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Submissions through the NSW Planning Portal since January 2019*

Development Applications (DA) submitted to councils

Concurrence and Referrals submitted to State Agencies

* The Online DA Service went live in December 2018. Only seven DAs were submitted for that month. For the purposes of quarterly reporting, 1 January 2019 is the starting point for both the Online DA service and the Online Concurrence and Referral Service (which went live in January 2019). Note: This report does not include Complying Development Certificate (CDC) applications submitted through the Online CDC Service.

Online DA Service

The following dropdown list only displays those councils that have accepted a DA submission through this service. Some councils have adopted the service but are yet to receive DAs digitally.

Filter by council
Total Number of DAs since January 2019



The number of applications submitted by the applicant.
*Note: the total number submitted excludes applications that have been returned.
The number of applications accepted and under assessment by the council/s.
The number of applications that have been determined by the council/s.
Average Determination Days since January 2019

Applications Determined

Estimated Total Costs of Development since January 2019

Estimated Total Costs by Development Type since January 2019





These statistics include all application types: DAs, Review of determination and Modification Applications.