover Letter
Appendix J - BDAR Report
Appendix I - Urban Design Guidelines
Appendix H - Urban Design Report
Appendix G -Draft SMNWP Public Art Guidelines
Appendix F - DCP Compliance Table
Appendix E - Design Excellence Strategy
Appendix D - Design Verification Statement
Appendix C - CPTED Report
Appendix B - Concept Plan for Approval
Appendix A - ADG Compliance Summary

Agency Advice (8)

Council Supplementary Comments on RtS
TfNSW Response to RtS
Council Comments on RTS
EESG - Response to RtS
Heritage NSW - Response to RtS
Endeavour Energy - RtS comments
Supplementary TfNSW response
Sydney Metro Response to RtS

Additional Information (8)

RFI Request for Additional Information 19.10.2020
RFI Request for Additional Information 16.01.2020
Request for Additional Information Letter
Attachment C - Urban Design Report
Attachment C - Urban Design Guidelines
Attachment C - Drawing Set for Approval
Attachment B - Urban Design Response to RFI
Attachment A - Response to RFI from DPIE

Recommendation (1)

Showground Assessment Report - Recommendation

Determination (5)

Approved Architectural Drawings
Showground Notice of Determination
Showground Notice of Decision
Showground Development Consent
Showground Assessment Report

Approved Documents

Other Documents (6)

Dept. Approval Letter for DES
Post Approval Letter - Condition B1A
Hills Showground Design Excellence Strategy
Urban Design Guidelines
Dept. Approval Letter for UDG
Urban Design Guidelines

Note: Only documents approved by the Department after November 2019 will be published above. Any documents approved before this time can be viewed on the Applicant's website.


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PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Thank you for allowing WaterNSW to comment on SSD-9653.
The proposal is not located near any WaterNSW land, assets or infrastructure, therefore we have no particular comments or requirements regarding the proposal.
WaterNSW requests the Department continues to consult with WaterNSW for any development that may impact on our assets, infrastructure or land, using the email address [email protected]
Justine Clarke - Catchment and Asset Protection Adviser
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
I disagree residential living should be incorporated in buildings there, only commercial. I disagree the heights be up to 20 storeys , but 10 storey max .

If residents were living right on Showground, the noise from the events there would see a surge in complaints to council. The area is for entertainment. You cannot share space with events and personal living. It will prove incompatible . As well, people down below , may be targeted from sticky beaks or without being aware , being filmed etc, from people up on their balconies. Keeping it commercial/ office space will see weekend no one really up there to be annoyed and take secret photos etc....

The area should also cater for horse/livestock shows. There should be ample parking space for that . Dogs must not be the only acceptable animal there.

I am angry that government land freely now applauds and is promoting a masterplan for itself. Council and planning have spooked developers for us in the precinct. Our house values to sell to a developer are now much reduced , because of lack of competition , due to lack of potential to come and build for high rise on our blocks. At the beginning ,there were numbers of developers interested to buy .Now scant and at a discount offer buy , due to no competition.

I ask this master plan does not further compromise us getting a DA approved to build high rise too in this precinct. We are already up zo selking az a loss to what we could've received, had council not intervened with their Draft..It is very hypocritical , that council stresses high rise must be limited , due to not yet started new infrastructure , and yet
government today releases a masterplan for up to 20storeys ... We have felt the pinch severely , to hold our horses, and not run to build high rise in a mad rush on our blocks, because council pulled the reigns on us all by spooking potential buyers. Is the council going to relax the reigns to developers to build at their heart's content apartment sizes, to maximise their profit dollar there in thid master plan? With the apartment mix for us, it has squeezed developer profit dollar for our blocks - hence spooked developers from buying our blocks, or by DA rejections.

I ask masterplan consider what I have written.

I hope what may go ahead with this masterplan, does not cause a stall or DA rejection, when we submit for our sites .
Sydney , New South Wales
Please see attached
Fire and Rescue NSW
Greenarce ,
Thank you for your submission of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the above development (Hills Showground Station Precinct) to Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) for agency review and comment.

It is understood that the EIS has been prepared to address matters identified in the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs).

It is deemed that the proposal has limited scope and application in regard to fire and life safety, and as such FRNSW submit no comments or recommendations for consideration, nor any requirements beyond that specified by applicable legislation. It is requested that the Applicant undertake consultation with FRNSW should more detailed information regarding the fire and life safety aspects of the development (Hills Showground Station Precinct) becomes available.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact the Fire Safety Infrastructure Liaison Unit, referencing FRNSW file number BFS19/XXXX. Please ensure that all correspondence in relation to this matter is submitted electronically to [email protected]
Lei Tao
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
• Very high building heights that are out of character of/to the area.
• To many units concentrated in a small area.
• Traffic congestion - Issues with commuting to and from work as well as children to schools, as well as over weekends with events at the Showground.
• Overshadowing of parks and recreation areas.
• Some of the land should be used for community public buildings, such as libraries, schools, and additional car parking at the station.
• It will diminish the heritage of the Showground.
• Community safety, health and well being may be impacted due to a high concentration as well as density of units.
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Delegate of Heritage Council letter.
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
I fully understand the need to develop the area, however, the current developments around Castle Hill are excessive. The reason people supported a train line to the Hills was to reduce traffic in the area. However, as a result of current developments the traffic has gotten worse. As well as traffic the state government is destroying the area and turning it into overcrowded over developed slums of the future. I have lived in the inner west suburbs and witnessed how with the passing of time, these suburbs degenerate. We already have witnessed, from the explosion in investor buildings, a sharp increase in assaults, thefts and anti-social behaviours. Why have you sought to destroy the suburb. Again we are witnessing the greed of developers and politicians. Are we also going to see the poor quality of buildings that you have encouraged in other suburbs with collapsing buildings, dangerous materials and the like. There is no regulation or system change to prevent these exact same issues. 20 story buildings in a low rise unattached homes style suburb is appalling. The Government beat the odds at the last election, but I certainly don't think you will get the same luck next time. I am sad at the loss of the "Garden Shire" suburb as you pursue the lowest common denominator style of development, appalling traffic and major falls in living standards.
Computer Pals For Seniors - The Hills
Castle Hill , New South Wales
We object to the size, the number of new dwellings and scale of the project and make the following points.
The very high building heights are out of character to the area.
Too many units concentrated in too small an area.
Traffic congestion - Issues with commuting to and from work as well as during weekends with events at the Showground. There is existing congestion at peak commuting times.
Overshadowing of parks and recreation areas due to the heights of the proposed towers.
Some of the land could be better used for community public buildings, such as libraries, schools, joint use for not for profit clubs, and additional car parking at the station.
The size and character of the project will diminish the heritage value of the Showground.
Community safety, health, wellbeing of the existing Showground users, and potential vandalism may be impacted due to a high concentration as well as density of units.
This type of concentrated high rise towers in suburbia has failed in the UK and Scotland.
The existing service infrastructure is already at high demand, and this proposed project may exasperate the situation. We already have problems with dropped mobile calls and mobile data.
A project of this size and scale will cause major disruptions to the existing neighbourhood during construction. As we understand it, the project will be constructed by private contractors, and similar projects in the area have had significant issues with dust, working hours, noise and environmental damage.
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
I have been living in the Hills area for 24 years. I purchased my property because of the semi rural nature of the area. Over the years I have watched the 'Progress' of our area from a peaceful haven to a complete and utter smamozel. I used to be a smallholder at the local markets which were held 1 x month at the show ground, and still support the Famers Market held at the Showground.
The Showground is part of the Hills community heritage.
I travel to work each day and use Kings, Showground or Green Road. I need to allow at least and extra 30-45 minutes to get through the chaos in order to get to work.
There are too many high rise buildings in the Hills area at the moment. WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE!
And we do not need to destroy our Showground.
We now have light rail, which is great when it works. We also have a car park at Showground Station which DOES NOT met the needs of patrons - should have been minimum twice the size.
Now, you are proposing to choke the area even more with another high rise tower.
Shame on yourself Hills Shire Council for even considering the venture.
Fix the problems we have already in our beautiful area before you add to them even more!
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Please see attached EES comments
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
I am writing this submission letter to express my objection for the proposed State Significant Development (Application No. SSD-9653) for a commercial and residential development, adjacent to the Hills Showground Station. I live in a peaceful area close to the Metro station and I know the area very well, prompting me to raise my concerns and objection for the following reasons:
1.0 Excessive number of units concentrated in a small area will cause major traffic congestion for vehicles and pedestrians alike and may compromise community safety, health and well being.
2.0 Part of the land should be used to build additional car park as the current capacity of the Metro Showground car park has become inadequate and close-by residential areas are being used as alternative car park.
3.0 The Hills Showground is an iconic heritage landmark that defines the Shire’s character and identity. Launching this huge development project will diminish not just the image of the old showground but will also overshadow the parks and recreational areas.
4.0 Private developers around the Showground precinct should be given similar opportunities and equal priority to fairly distribute dwelling density.
Thank you.
Name Withheld
Castle Hill , New South Wales
I am a landowner in the precinct opposite the Hills Showground Metro Station.
The Concept DA submitted by Landcom has significant issues in comparison to controls being applied to Planning Proposals and DA's submitted by Showground Corporation, including:
1. Relationship with The Hills LEP 2012;
Reduction of lot sizes applicable for higher densities being given to the concept DA, no requirement for compliance with apartment size and diversity control, government land is being given priority to utilise the first tranche of dwelling cap being applied to the precinct and therefore diminishing the ability of private development to achieve a mixed medium and high density residential precinct.
2. Lack of public infrastructure improvements;
Demands being made upon private development proposals are significantly more demanding than those being made upon the proposed Government proposal. Only minor parks and a youth and community centre are proposed. No contribution towards educational establishments requirements is proposed and greater contribution of community infrastructure should be demanded in the form of park areas, recreational facilities and upgrades to local roads and utility infrastructure. Such contributions would future proof the remaining precinct area and eliminate the dwelling cap being held over the remainder of the precinct.
Are not infrastructure needs the responsibility of Government ? Why therefore are they not proposing to contribute to at least the level being demanded of the private developer ?

3. Building heights;
The proposed building heights, the highest in the whole precinct, are inappropriate and do not represent the best planning outcome. Significant overshadowing would result over future high density residential land to the south, places the greatest height adjoining the narrowest roads with the greatest pedestrian traffic impacting the the amenity of these streets in terms of solar access and human scale.
4. Traffic and Parking
The proposal is in conflict with the principals of transport orientated developments. The proposed parking provisions and will only incentivise driving and place further pressure on the role and function of the surrounding road network. The proposal should have measures to encourage public transport usage and provide amenity of public spaces to facilitate walking to the station.

It appears that yet again two sets of rules apply to development within the Hills Shire. One set of rules for government land or land in which Hills Shire has had an interest and another for private development.

It is time for planning principals and not political agendas to drive the development process within the Showground Precinct.
Local residents, such as myself and my family are in limbo not knowing when rational planning based decision making will be applied to our residences.
Chippendale , New South Wales
No comment.
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
I'm very unhappy with the lack of planning, particularly around the lack of a wider traffic study . Our local area in Castle Hill is currently experiencing a huge increase in population , with more to come.

In fact the increase in population in the northwest of Sydney, in areas around Castle Hill is staggering. There seems to be some thought given to the main corridors of traffic like Carrington, Victoria, Showground and Windsor Roads , for the expected increase in traffic.

However there is little mention of the existing feeder roads like Parsonage Road or the effect on existing local roads like Warwick, Verletta , Whitling ,Hume , and the many surrounding streets and their residents.

May I suggest that a wider study be implemented and specifically into traffic lights at the corner of Parsonage Road and Old Northern Road, to control the expected increase in traffic and keep it out of our local roads. I also suggest partially closing the local roads off Parsonage Road , like Warwick Pde and Whitling Ave to prevent "Rat Runs" which will be caused by the inevitable increase in population and traffic in the immediate and surrounding areas.

The proposal to construct two new local roads between Fishburn and Warwick is flawed. Please drop the one south of Sherwin Ave as this will only cause safety problems , with the narrow winding road heading north towards Cecil Ave and ultimately Showground Road. If it's absolutely necessary construct a new local road into and out of the new estate then do it further north from Fishburn and into Cecil Ave then ultimately to Showground Road as shown on your own map, see Figs 2-9, 2-10, and 2-11.

I feel that considering these small requests is the least the NSW Department of Planning can do for the many long term, long suffering residents, affected by these overpowering changes.
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
I object to the size and scale as well as the number of new residential units proposed as advertised for the project. While I understand the project may proceed, it should be at a lower scale, size and lesser number of new units. Additionally construction should be staged over time to monitor impacts this project has on local residents and users of the Showground and other adjacent public facilities. My reasons for making this submission is based on the following concerns;
1. Traffic congestion - Issues with commuting to and from work as well as children going to schools, as well as traffic over weekends with events at the Showground. There are already issues with congested traffic on Carrington and Showground roads during peak times.
2. Current services such as internet, and mobile calls and mobile data are already overcrowded with existing users.
3. The proposed project is out of character to the immediate surrounding residential areas as well as the type of facilities at the Showground. Additionally there are too many new units in a relatively small footprint, and similar projects overseas have failed, and some have unfortunately have become slum or no go areas.
4. As a result of point 3., above, community safety, health, and wellbeing of the existing residents as well as Metro Train users may be impacted. It may also negatively impact the heritage of the Showground.
5. Existing public schools in the area are already near capacity, and this proposed project will exasperate the situation. Some of the land may be better served by building a new school and/or additional parking for the Metro station and/or new community facilities such as a library, etc.
6. The heights of the proposed towers will lead to excessive overshadowing of the area.
7. This project should be in line and similar to other proposed private projects in the Showground priority precinct.
8. Due to the size and complexity of this project, environmental impacts during construction needs to be strictly enforced as there are many reported non-conformances for other projects in the Castle Hill area. Potential impacts are dust, noise, unreasonable working times, construction traffic movements as well as parking for tradesmen vehicles.
9. High residential towers reportedly have significant impacts on climate change as most residents will be forced to use electrical and gas energy to dry clothes, heat water, as well as air condition their units. Smaller developments have gardens that mitigate their carbon footprint and mitigate high stormwater runoff that may cause downstream flooding. Additionally residents at smaller developments do use sunshine and natural breezes to mitigate their carbon footprints.
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
My husband and I having lived in the Hills area for over 40 years and obviously have seen many changes. While we acknowledge that change is inevitable, the collective result of changes to date have resulted in overcrowding and atrocious traffic congestion with the associated noise and pollution. Adding up to another 1900 dwellings, (and the 2,273 car spaces with the implied number of cars), will only compound this already dire situation. Certainly, any argument about the “Metro” being the panacea solution has not been borne out by current traffic experience...and what happens when residents have more cars than their allocated 1.2 car spaces and then have visitors with their cars where will they all go?
The Traffic and Transport Assessment casually states that the modelled road network currently operates with a performance of Level of Service D or better(!!) and that basically with only some minor road / intersection adjustments this level should be maintained; I do not know who wrote this report but have they actually experienced the ever lengthening morning and evening peak periods - it is already a nightmare!! I may also be corrected but does this report also cover the additional traffic required to support the new businesses in the area, garbage collection services etc etc??
The Visual Viewpoint Report is also very disturbing, single points of reference hardly compare to the constant eyesore when moving about the town, (as is currently the case with the Castle Hill shopping precinct area). As well, the Utility Services Report frankly gives little confidence that existing services will adequately service such a huge area and populace in the long term, (albeit the report acknowledges that there is a requirement to upgrade sewerage services). Why 20 storeys’?? is so out of keeping with what remains of the surrounding area charm.
And what of the disturbance during any construction phase?? How is dust, noise and traffic mayhem going to be controlled during what I imagine will be a multi-year building project - and that is before people start moving in?
I would also see it as a very high priority that any traffic upgrade recommendations be put in place before the residences are completed or even begun, this will at least give some respite to the likely construction chaos phase. That said if the Showground Road upgrade is anything to go by any roadworks will have a significant prolonged impact.
Will approval be pending confirmation that all construction be fully independently certified at every step to avert the current high rise building fiasco. The last thing needed is any development to turn into a slum 15 years down the line.
We look forward to some constructive feedback that brings sanity to this proposal.
SYDNEY , New South Wales
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the subject proposal. As stated in the EIS documents, the mixed use development proposes approximately 1800 new dwellings. The corresponding increase in population for the area will generate demand for additional public education facilities and, when considered in conjunction with other planned growth in the broader Castle Hill context, there is potential cumulative demand for additional school sites.

The EIS briefly considers the demand for education facilities, and states (at p 13) that:

[At the time of rezoning, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment identified the need to accommodate schools in the area. Landcom is actively working with the Department of Education to identify appropriate sites in the broader precinct.]

While our discussions with proponents for these development areas are ongoing, School Infrastructure NSW is yet to identify suitable land for future school sites that may be required to meet this demand. Therefore , as part of the consideration of the current proposal, it requested that your assessment include , following further discussions with SINSW and the applicant, a more detailed response to the education needs generated by this development and in the wider context.
Merc Capital
Baulkham Hills , New South Wales
Merc Capital is in support of the upzoning and mixed-use precinct proposed at the Landcom Hills Showgrounds station site. We welcome the land uses and densities that are proposed for the site.

We had previously submitted our comments in August 2019 in support of the upzoning of the precinct to permit a mix of commercial and residential uses at medium to high density. Whilst the SSD and concept proposal is for the Landcom site, it would be opportune to similarly upzone the entire Hills Showground precinct, as a true precinct catchment and defined location for the Hills Showgrounds Station precinct.

As international precedent shows, transit-oriented development within an kilometre from a station should provide a range of amenities, facilities, residential density, commercial space, extensive retail, pedestrianisation, landscaped boulevards, traffic calming measures and non-motorised transport facilities. Mixed use precincts near a train station provide many community and user benefits, services for mass transit, and assists in the creation of safe and attractive 24-hour spaces that are bustling with activity for workers, residents and visitors of an area. This provides optimum social, economic and environmental outcomes.

The constraining of a mixed use and mixed density space to the Hills Showgrounds station precinct only would limit urban environmental amenity, social and economic opportunities, and land use and the strategic potential to develop the Hills Showgrounds station precinct to its full potential. We therefore advocate that the current site of the Hills Showgrounds station precinct be extended to fully include the Hills Showgrounds station precinct to cater to the retail, commercial, recreational, residential, and other land use needs of the Hills District and be zoned as a mixed use precinct.

We thank you for the opportunity to provide our comments on this concept proposal and look forward to the best outcome of the Hills Showgrounds Station Precinct for the Hills District.
Name Withheld
CASTLE HILL , New South Wales
Please, please revise your proposal of the Hills Showground Station Precinct.
Whilst there is no doubt the Metro has brought accessibility and commuting ease to the Hills, it should surely come with a measure of common sense and a well considered plan to ensure the area around the Castle Hill Showground continues to be a place people want to live. By creating these high rise towers our community will come to feeling like we are living in the CBD but without the convenience and benefits of living in the actual CBD! Overcrowding on roads and schools is already a problem, so this will considerably worsen our daily life.

I do not see how buildings twenty storeys high in a Showground precinct will deliver what our community has long cherished. And that is greenery and space. Not eyesores twenty stories high. Four storeys high is not an eyesore and could surely still meet the demands of the community whilst retaining the green leafy feel that surrounds Castle Hill Showground now. Come for a drive in our leafy streets and you will see what I mean!

The Hills Council Vision statement claims to want to support the historic value of the Showground but it is entirely laughable that any 20 storey high buildings will enable this.

I strongly object to this proposal and ask for a much more liveable option on a much smaller scale to replace this monstrosity instead. The Showground is NOT a city hub, that is the main street of Castle Hill where the shopping centre and restaurants are. Keep the high rises up there where they belong, not smack bang in the middle of quiet suburbia. I look forward to your feedback and reconsideration of this development application.


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