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digital mapping

Enhancing the DCDB Cadastre

The Department is committed to transitioning the plan-making process for EPIs from the use of PDF maps to the digital mapping. This involves working with the Department of Customer Service Spatial Services team to ensure DPE’s planning datasets are in alignment with the most authoritative and current cadastre at a state level, supplied in the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB), as this supports the EPI-making process.

The Importance of the DCDB Cadastre 

The Department uses the DCDB cadastre as it is a contiguous fabric representing all current land titles in NSW.

The DCDB is managed by the DCS Spatial Services team who are responsible for the collection, storage and maintenance of the data in line with customer requirements, state and national policies, initiatives and guidelines.

The legal source of truth for parcel boundaries in NSW is the Deposited Plan or Strata Plan images.

Incorporating local cadastral information into the DCDB

The DCDB provides a comprehensive, consistent representation of land across the entire state in a way that cannot be easily replicated by referencing multiple cadastres from different sources, however it does not guarantee the accuracy of the position shown. In some instances the local cadastral databases maintained by individual councils may be in a more survey accurate position than the DCDB Cadastre.

The DCS Spatial Services team has been actively working to improve the accuracy of the DCDB since 2007. Additionally, they have been collaborating with individual councils to improve the accuracy of the DCDB. This involves ingesting the councils improved data into the DCDB, which will continue to provide benefits to councils and all stakeholders involved.

Upgrading the DCDB Cadastre with local cadastre data will shift the responsibility of managing that data to the DCS Spatial Services Team. This will enable councils to reallocate internal resources without impacting their reliance on a survey-accurate cadastre for their local area.

Please note, this work by the DCS Spatial Services team presents an opportunity for councils. The Department encourages all councils to consider the benefits.

DCDB Cadastre and the Digital Mapping of EPIs

As the digital mapping of EPIs is based on the DCDB Cadastre, its efficacy relies upon the accuracy and breadth of all the data within DCDB. The Department is working with interested councils to transition from PDF maps to digital mapping of EPIs.

DCS Spatial Services is responsible for the upgrade to the DCDB Cadastre. Any council interested in learning more about incorporating local cadastre data into the DCDB should contact  [email protected]