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State Significant Development

Response to Submissions

Albion Park Quarry - Stage 7

Shellharbour City

Current Status: Response to Submissions

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The project involves the ongoing operation of the approved Stages 1 to 6 of the existing quarry and a proposed Stage 7 extension area.


This project is a controlled action under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and will be assessed under the bilateral agreement between the NSW and Commonwealth Governments, or an accredited assessment process. For more information, refer to the Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment's website.

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EIS Executive Summary
EIS Sect 1 - Introduction
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MEG - EIS advice
Shellharbour Council - SEARs advice
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DPE Water - EIS advice
Shellharbour City Council - EIS submission
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Shellharbour City Council
Please see letter attached. Further detail to follow.
Name Withheld
MEROO MEADOW , New South Wales
I would like to support this application as a Cleary Bros employee of the past five years and as someone who would like to continue working with the organisation well into the future. An approval of this application will be a big step toward making sure I and my workmates can do this.
Todd Rainey
ALBION PARK , New South Wales
Having lived in Albion Park my whole life, and having been employed by Cleary Bros for the past eight years, I'm very aware of the important role the quarry plays in our community. I've enjoyed my time working at the site and fully expect to continue on here for the best part of my career. Approving this application will help make sure I can access this opportunity.
Warren Miller
OAK FLATS , New South Wales
As a local resident and new employee of Cleary Bros, I support the organisation's efforts to extend the quarry's operation. Local employment opportunities are very valuable to the residents of our area and these will be sustained if the application is approved.
Name Withheld
KIAMA DOWNS , New South Wales
As a 40 year employee with the organisation, I understand the value of the quarry not only to the business, but local industry and the wider community. I therefore support this application for approval.
Ray Bowden
BERRY , New South Wales
Approval of this application would be a very good thing for our region. As a Cleary Bros employee of 35 years, I have seen the operations change with the community, the quarry supplying much of what now makes that same community. The site has provided me with a career and a lifestyle, something I believe should be available to the local workers who will follow me. The application seeks approval for operations to continue for the next three decades, enabling the opportunities presented to me throughout my time at the site will be there for others.
Kieran Pearce
ALBION PARK RAIL , New South Wales
I am a local resident and have worked for the organisation for the past 3.5 years. Having the quarry operating is extremely important to my job and as I have every intention of being with Cleary Bros for many years, I support the approval of this application.
Shane Downton
FLINDERS , New South Wales
I am a long-term employee of Cleary Bros, having worked in various parts of business over the past 27 years including the quarry. As a result, I've had plentiful opportunity to observe the quarry's operations and understand its role not just within our organisation, but as an essential component of the building and construction industry in the Illawarra region. Given the extent of the resources which remain available, an approval of the application will ensure that a reliable source of construction materials remains accessible to the industry as the region continues its growth.
Evan Thoumine
ALBION PARK , New South Wales
I have recently been employed by Cleary Bros and have already developed an interest in working for the organisation over the long term. An approval for this extension application will help ensure that happens - as I'm only starting out with my career, I'd feel secure in the knowledge that the operations will carry on for a period which will cover the bulk of my working life.
Steve Crandell
ALBION PARK RAIL , New South Wales
I have spent all of my almost 40 year career working with Cleary Bros and have had plentiful opportunity to see the benefits the Albion Park Quarry provides. Its operation is directly linked to the employment of around 300 people, meaning a potential 300 different CB families are reliant on the quarry at any one time. Beyond this, however, are the multiple other families who depend on the employment of a family member in the many businesses connected to the quarry, whether by way of being a customer or as a supplier to the business. Much of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven has been built using the materials produced by the quarry and the approval of the extension will go a long way to securing this legacy into the future. The operations are well positioned to underpin not only the growth of our community in terms of private development, but also the significant public infrastructure projects which will accompany the increase in regional population over the coming decades. The organisation is also very invested in our community through sport and other local activities, underlining the positive reception I believe would be given to an approval of this application.
Jason Webster
KIAMA DOWNS , New South Wales
Cleary Bros is a well known and regarded local business for which I have been working for five years. The aggregates and other products made by the site are essential to building and construction across the Illawarra, meaning its operation supports not just my job and those of my workmates, but many others in the small and medium businesses connected to our organisation. Allowing the extension to proceed will safeguard this valuable local employment for the longer term, meaning there will be a steady stream of opportunities available for the next generation of workers as well.
Glen Harrison
BERRY , New South Wales
As a relatively new employee of the company in the Concrete business, it's become very quickly apparent to me that it plays an essential role in the building and construction industry of our region. Our concrete site relies on the aggregates produced at Albion Park which in turn becomes the concrete we deliver to customers all over the Shoalhaven area. I support the proposal in the interests of ensuring this ongoing benefit for both the wider community and ourselves as employees is continued.
Phillip Jeffery
NOWRA , New South Wales
Although I do not live in the immediate area of the quarry, as a Cleary Bros employee of 10 years I'm very clear that its continued operation is essential to my employment in the Concrete division. Without the materials which are produced at the quarry, our concrete plant at Bomaderry would be greatly challenged in its ability to supply the Shoalhaven community with our much needed products.
Matt Winchester
GERRINGONG , New South Wales
Cleary Bros have been operating in the Illawarra and South Coast for over 100 years employing countless local workers over this time. As a member of the south coast community I support Cleary Bros expansion of their quarry to allow for 30 more years of employing the local community. Without the help of Cleary Bros the Illawarra/South Coast wouldn't be the place it is today!!
Mohammed Al Malome
ALBION PARK , New South Wales
I am a new Cleary Bros employee working within the Civil Construction arm of our business. I wish to support this proposal as having access to the materials which the quarry provides is essential to our work creating the infrastructure which is needed by the wider community. The extension of the quarry will underpin my and my colleagues' employment into the future.
Tanaya-Jo Harding
I am one of several new employees taken on by Cleary Bros in the Concrete arm of the business. Our jobs would be difficult to do if there was no ready supply of hard rock for our plants. Accordingly, I support this submission in the interests of maintaining my employment and that of my colleagues, and so that building and construction materials are readily available for the industry of our region.
Name Withheld
KIAMA DOWNS , New South Wales
As the region's largest employer with a proud long-standing history of contributing to our community, Cleary Bros holds an important place in our region. Generations of local people have been employed by the company and therefore directly had input into the shaping of our suburbs through the production of materials for building and construction. The company supports many community activities and is very involved in local life. Approving this expansion is a way to keep these positives going well into the future.
Jayden Spong
KIAMA DOWNS , New South Wales
I am a new employee to the company, working in the Concrete division which relies heavily on the availability of hard rock. In supporting this application, I'm indicating my support for this availability to be continued, not only for the benefit of my employment, but that of my colleagues and others working in this industry locally.
Name Withheld
TOWRADGI , New South Wales
I work for the organisation in the Concrete division and have done for five years. Concrete cannot be manufactured without a supply of hard rock and so if the quarry's operations were not continued, myself and my colleagues would quickly find ourselves out of work. Approving this application therefore makes sense for not only those of us who work here, but also for those in the whole community who rely on our concrete for building and construction.
David Gordon
ALBION PARK , New South Wales
Cleary Bros is a strong contributor to our community. It supports many local activities and groups such as local sporting organisations, showing it plays a much bigger role in keeping our region going than just producing building materials. Many local jobs are reliant on the quarry, including mine, and so the approval of the application will make a big difference to the availability of future roles in our industry for local people.


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