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Rhodes 2017 Proposal

The Department of Planning and Environment has been working closely with the City of Canada Bay Council to investigate opportunities to revitalise Rhodes East. A draft Precinct Plan has been developed to identify opportunities for new homes, a new school, community facilities, shops, cafes and improved access to the Parramatta River foreshore.

Attachments (25)

Appendix A_ Explanation of Intended Effect.pdf
Appendix F_ Traffic and Transport Report.pdf
Appendix E_ Relevant plans and policies.pdf
Appendix C_ Rhodes East Demographic Profile.pdf
Appendix B_ Draft CBC LEP maps.pdf
Appendix M_ Affordable Housing Strategy.pdf
Appendix I_ Hydrology and Flooding Report.pdf
Appendix D_ Social Infrastructure and Open Space Report.pdf
Appendix H_ Sustainability Assessment.pdf
Appendix G_ Heritage Assessment.pdf
Appendix J_ Contamination and Sulphate Soils Report_Part1.pdf
Appendix J_ Contamination and Sulphate Soils Report_Part2.pdf
Appendix J_ Contamination and Sulphate Soils Report_Part3.pdf
Appendix J_ Contamination and Sulphate Soils Report_Part4.pdf
Appendix N_ Public Realm Report.pdf
Appendix K_ Property Market Appraisal and Feasibility Testing Report.pdf
Appendix O_ River Pool Feasibility Report.pdf
Appendix P_ Visual Assessment Report_Part2.pdf
Appendix P_ Visual Assessment Report_Part1.pdf
Appendix Q_ Draft Development Control Plan_Part1.pdf
Appendix Q_ Draft Development Control Plan_Part2.pdf
Appendix L_ Urban Design Report_Part2.pdf
Appendix L_ Urban Design Report_Part1.pdf
Appendix L_ Urban Design Report_Part3.pdf
Rhodes East Planning Report-1.pdf


  • On Exhibition

    The consultation is open for public comment.

  • Under Consideration

    We'll be reviewing what you told us.

  • Made and Finalised

    The final outcomes of this consultation will be documented here.

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Exhibiting agency or agencies: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal