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State Significant Development


Dalswinton Sand and Gravel Quarry

Muswellbrook Shire

Current Status: More Information Required

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  8. Determination

Development of sand and gravel quarry extracting up to 500,000 tpa for 25 years

Attachments & Resources

Early Consultation (2)

Scoping Report_Feb 2018
Site Plan

SEARs (2)

Revised SEARs August 2018
Revised SEARs - Attachment 2

EIS (28)

Appendix Z - Socio-Economic Assessment
Appendix K -ACHA
Appendix C - Government Consultation Documents
Appendix D - Public Consultation Documents
EIS (Final) 2021.11
Appendix Y - Air Quality Assessment
Appendix X - Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix W - Rosebrook Sand and Gravel's RMS
Appendix V - Surface Water Impact Assessment
Appendix U - Groundwater Impact Assessment
Appendix T - Existing Approvals and Licences
Appendix S - Site Rehabilitation Strategy
Appendix R - Traffic Impact Assessment
Appendix Q - Resources Availability Assessment
Appendix P - Site Photographs
Appendix O - Proposed Water Management Plan
Appendix N - Proposed Site Plan
Appendix M - Flood Impact Assessment
Appendix L - Services and Infrastructure
Appendix J - Rumbo Bush School Details
Appendix I - Preliminary AHIMS Search
Appendix H - BDAR
Appendix F - Deposited Plans
Appendix E - Surrounding Properties Map
Appendix B - Title Search
Appendix AB - Final Landform Plan
Appendix AA - Visual Impact
Appendix A - Revised SEARs

Exhibition (1)


Response to Submissions (14)

Request RTS_04022022_092746
Appendix G - Table of Key Parameters – MSC
Appendix H - Site Photographs
Appendix J - Flood Maps
Appendix C - BDAR
Appendix D - Letter Surface Water Impact Assessment
Appendix I –Surrounding Properties Map
Appendix E - Letter Ground Water Impact Assessment
Appendix C - BDAR Mapping
Appendix F - Proposed Mitigation Measures
Appendix B - DA Consent
Appendix A - Submission Register
Cover Letter_RTS_SSD9094
Response to Submission (RTS)

Agency Advice (10)

220202 Dalswinton Quarry SSD - MSC comments on EIS
BCD Letter - Dalswinton Quarry EIS
Dalswinton S&G C - Response Letter
TfNSW Response
DPE Water Response Dalswinton Quarry EIS
RR Response_Dalswinton sand and gravel quarry
EPA response re SSD-9094

Additional Information (7)

Request for Additional Information_19102022_081004
Turn lane assessment
Request for Additional Information_12102022_040441
Attachment B - Boundaries
Attachment A - DPE Water RTS Advice
Request for Additional Information_07102022_115300
Request for Additional Information_04082022_023942


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CARDIFF , New South Wales
I currently work in the civil construction industry.
I am in full support of the submission to expand Dalswinton Quarry. Materials are becoming harder to source for our projects. There will be a shortage in these materials if more resources are not made available. Transport companies will be required to travel further afield in order to meet the demand of our industry, which will mean more heavy vehicles on the road causing deterioration.
Tim Mullaney
Coal Point , New South Wales
I have worked in the quarrying and construction industry for over 35 years and see the need for quarry products to meet construction and landscape requirements as well as the support or creation of the associated jobs it will provide. I therefore support the expansion of the Dalswinton Sand and Gravel Quarry.
Tamworth Landscape Supplies
TAMINDA , New South Wales
On behalf of our business 'Tamworth Landscape Supplies' we support the proposed increased volume for this quarry. This natural resource is of significant importance to our daily operations supplying the broader construction industry of Tamworth, including (not limited to) raw material to create bedding sand for tilers, river sand to produce concrete mix for concreters, fencers and landscapers. Other industries that benefit from this resource include equine, schools and public parks via local government. The sand and loams from this pit are also used to enhance the natural environment in our region where they are used as components of garden mixes for local residents to beautify their street scape and produce eatable gardens at home. We support the expansion of this quarry.
Kingstar Farm
DALSWINTON , New South Wales
To Whom it may concern,
We are supportive of the Dalswinton Sand and Gravel quarry expansion. However being a sensitive receptor we are very concerned with the proposed operation of hours being 5am- midnight. With our operation we have millions of dollars of thoroughbred breeding stock. These animals have a high flight instinct especially with loud noises and at night. In our experience this usually results in injuries and/or death and of course has significant financial and emotional consequences.

Consideration to impose a condition on an approval to effect that loud noises/blasting are prohibited after 6pm.
We are happy to discuss further and/or show you our operation.
Allan Davies
COOLUM BEACH , Queensland
The Dalswinton Quarry has been in operation in one form or another for the full time my wife and i have owned several properties located on Bureen Road ; namely, "Bellreve", "Metulla and "Glenroy" at 610, 701 and 810 Bureen Road. We understand the commercial and economic value of the project and are generally supportive of its operation. However, there are two key issues that deserve comment and some criticism. These are - 1. Dust and 2. Noise.
1. Dust - depending on the operations at the time and also wind speed and direction, dust has been and will continue to be an issue. This includes the operation of the quarry and also the transport of product from the quarry along the gravel road beside the Hunter River. Greater efforts to reduce fugiitve dust emissions should to be taken and these include making sure water spays are fitted effectively to crushing and screening operations and extra water carts are available to dampen internal haul roads and also the main access road from the quarry to the Golden Highway. The conditions of consent should reflect these requirements. In addition, a permanent dust monitor should be established at the "Metulla" property to monitor dust levels.
2. Noise - our properties (mentioned above) are closest to the proposed development. On still mornings especially in winter, in the evenings plus when wind directions and speed are in the direction of our properties, noise is an issue for residents in the houses (5 in total). The noise source is mining equipment, reversing alarms, crushing equipment and also truck movements especially trucks entering the site from the Golden Highway down the slope onto the Hunter River flats. I have read the noise report and recommend the Department of Planning critically examines the assumptions used in this report. In my view, the noise events which I have personally experienced and which residents on our properties continue to experience are under-estimated in the noise report. The only way to adequately determine if noise is the problem I suggest is to establish a permanent noise monitor at say "Metulla" adjacent the homestead. That way there can be no argument as to the magnitude of the noise during the work hours of the quarry.
Finally, I hope the expansion of the quarry is a success and that applies to its operation, financial returns and also making sure the residents who are close to the quarry are respected and have their legitimate concerns dealt with appropriately.
Muswellbrook Shire Council
MUSWELLBROOK , New South Wales
Hi James,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Dalswinton Project. In this regard, please find Muswellbrook Shire Council comment attached.
Sandra Wolfgang
DENMAN , New South Wales
We support the Proposal which provides local jobs and benefits all involved.
We have an agreement to provide access of 5.5km through our properties.


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State Significant Development
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Muswellbrook Shire

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