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SSI Modifications


Hexham Train Facility Mod 2 - Depot Relocation and Wagon Stowage

Newcastle City

Current Status: Determination

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  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Exhibition
  3. Collate Submissions
  4. Response to Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

Construction of an administration and depot building and a wagon storage area

Attachments & Resources

Modification Application (15)

SSI 6090 - Modification Report
A - SEARs Table
B - Architectural Drawings
C - Landscape Drawing
D - Civil Drawings
E - Concept Design Report
F - Flood Assessment
G - Statement of Heritage Impact
H - Aboriginal Due Diligence Report
I - Noise Impact Assessment
J - Soil and Water Assessment
K - Traffic Impact Assessment
L - Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
M - BDAR Waiver Request
Notice of Exhibition

Response to Submissions (6)

Request RTS_09062022_091044
Hexham LTTSF Mod 2 RtS_22July2022
Attachment B_Stormwater Management Plan_Draft
Attachment A_Hexham Water Monitoring Plan_Draft
Attachment D_Traffic Flow Diagrams
Attachment C_MUSIC Modelling_July2022

Agency Advice (8)

City of Newcastle Response
EPA response
TfNSW Response
DPE Water Response
DPE Water Response
BDAR waiver request attachment B
BDAR waiter request attachment A
BDAR waiter request letter

Additional Information (5)

Signed RFI Letter
Signed Request for Additional Information5777181
Attachment A - Revised Modification Plans
Attachment B - Revised Landscape Plan
Hexham LTTSF Mod 2 - Project Amendment Letter

Determination (2)

Hexham mod 2 Modification of Infrastructure Approval final
Hexham Train Facility Mod 2 Assessment Report pdf

Consolidated Approval (1)

Hexham mod 2 Consolidated Approval pdf


Showing 1 - 3 of 3 submissions
City of Newcastle
Linda Hain
Hexham , New South Wales
We are the next door neighbours to Aurizon Hexham train support facility.
We have owned our property for over thirty years.
We believed we would be safe from industrial activity because we were surrounded by “protected wetlands” and now the proposed extensions will encroach more on our “protected environment”.
We have experienced a higher degree of effect from drainage placed by Aurizon, water is now stopped from flowing away quickly. Water lays for longer periods, more drainage for more construction will only impact our paddocks and our access more than before.
We were greatly impacted when Aurizon did the original buildings and road constructions.
We will once again be impacted by noise and delays on our travel if construction does go ahead.
We are often woken through the night when train drivers sound their horns and this noise can continue for quite some time, this noise will only increase if expansion of facility is allowed.
We are on a very low flat landscape and the activity from Aurizon if allowed to expand will only increase the level of noise generated to our property. It is now at times unbearable increasing activity is not acceptable.
Progress, industrialisation should not be permitted at the great cost to our native environment. Future major flooding is a great concern as we know from our experiences from flooding since the original site was developed and approved.
If we are already effected, how much worse will it be for the animals and birds of the swamp. Our beautiful eagles and other birds of prey will not nest . The vibrations caused from trains idling all day and night will surely impact on turtles and other ground dwelling inhabitants.
NO to a bigger facility.
Question? Did Aurizon meet all requirements originally to offset SEP14 land taken for their fuel depot - will they be installing an even larger fuel depot? Have Dept. of Planning and Environment continued to monitor impact of present facility on our environment?
Name Withheld
TARRO , New South Wales
I am very concerned about the project not being shown prior to now and only because Dept of Planning advised of this project by Aurizon. Why has it been kept secret till now, when the time is almost up? There are no details of whether the height of the land is going to be higher than ground level, my property has not been shown any affects in regard to flooding. The Aurizon access road will be moved closer to my home, when the M1 Freeway extension happens and there is no detail for noise control around the road off the Tarro Interchange when that happens, especially with the very large volume of extra traffic entering/exiting the site.

It should be investigated why Aurizon have said they have consulted with locals, as this is not the case.


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