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Amendment to the Penrith Lakes SEPP

The amendment to the Penrith Lakes SEPP in January 2017 created a new Employment zone enabling industrial and business uses at Penrith Lakes.

The Department has undertaken a strategic assessment which supports the rezoning request from a landowner at Penrith Lakes to extend the boundary of Employment zone.

We have identified other areas of land to be changed to an Environment zone, reflecting its proposed long-term use.

Proposed changes

The proposed rezoning will create additional employment opportunities in Western Sydney, remove planning ambiguity on unzoned land and protect land with environmental value.

Other proposed changes relating to contributions, geotechnical assessment and the consideration of a plan of management will remove ambiguity, strengthen and streamline the development assessment process, facilitate reasonable development and the timely delivery of the Penrith Lakes Scheme

The proposed amendments are consistent with State Government policies that ensure a resilient Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley.

A Consultation Paper outlining the proposed changes was on public exhibition between April and May 2020, 58 responses were received, and after considering feedback, the amendment was made on 10 July 2020.

You can view the consultation paper and zoning map

The resources below are available for download:

Further information can also be found on our website

If you need any assistance accessing our documentation, you can contact our Information Centre on 1300 305 695.


001 David Tracy.pdf
002 John Savill.pdf
002 Letter of Support Nepean Business Park.pdf
003 Adrian Cook.pdf
004 No Mo.pdf
005 Josh Hoogenboom.pdf
006 Jack Clulee.pdf
007 Gavin Borich.pdf
008 John Moskos.pdf
009 Peter Hennessy.pdf
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011 Scott Shackleton.pdf
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013 Jodie Hammersleys.pdf
014 Megan Reed.pdf
015 Barbara McWilliams.pdf
016 Cheryl Rutherford.pdf
017 Emma Cullen.pdf
018 Bryn Ragen.pdf
019 Claire Lewin.pdf
020 Name Withheld_Redacted.pdf
021 Robert Rigby.pdf
022 Tabesh Doss.pdf
023 Jarrid Mayberry.pdf
024 Karen Sukkar.pdf
025 Gary Sweeny.pdf
026 Grant Mclaughlin.pdf
027 Hayden Fryer.pdf
028 Lee Kitcherman.pdf
029 Ann Willmington.pdf
030 Christine Morey.pdf
031 Marnie Fawns.pdf
032 Eric McCall.pdf
033 Paul Newton.pdf
034 Spiro Gouriotis.pdf
035 Luke Belotti.pdf
036 Peter McCook.pdf
037 Josh Green.pdf
038 Christine Belotti.pdf
039 Mitchell Green.pdf
040 David Green.pdf
041 Arran Green.pdf
042 Zach Green.pdf
043 Name Withheld_Redacted.pdf
044 Gail McCook.pdf
17011_Submission to LEP Amendments - 18 May 2020.pdf
20200508-PA Letter of Support.pdf
2020526- TfNSW Response Penrith Lakes.pdf
Letter of Support - Miriam White.pdf
PENRITH VALLEY (2) (1).pdf
Proposed amendment to SEPP [Penrith Lakes] 1989.pdf
Submission Penrith Lakes SEPP amendment 13 May 2020 Penrith Council.pdf
EES Group advice_Redacted
Daniella Robinson
URBIS - John Booth
Planning Integrity


  • On Exhibition

    The consultation is open for public comment.

  • Under Consideration

    We'll be reviewing what you told us.

  • Made and Finalised

    The final outcomes of this consultation will be documented here.

Consultation period


More information

Exhibiting agency or agencies: Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal